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Losing Control ( THANK YOU!!!)

Discussions and Feelings


"Uhh... Hiei would you kill me if I asked you to bring the Tea to Raven?"

"Hn." Hiei took the Tea and was out the door and up the stairs before anyone could comment.


Hiei walked to Raven and sat next to her, placing her Herbal Tea in front of her. He took a sip of his own and immediately liked Herbal Tea.

Once she acknowledged him, they sat in peaceful silence.


"Oi, wench."

"What Dragon Breath?"

"Why do you hide your emotions? I have barely seen you truly angry, even at me."

She was silent for a moment.

"I have no choice."

He turned and gave her a look.

She sighed, berating herself for telling him.

"If I lose control of my emotions I risk everyone and everything around me. Hell I might just make the world explode with a giggle. I don't know for sure. But... when I was little, I used to cry a lot. Since I cried it affected the weather and there was rain all the time.

"It caused a flood. After I was brought in by Azar, my mentor, and trained to control it... there was a drought. I had cried so much it used up a lot of the water on my homeland." She smiled, just the faint upward motion of the corners of her lips. So small that even Hiei could barely tell.

She took a sip of her Tea and Hiei followed.

They talked for a little while more, becoming closer.

Then they stopped talking. Just sitting in comfortable silence.

They didn't need words much... not anymore.

All of a sudden, Hiei spoke, startling her enough to make her look at him.




She raised an eyebrow and was about to berate him for not explaining further when a mouth on hers stopped her from speaking.

A tingling sensation appeared in the pit of her stomach and it intensified, as the kiss grew more passionate.

Raven snapped to in shock, falling on her ass, with a soft 'Ow.'

She glared at the air before her.

She sensed a dark presence, much like her own, behind her.

She sighed and turned her head to give Hiei an annoyed look.

He grinned. "Falling so soon?"

She turns and glares at him, "Who could fall for you?"

His grin turned to a smirk, " I never said you were falling for me wench." With that he turned and walked out.

She growled and returned to meditation, the tingling sensation remaining.

She looked down to see a cup of Herbal Tea in front of her.

"He must have put it here when we were arguing."

She muttered it softly and sighed, shrugging and taking a sip of her Tea.


Hiei walked in and immediately reached out to the Fox.

'Fox, library, now.'

'Of course Hiei, would you like me to bring Yusuke?'


'I'll take that as a yes.'

'Just get here Fox'

The telepathic link was cut.

'So she has feelings after all...' He thought to himself.

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