Most of you might know me from the SSBM fanfic category. This is my first Pokemon fanfic. My pokemon characters are never based on the anime, it is based on the awesome Pokemon Adventures (called Special in Japan) manga. In case you didn't know, this manga already reached vol. 17 in Japan.

Good cast

Red: The cool and energetic trainer who loves pokemon very much.

Green: Red's rival, but also a friend.

Blue: This crafty girl enjoys flirting other boys.

Yellow: Cute and shy girl who can read people's mind and heal wounds with just a touch.

Gold: Proud and arrogant trainer who enjoys playing billiards.

Crystal: An expert pokemon catcher. Prof. Oak's favorite helper.

Misty: Cerulean gym leader, also Red's lovely girlfriend. Her hair is down like in Pokemon Gold/Silver.

Lt. Surge: Vermilion gym leader and SS Anne's sailor. Foul-mouth but helpful.

Erika: Celadon gym leader and college teacher. Love flowers.

Blaine: Cinnabar gym leader. He created Mewtwo, who is now with the Smashers.

Bad cast

Punk: A Space Pirate send on an assassinating mission.

Pix: See above.

Pork: Dumb pirate. See above.


Chapter 1: The Pirate Trio

In outer space, there is a spaceship with Space Pirates inside.

Pirate: Master Ridley is dead. He is killed by the Smashers.*

* Read SSBM fanfic "Holy Weapons vs. Dark Forces".

Another pirate: REVENGE!!!!!!

Pirate: Quiet.

Another pirate: REVENGE!!!!!!

Pirate: I said be quiet!

Another pirate: REVENGE!!!!!!

Pirate: (Shoots down Another pirate)

Other pirates: *gasp*

Pirate: Because they killed our leader, I say we... REVENGE!!!!!!!

In Kanto...

Red: Green, wanna go to that science fair in Celadon City?

Green: Got nothing to do, so why not?

Blue: Me three! I'm going to exhibit my x-ray visor over there!

Back in space...

Pirate: I have a mission for you 3.

Punk: Killing is pleasure.

Pix: We'll accomplish it.

Pork: I'm tired.

Pirate: I have a bottle of leftover Phazons from Tallon IV and a cage containing three Metroids inside. Go to Onett in Eagleland and find the Smasher's house. Pour the Phazon into their garden so the plants will mutate and take over their house. Also release these Metroids into their house so they can suck the Smashers' life out.

Punk: Can't we just kill them during nighttime?

Pirate: This way, the people of Eagleland will also have Phazon problems.

Pix: Good plan.

Pork: What's Phazon?

Pix: You were in Tallon IV at that time, weren't you?

Pork: I can't remember. All I know are those blue radioactive liquids.

Pix: Those are Phazon!

Pork: Oh, so that's Phazon. By the way, what does radioactive mean?

Pirate: GET MOVING!!!!!!

So the three got onto their ship and took off for planet Tooneria.

In Celadon City...

Crystal: I've decided to put at least 4 rare pokemons on display, but I got only three kinds, which is Blissey, Relicanth, and a Dunsparce. I need one more.

Erika: There aren't many rare pokemons here.

Crystal: Oh well...


Punk: Excuse me, sir. Can you tell us where the Smashers live?

Sir: I don't know the Smashers.

Punk: Never mind.

Pix: Let's ask someone else.

Punk: Hey, mister. Do you know where the Smashers live?

Mister: I've heard of them.

Punk: Good, can you tell us where to find them?

Mister: I heard that they live in Eagleland.

Punk: I know they live in Onett, Eagleland. But where in Onett?

Mister: I don't know that one.

Pix: And one thing, is this place Onett?

Mister: No, this is Celadon City. In fact, this isn't even Eagleland, but Kanto.

Pix: I knew it! We came to the wrong country!

Punk: Darn. Back to the ship.

Pork: But I'm hungry.

Punk: No time to care about food. (stomach growls) Okay, let's eat...

Pix: But we don't have Kanto currency.

Punk: We have foods back in our ship.

Pork: I'm too tired to walk.

Pix: Then you wait here while we go get the foods.

Punk: And watch that Phazon and Metroid.

The two went off. Gold passed by Pork and saw the Metroids.

Gold: Wow! What are those floating jellyfishes?

Pork: Metroids.

Gold: Can they be new pokemon species? Is it yours?

Pork: Well, yes.

Gold: Do you want it?

Pork: You want it? Give me food and it's yours.

Gold: All right, here's my lunch.

Pork: Thanks! Here ya go. Take good care of those Metroids. Remember not to let them escape.

Gold: Got it! (Went off with the cage of Metroids)

Pix: We're back. Here's your food.

Punk: Where's the Metroids?

Pork: It's like this. (Tells what happened)

Punk: WHAT?!!?!??!!! YOU insert bad word here, HOW CAN YOU SELL THOSE METROIDS?????!!!!!!!!

Pork: But I'm really hungry.

Pix: We said we're bringing you food.

Pork: I wanna eat foreign food.

Punk: We must get those Metroids back!

Pork: Fine. That kid who bought it wears a yellow cap and goggle. He wears a red shirt and yellow pants. I think he's also carrying a long stick.

Punk: Let's get searching!

To be continued...