Final Chapter: vs. Queen Metroid

The Phazon-infused fern is destroyed, so the vines all over the building wilted.

Rescuer: The vines have wilted, let's go in and look for survivors.

The ones inside...

Blaine: Now we can leave through the door in first floor. The elevator is also working. Let's move out quick.

They got to the elevator, went to the first floor, and found Metroids slaying the rescue team!

Crystal: Not more Metroids!

Metroids latch onto the rescuers and suck them dry as the rescuers shriek and scream horribly. Zeta Metroids pounce onto other people and tore off their skin. The Omega Metroid grabs a rescuer and bites off his upper half then threw the legs to the other Metroids.

Misty: This is a horrible sight!

Yellow: I don't want to see dead people!

Lt. Surge: That's it! Let's show them whose boss!

Red: Call out all our pokemons!

They send out all their pokemons and fought the Metroids. The normal and Alpha Metroids were killed easily, so were the Gamma Metroids. The Zeta Metroids were hard, but they were all wiped out eventually. The Omega Metroid is left. Green's Rhydon uses Horn Drill to bore a hole in the Metroid's chest, then the other pokemons fired into the hole. The Metroid roared and explodes into pieces.

Red: We did it!

Lt. Surge: I knew we would win!

Gold: Hooray for us!

Suddenly, the floor cracks open and a long head stretches out and dragged in one of the nearby people! That person screamed for help, but was swallowed by the monster. The monster crawls out from the floor, revealing itself to be the strongest of all Metroids, the Queen Metroid.

Red: A big one...

Gold: This can be tough.

Outside, the Pirates were watching.

Punk: Our experiment to make Metroids evolve fast worked after all. That Metroid became a queen in just one day. Normally it would take one whole year to become one.

The Queen tries to bite our heroes and also spit strange things at them. Their pokemons uses ice attacks, but it didn't do any good, even Green's Rhydon can't drill through Queen's body. The Queen lunges for Yellow!

Yellow: Don't come near me!!!!!

Her Pikachu quickly fires a beam into the Metroid's mouth, making it jerk back.

Yellow: That's it! We'll fire into its mouth!

The Metroids lunges at Surge, who quickly got a metal pipe and sticks it into its mouth to hold it open.

Lt. Surge: This is it! ATTACK!!!!!!!

All their pokemons use their strongest attacks and blast it straight into the Metroid's mouth. The Queen Metroid starts to glow, then it explodes into nothing!

Red: We did it!

Gold: We're the best!!!!

Green: Nothing beats us!

Blue: Yippee!

Crystal: I thought we're done for.

Erika: We put an end to these Metroids after all.

Misty: I'm so happy!

Everyone cheers for them happily, except...

Punk: Mission failed... Back to our base.

Pix: But they will get mad.

Punk: Surely they won't kill us for this.

Pork: I'm hungry...

And so...

Red: That was one frightening experience, but it's pretty fun.

Green: You might die if you're not careful.

Red: Though I wish the Metroids are tougher.

Blue: They're pretty tough already.

Red: That means you're a weak trainer.

Blue: I got third place in the Pokemon League! You call that weak?!

Red: Then let's battle and see who's stronger.

Blue: You bet!

Green: Enjoy.