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It looked like it was going to be another routine day of tests for the KOS-MOS Project. I, along with the other Vector engineers aboard the Federation cruiser Woglinde, was beginning my startup tests for today's Encephalon Dive.

The Chief Engineer, Shion Uzuki, sat in the dive seat. "All systems normal. Open up an interconnection."

"Roger," the assistant chief, Allen Ridgeley, replied. "Opening interconnection. Connecting to dummy protocol."

I noticed this only peripherally; unless that was an emergency, my role for this exercise was going to be somewhat limited. Of course, knowing how reckless Shion could be at times, an emergency wasn't as unlikely as I'd have liked. Last time, we'd nearly lost her completely.

"There's some noise in the temporal lobe," Allen said. "It's within permissible bounds, though." He turned to Shion. "Do you want to abort?"

She shook her head. "No. Let's keep going. Just stick to the menu."

Hope this makes up for last month, I thought. On the other hand, Shion probably feels the same, which could mean we're in for a wild ride trying to keep her out of trouble. In case of trouble, I began bringing up shutdown programs on my terminal. That way, all it would need was a couple of keystrokes, should something actually go wrong.

When the initial dive went without problems, I relaxed slightly. That was the most dangerous part of any direct-link. If someone pressed the wrong button, the diver could end up lost for good, either stranded in the computer system, or dead.

For the moment, however, Shion was conversing with KOS-MOS herself, with the predictable reaction from the android. We'd added an emotion module to KOS-MOS, but it had never seemed to work. Perhaps the former Chief Engineer could have answered the question, but Kevin was dead, as were all but one of the other engineers who had been on duty that fateful night, two years ago. Shion had been saved by Kevin, and I, though supposed to have been on duty then, had been delayed. Not that it would have mattered had I been there. I'd have just come back from the dead...

My thoughts were interrupted when Shion suddenly spoke to Allen. "Allen, let's skip all level 300 processes, and start from 400."

He protested, of course. "What!? Chief, you're supposed to follow the program!"

"Oh, don't worry about it. I'll be fine. If I get in any trouble, I'll get myself out."

"But, Chief, remember what happened last time? If we'd waited ten more seconds to intervene, we wouldn't have been able to get you back at all!"

I glanced up with a grin. "Allen, she's going to do it anyway, so why don't you quit while you're ahead?"

He glared at me. "All right," he said reluctantly. Then he turned his glare on the rest of the staff. "I want frequent status reports from all of you. If anything happens, I'm going to shut it down from here!"

Well, well. Four thousand years, and people are still people. Well, at least my four millennia of accumulated "wisdom" is still valid. Aloud, I murmured, "Ah, but we know your real reason for being so excessively cautious, don't we, Allen?"

Allen turned on me. "What was that, Victor!?" he demanded.

I waved a hand. "Nothing, Allen, nothing important." I turned back to my displays.

Things went smoothly for a while after that, and it wasn't long before KOS-MOS and Shion defeated the first target. "KOS-MOS has reached the target," another engineer said. "Entering Phase 2."

"Replacing targets with Type-G drones," I said, typing commands. "Commencing display." Some people preferred to direct-link their computers; I wasn't one of them. I was born long before the age of direct-linking, and I didn't trust it.

When KOS-MOS reached the final checkpoint, things started to happen. Warnings appeared on several screens. "What's going on!?" Allen demanded.

"A new network is being formed within KOS-MOS' mainframe," another staff member relied. "This is incredible! I've never seen a network grow so fast."

"Allen," Shion said unexpectedly, "I'm going to engage the target. Make sure you capture all the data."

Allen whirled. "What!? Chief, you cannot engage right now! You're tapped into KOS-MOS' perception! It's too dangerous!"

"I'll be fine," Shion said.

Some scientists speak in equations, I thought, reflecting on Allen's shouting, and others in exclamation points. Seriously, Allen, you need to shut up before you damage somebody's hearing.

This target also didn't last long. But Shion took the opportunity to pull another reckless stunt. "Allen, switch target to real mode. We'll test the Hilbert effect."

"What!? Chief-"

"KOS-MOS, activate Hilbert Effect."

"Roger," came the android's voice. "Activating Hilbert."

Warnings came up all across the board; the Encephalon was tearing itself apart. "Chief, you've got to get out of there now!" Allen yelled.

