Contact High

Kim and Ron were standing at their locker when a familiar beep came from Kim's pocket. She pulled her Kimmunicator out to answer it. "Hey Wade. What's the sitch?"

"We got a majorly weird hit on the site from a Ken Rosenberg. Seems he needs your help down in Vice City."

"Vice City? As in Florida? Score!" Ron was way, way excited at the possibility of heading back to Florida.

Kim's eyes rolled involuntarily, but Ron didn't seem to notice. "Amp down Ron. So, Wade, what sort of help does he need?"

"Well it seems his business partner developed some sort of new pharmaceutical product and the formula has been stolen. He needs you to go down and recover it."

"What sort of pharmaceutical product?" Kim knew a thing or two about the reputation Vice City had as a haven for illicit drugs."That's the weird part, he wouldn't say."

That just about sealed the deal for Kim, no way should they take this mission. One look at Ron changed her mind, he would be so happy if they went. A trip to Florida could serve to strengthen their recently renewed friendship. The friendship they almost lost as a result of their first and only 'date'. "Well I suppose we can go down and check things out for him. Do we have a ride setup?"

"Affirmative. A private jet should be arriving in Middleton within the hour to pick you up."

"Yes! We're going to Florida! Hot babes aplenty!" Ron pumped his fists into the air and did a little happy dance.

Kim just rolled her eyes and reminded him. "Chill Ron. This is still a mission first and foremost. Playtime with any 'babes' is secondary."

"Sorry KP." He couldn't help but giggle a little. Florida, more over Vice City the player's playground.

Kim had one last bit of business to take care of. "Wade one quick thing. Can you get any info on Mr. Rosenberg's business partner?"

"I'll see what I can find and brief you before you land. Wade out."

"Let's get moving Ron, we have some packing to do." The duo started down the hall, school would have to wait.

AN: Short first chapter but I wanted to get the story setup while I still had it fresh in my mind. Kim Possible and all that is owned by Disney. Vice City and all related characters and locations are owned by Rockstar Games.