::Chapter One: Sun Up::

The sun was rising just over the half demon sitting on a rock. He glanced back at the human's, cursing them under his breathe for sleeping so damn late. He watched as clouds began to form and roll into each other, fighting for the place in front of the sun. This was promising to be a hot day, he thought. A loud crash startled him and he fell off the rock, his foot twitched in midair. He got back up, hoping no one saw and noticed...it was raining. Perfect, he thought as he hurried to find shelter. Finding a tree with raised roots, Inuyasha began pulling the humans inside.

An hour later they awoke to find themselves partly dry, hungry, and well...piled on top of one another.

"Kagome-chan? Can you please move?" Kagome apologized and slid off of Sango, who slid off of a thoughtful Miroku. Kagome gave Inuyasha a weird look. "Inuyasha, why are we under here, again?" Inuyasha sniffed, gave her a "feh" and pointed to the rain outside. He hated being wet.

Kagome nodded and began unpacking her ramen supplies from her bag. Immediately Inuyasha was by her side, begging for some ramen. "Kagome? Can I-" he began. She grabbed her face and opened her mouth in shock and embarressment. "I left the ramen packets on the kitchen table! Inuyasha, we have to go and get them."

Sango gave Kagome a look that very plainly said You-Are-Not-Going-To-Leave-Me-Alone-With-This-Pervert-Are-You? Kagome smiled sheepishly. "We'll be right back!" She promised, and jumped up. Inuyasha stood up, in a hurry to go and get the ramen. Kagome jumped onto his back and Inuyasha bounded out, running fast because of the rain.

For some time Sango and Miroku stood there. They watched until Inuyasha and Kagome were little specks. Then they jumped lower into a valley and were gone. Miroku came up beside Sango, and said thoughtfully, "Why do you fear my presense, dear Sango?" Sango looked at him oddly and moved over a few feet. "Your wandering hands, Monk." Miroku's hand was already halfway to her butt.

Miroku smiled and walked slowly to her. "Ah, but it is just you and I. Can't you let your guard down just this once?" Sango pondered the thought. She didn't mind it so much now that Kagome wasn't here, or Inuyasha. Sango smiled sweetly and said, "No."

"But Sango!?" Sango walked outside into the rain, and she turned around to face Miroku. "No! I am not going to let you touch me, you sick sick pervert!" She gave a "hmmph!" and turned around. Miroku reached out and pulled her in, smilling at the look of shock on her face.

Then his lecherous hand started moving upward... [what a cliche ending, no?]