"Just a little longer..." Shion sounded impossibly calm, given the situation. And that disregard for danger was putting her in grave danger.

"That's enough!" Allen turned to me. "Victor, shut it down, now!"

"Roger!" Almost without pause, I continued, "I can't! She's overriding it!"

"Ten seconds to Encephalon collapse!" Togashi reported.

Allen swore, pulling on the Simple Dive Unit visor. As he did that, I noted some kind of odd interference, something that the computer itself didn't notice. Puzzled, I quickly downloaded a copy of the readings to a hand terminal, intending to go over them later.

Allen pulled Shion out of the dive an instant before the entire system collapsed. "Chief!?" He stumbled backwards, just as Shion pulled herself out of the dive seat.

"I guess maybe I pushed my luck a little to far this time, huh?" she said.

Allen dropped to his knees, exhausted for some reason. "You've gotta... quit doing this, Chief. I thought I was going to have a heart attack."

She looked down at him. "Sorry about that. But I bet the data's really good."

I stood. "Maybe you ought to be just a little more careful next time, Chief. I realize the risk meant we got sufficient data to finish the A-7 phase, but it would have been safer to wait until we got things settled down."

Shion turned to me. "Sorry, Victor. I'll be more careful next time."

Yeah. Right. "Well, if you won't be needing me for anything else today, I'm gonna change out of this bloody uniform, then make a couple of comm calls."

"Go ahead, Vic. I'll probably be called to the Bridge soon, anyway, so that's it for the day. I'll see you later."



After exiting the lab, I loosened my uniform collar. Though I was certainly happy to be in Vector, after a few centuries spent mostly in various militaries, I could never get used to the uniform. Military uniforms tended to be simple, comfortable designs, a necessity in space, but the Vector uniform seemed designed with discomfort in mind. I never wore it off-duty.

As I entered the hanger that lay between the Vector lab and the rest of the ship, I froze, staring at the gold-colored object occupying it. An Emulator! Where'd that come from!? I'd heard that the team investigating the disappearance of the planet Ariadne had found something, but it had never occurred to me that it might be a Zohar Emulator. And we left so soon after retrieving it... Could there be U-TIC members aboard this ship? I'd better call the Kukai Foundation. Gaignun will no doubt be interested to learn the location of the final Emulator.

Despite the semi-urgency of the task, I headed for my quarters first. The sooner out of that never-to-be-sufficiently-accursed uniform, the better.


Once there, I quickly ditched the uniform and put on a simple black jumpsuit, then opened a storage compartment and pulled out a gunbelt. As an Immortal, one of the things that most rankled about the Vector uniform was the inability to carry weapons with it. To be sure, there were no other Immortals aboard the Woglinde, but the possibility of U-TIC infiltration made me nervous.

Because of this, after I buckled on the belt I pulled a pistol from the compartment and examined it. It was a Heckler & Koch USP Tactical .45 caliber automatic, otherwise known as the SOCOM, from the late twentieth century. It was a relic of a stint I'd done in the British Special Air Service in the mid-twenty-first century, less than a half-century after I became an Immortal. By then, the SAS had changed from the European mouse gun Berretta M92F 9mm to more sensible calibers. Even then the HK USP had been obsolete; it and its twin were a legacy from a friend who had died on a mission.

I left my sword, a ninja katana, where it was; my fellow engineers were aware of my gun-toting habits; they were not aware of my Immortality.


I didn't bother hiding the weapon when I exited my cabin; sidearms were technically forbidden to civilians aboard ship, but technically, the USP was an antique, and the captain was a decent sort who looked the other way. He was a Marine, and Marines recognized, at least on a subconscious level, other people who had been soldiers. The way we moved, if you knew what to look for, indicated sudden death on two feet; there were enough corpses in my past to confirm that I was the same.

On my way to the Comm Room, I ran into Shion. "Hey, Shion. How'd things go on the Bridge?"

She shook her head in irritation. "Hi, Victor. Oh, it was just great." Her voice fairly dripped sarcasm.

I winced. "That bad, huh? You've got the 'I want to kill Commander Cherenkov' look. I suppose they wanted actual field data?"

"Yeah. And we don't even know if it's safe to activate KOS-MOS at all! Unless we make certain that we've gotten all the bugs out, she could go out of control again!"

