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Raven's Father is killing both Humans and Demons and Raven is getting re-occurring nightmares, of her father, and of Demons.  She is also becoming more and more short tempered.  When the YYH Gang is assigned to the case, will all go as planned or will Raven destroy them?

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Untitled Assignments Given

~*~ Koenma's Palace~*~

"The Demon King (What's Ravens, father's name?)  has been killing both species faster than Botan can bring them over." Koenma pauses, taking a breath before continuing.

"And what's more," He said dryly, a girl appearing on the screen.  "This girl has a connection to him. What that is, we do not know."

They sighed, already knowing what the mission would be, and Yusuke stepped forward to confirm.  "So what you want us to do is to get to know her and try to determine what the connection is."

Koenma nodded curtly, "Oh and there's one more thing."  They stopped at the door, some turning around, others looking over their shoulder.  "She is a member of the Teen Titans.  Her name is Raven."

~*~ Bank Near Titans Tower ~*~

"Now if you'll excuse me," Flare sniffed smugly.  "I'll be going now."

He turned, bags in hand, and froze.

He stared at the shadowed figures in the doorway.

A mocking, cold, feminine voice spoke, sending a shiver of fear down his spine.

" No" She said.  "You're not excused."  She held out her hand and blasted him through the wall behind him. 

The titans followed and were so engrossed in the battle that they didn't even take notice of the 3 figures leaning against the wall; watching.


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