I nodded. "Yeah. Of course, last time there were other factors... In any case, it sounds like part of Cherenkov's problem is that he's a classic careerist. Guys like that think that nothing should be allowed to interfere with their advancement through the ranks. So what's that?" I added, indicating a package Shion was carrying.

She glanced at it. "Oh, this? Miyuki sent it to me. Remember the MWS I was using in the dive? This is a working prototype."

"Ouch. The last time Miyuki foisted one of her inventions of on me, it literally blew up in my face. But from the specs, it looks like this thing might actually work."

"I hope so." Shion glanced at the gun on my hip. "Still carrying that around? You know, I really don't think there's anything on the Woglinde that you'll need that against. It is Marine ship, after all." Her voice carried a trace of amusement; we'd gone over the subject quite a few times over the years since the Project began. Yet it was only a trace. She knew to take the weapon seriously, ever since that night, two years ago, when I'd entered the darkened lab with the pistol drawn, and calmly blown the head off the last remaining terrorist, the only one the KOS-MOS archetype had missed, just before he could shoot her.

It was the only time I'd shown my killer side to any of the engineers, but Shion hadn't forgotten it. It was the reason I broke regulations and carried the weapon with me even on duty, except on the Woglinde. If there was another incident, I'd be ready for it.

"Yeah, Shion," I said, in reply, "I know. But in my mind, there's just nothing more reassuring than having cold steel at your side. You never know when it might come in handy. Besides," I added, nodding at a viewport, "there's still the Gnosis to consider. Without KOS-MOS, the military is just as helpless against them as anybody else. In a worst-case scenario, most of the Marines could be having problems of their own before we get the Hilbert Effect up. I'd rather be able to defend myself, thanks."

"True. So, Victor," Shion said, changing the subject, "what are you up to? Besides violating protocol, I mean."

"Gotta call an old friend or two. Nothing really important. Then I'm going back to the lab for some off-duty work. Easier get things done when the Bridge figures nobody's there and they stop screaming for status reports."

"Yeah, I know. Well, I need some sleep. See you later, Victor."

"See you, Shion."


I found the Comm Room unoccupied, fortunately. Best not to advertise the fact that I had contacts all over the Federation, up to and including in the government itself.

It didn't take long to get a call through to the Kukai Foundation. One of Gaignun's "secretaries" answered. "Master Victor! Long time no see."

I winced. "Cut the 'master', will you, Mary? I'm not part of the Foundation, and I've never liked that kind of formality anyway. Is Gaignun in? I have some important information for him."

"Yep. I'll get him right away."

Within moments, Gaignun Kukai's face appeared on the screen. "Hello, Victor. It's been awhile. Mary said you had some information for me?"

I nodded. "Yeah, Gaignun. I know where the final Emulator is."

Gaignun leaned forward. "Indeed?"

"Indeed. In fact, it's not two hundred meters from me right now, aboard the Federation Cruiser Woglinde. I thought you might like to know."

He leaned back. "The final Zohar Emulator. Where did you find it?"

"I didn't," I replied. "The unit investigating the disappearance of the planet Ariadne did, and we gate-jumped out right after that. Which brings me to some more disturbing information. I think U-TIC has infiltrated the ship. I can't think of any other reason for the ship to have abandoned its mission after picking up something most of the crew doesn't even recognize. Hence my weaponry," I added, touching the USP.

"I see. But I'm afraid U-TIC may be the least of your worries. You have a Zohar onboard, and no Attract Inhibitor." My face paled as I realized the implications. "That's right. Gnosis. I'm sending the Durandal, but they're more than thirty thousand light-years from your current position. Even with Jr. in command, it won't be there until tomorrow at the earliest."

"I see." I pondered the matter grimly. "We'll just have to hold on until he arrives, then. Corvin out."

In the now-dark Comm Room, I wondered how many of us would survive the next few hours.


It was into the ship's "night" phase by the time I returned to the lab. I carried a portable computer, and my pistol was still at my side. I was also very nearly a nervous wreck.

"Hey, Victor," Togashi greeted me as I entered. "Doing some late-night work yourself?"

I settled into an unoccupied chair. "Yeah, something like that. You guys trying to figure out today's little mishap?" All the other engineers, except for Allen and Shion, were already there.

"Yeah. You?"

"Something similar. Just before the Encephalon collapsed, my terminal picked up some odd readings, but the computer didn't seem to notice it. So I downloaded a copy to work on later, when the Bridge decided nobody was around."

After several minutes of work, the door to the lab opened again, and Allen walked in, carrying a mug of coffee. "Wha? You're all still here?"

"Hey. How's it going? We're trying to figure out what went wrong with today's exercise. What about you?"

Allen sighed. "Commander Cherenkov gave me a piece of his mind earlier."

"Ouch," Togashi said. "Glad to see you survived."

" 'You're just a bunch of college kids'" Allen went on in a fair imitation of Cherenkov. "And, 'What, is Vector run by a Girl Scout?' He just went on and on,"

"Man, that's just not right."

"Tell me about it." He sank into a chair. "But it's not right for the Chief to take all the heat."

The new guy spoke up. "Well, we're just one phase from fully operational. Maybe then the military will get off our backs. But I wish I knew why the Chief is so reluctant to activate KOS-MOS. I mean, isn't that the whole point of the project?"

I glanced up. "That's right, you just transferred in, didn't you?' I leaned back. "What you gotta understand is that two years ago, we lost most of the project staff, along with a few V.I.P.s, when KOS-MOS went out of control. Until we're absolutely certain that it won't happen again, we can't risk it. Of the staff on duty that night, there were only two survivors, myself and Shion. Shion lived because of Kevin's sacrifice, and I was... delayed."

Unconsciously, I flexed my right arm, the one few knew was a prosthetic. I remembered the night well.... Gunfire, screams, the clash of swords as James MacPherson engaged me in Immortal combat... And the U-TIC... It was because of KOS-MOS alone that I was still alive. The archetype had blown the aggressive Scotsman right off the roof, but not before he took my arm. Shion alone of the staff knew of my injury. Hard not to, after I lurched into the lab, right arm missing at the shoulder and bleeding profusely, and calmly blown the head off the last remaining terrorist before collapsing from blood loss. If she hadn't gotten a tourniquet on it in time, I'd have had to either reveal my Immortality, or find a new job, with a new identity.

I wasn't sure which course of action I would have taken. On one hand, the fewer people knew of my kind, the better, yet Shion, I was sure, could have been trusted with the information. Also, I didn't want to leave the KOS-MOS Project until it was complete.


I had actually managed to doze off in my chair when the first alarm sounded. Ingrained combat reflexes nearly caused me to put a bullet in the speaker before I was even fully awake. "What's going on!?"

"KOS-MOS is booting up on her own!" Togashi reported. "The countdown has started as well!"

Despite my well-known distaste for direct-linking, I connected myself to a computer briefly, trying for an abort command. The result was a prompt for an access code I'd never even heard of, let alone possessed. "Allen, I can't shut her down! It requires clearance I've never heard of!"

"She's starting up in auto-mode!" Togashi added.

Allen whirled. "What!? That's impossible! We disabled that mode after the incident! Only the Chief's terminal can activate it!" He paused, fear widening his eyes. "Unless she's reacting to- Gnosis!"

This realization was immediately followed by another alarm, confirming his fear. "This ain't good," I muttered. Just in case, I pulled my USP and checked the magazine. Full. "What's next?"

My answer came instantly, when the lights went out. "What happened!?" Allen demanded.

"I don't know!" Togashi replied. "The power just-"

He was cut off as KOS-MOS' service module opened, spilling out cold gasses. Within, KOS-MOS lay as if asleep, completely motionless. Then she raised an arm, using it to pull herself upright.

While the other engineers cowered in fear, I slowly stood, hand near the grip of my H&K. When KOS-MOS stepped out, surveying her surroundings, I threw myself sideways, landing in a crouch with my pistol aimed at her head.

Her visor rose abruptly, revealing her human-looking face. Then KOS-MOS began to walk toward us, her gaze steady, movements more graceful than a human's. I didn't fully understand why Shion had insisted on such programming and engineering, but the result was certainly impressive.

When KOS-MOS had come several steps without making a threatening move, I came to a decision. I stood straight and holstered my weapon. "KOS-MOS?"

Her turned her gaze on me. "Victor Corvin?"

I breathed a sigh of relief. "Yes."

She turned to the other engineers. "The ship is in danger. Please evacuate immediately."

"Togashi, get everybody aboard the training ship and get out of here. Don't wait for us." I turned back to the android. "KOS-MOS, we need to locate Shion. She's in danger."

"Chief Engineer Shion Uzuki is currently headed for the Realian Infirmary," KOS-MOS said calmly. "We will head there now."

"Right. Come on, Allen." Opening a nearby weapons locker, I held out an automatic rifle. "Take it." He started to protest, but I cut him off. "You want to save her, right?" I hissed. "Then let's go."


Whatever else KOS-MOS current orders included, they apparently lacked a prohibition against blowing holes in inconvenient walls. Using this method, we made good time.

I wasn't surprised that KOS-MOS hadn't included me in the recommendation to abandon ship; I had a strong suspicion that Shion had buried a record of the incident in her databanks, and that record would have included my performance with a gun.

KOS-MOS was apparently tracking Shion with infrared, and was unperturbed when a pair of explosions rocked us, with a minute of each other. "Are we too late?" Allen groaned.

"Negative. The first explosion was an FAE, the second matched that of Realian self-destruct systems."

I growled. "That was probably Lieutenant Virgil's work. His contempt for Realians is well-known aboard ship. If I don't have time to prosecute him for murder, I'll just blow out his heart myself."

We were almost too late as it was; when KOS-MOS blew open the last bulkhead, Shion was just dropping out of the grip of a Gnosis. "KOS-MOS?" I heard her choke out.

While KOS-MOS engaged the Gnosis, Allen and I ran to Shion. "You all right, Shion?"

"Victor? Allen? What are you doing here?"

"KOS-MOS helped everyone escape," Allen replied. "They got out on the training ship. Then we came looking for you." He did not, I noticed, mention that he'd been terrified of the entire idea.

KOS-MOS had by now realized that the Gnosis could not be harmed in their current state; it was time to draw them into our world. A part of her visor slid down over her face. "The Hilbert Effect!?" Shion gasped.

When the Gnosis finished materializing, I aided KOS-MOS in destroying them while Allen helped Shion to her feet. Two quick shots, then six more, and I reloaded.

Within a minute, they were all dead, and KOS-MOS stood before Shion. "Shion."

"Uh... yes?" She still seemed dazed. Hard to blame her; a near-whitening can make you rather nervous.

"We will now proceed to Hanger One. There is a 99.998% probability that the Gnosis' target is the object stored in that hanger. Escape pods are located on the second level of the hanger. Please use one to escape."

The others didn't notice the problem with that, but I did. Those are two-man. By now, at most there'll be one left, so we gotta decide who goes and who stays. Virgil can remain here; the bastard just murdered several Realians. If I didn't need the ammo, I'd just shoot him myself. But that still leaves us with an extra, even with KOS-MOS able to operate in vacuum. I sighed. Guess there's no choice. I'll have to stay. Just gotta make sure they pick up my "corpse", or else it'll be a long time before I can be revived.

My thoughts were interrupted when a Gnosis blew a hole in the ceiling and dropped in on us. This one seemed to have fused with an AGWS, and still had the standard issue submachine gun. "This ain't good."

"Deactivating safeties. All combat systems have been activated." KOS-MOS began the attack, her right arm changing to a cannon. "Charging. R-Cannon!"

With an insane laugh, Virgil fired his rifle wildly. "You want some of this!?"

I fired off a pair of shots at its weapon, then fired the rest into its center. Always aim for the center of mass, I could almost hear a long-dead instructor saying. Always the center of mass. Only go for a head shot if the target is wearing armor.

"Take this! Spell Ray!" It appeared that Miyuki's creation did indeed work, and Shion wielded it to deadly effect, using its multitude of built-in weapons.

It was a tough Gnosis, but even it couldn't last long under the fire from two automatic rifles, a deadly android, a USP, and a hybrid who-knew-what that Miyuki had come up with. It was soon lying in a heap, which promptly exploded.

Shion, breathing heavily, walked over to the discarded AGWS weapon. It had a pair of holes straight through the magazine. "Haven't lost your touch, have you, Victor?"

I grinned. "No, I haven't. Good thing, huh?"


Allen glanced between us. "Victor...? Chief, has this happened before?"

"Something like that," she replied, with a trace of amusement. "I'll tell you later. For now, we have to get to the hanger."

As the others left, I observed KOS-MOS. She had made no move to leave, and the reason soon became clear, as another group of Gnosis entered the room.

She didn't always take the obvious solution, and I ducked out of the room as I realized what she had in mind. When all the Gnosis had entered, KOS-MOS fired a single shot, blowing open the viewport and introducing the Gnosis to the joys of explosive decompression. The she calmly left the room.


We made good time to the hanger, even with the one detour I insisted on. Though Virgil was less than pleased, Shion allowed me to return to my quarters, where I retrieved a small case, my sword, and the twin to my H&K.

Shion's eyes widened when she saw the sword. "Victor, where did this come from...?"

I grinned. "I'll tell you once we're out of here. The whole story, including how I happened to show up without an arm two years ago." Without further comment, I left the room, heading for the hanger and slinging the katana over my shoulder.


Hanger One wasn't far from the crew quarters area, but it took even less time to reach than expected. We had to fight a running battle, keeping the Gnosis just far enough away for us to survive.

Surprisingly, the hanger was not unoccupied. Commander Cherenkov, wearing a space suit, was standing near the Zohar.

"Commander Cherenkov?" Shion said as she entered the room.

"What the- What are you people doing here!?" Whatever he was up to, he clearly hadn't been expecting people to wander in. "Gnosis!"

I ignored him, firing shot after shot into the advancing monsters, pausing only to reload one weapon or the other. "Come on! We have to hurry!"

Shion ran to a weapon racks and picked a up rifle of her own, then began firing into the Gnosis herself. She didn't notice the one coming up behind her until it was too late.

"Shion! Look out!" I dropped my own weapons, then catapulted myself from the deck, knocking Shion off her feet and out of the way... just as KOS-MOS opened fire, with Virgil in her way.

The bullets ripped through him, killing the Gnosis in the process. "Feb..." he seemed to gasp, then he collapsed, dead.

I picked myself up off the deck, next to Shion, and looked at the body. Good riddance, bastard.

KOS-MOS strode over to us. "This ship is about to capsize. Please evacuate immediately."

"KOS-MOS, wait," Shion said. "Do... do you realize what you've just done? Why did you kill Lt. Virgil!?"

"At that time, Lt. Virgil was in my line of fire," KOS-MOS replied calmly. "I estimated a 30% reduction in my combat capabilities if I moved to a different location. With the lieutenant's death, there was only a .02% reduction in efficacy."

"You can't just go around killing people!" Shion was on her feet now. "Have you no conscience!?"

"Shion, you forget that I am not human. I am merely a weapon. My orders are to protect the Vector staff members. Military personnel are not mentioned. Also, the escape pod has a maximum of two occupants. It should be obvious who receives priority." When Shion did not reply, KOS-MOS continued. "What is your decision? If you wish to mourn the lieutenant's death, I suggest you board the escape, or else his death will be in vain."

"Not human", huh? "Merely a weapon", eh? I thought. Well, for a weapon you do a pretty good job of manipulating people.

The discussion was ended by the appearance of more Gnosis. "Go!" I yelled to Shion and Allen. "Get in the escape pod! I'll hold them off!"

Shion turned in shock. "Victor, you can't! You'll die!"

I retrieved my weapons. "There's only enough room for two, anyway!"

"We can't leave you!"

"You have to!" I unslung my katana, then tossed it, along with the case and my second pistol, to Allen. "Get those out of here. I'll see you later!"

Shion still hesitated. "Victor, this is the only way off! You'll die!"

I waved a hand. "Just tell the rescuers to pick up my body. Now go, before it's too late!"

Allen pulled her into the escape pod. "Chief, we have to go now!"

As the escape pod sealed, I saluted, smiling. "I'll see you soon, Shion." Then, while the pod launched behind me, I opened fire on the Gnosis with my remaining USP. Wonder how it'll be this time. Whitening, explosion, or decompression? Whatever it's going to be, I'm sure it won't be pleasant. But at least I'll come back. Aloud, I said, though Shion was far beyond hearing me, "Stick around, Shion. I'll be right back.

I continued resolutely firing until the ship exploded around me, carrying me into black oblivion once more...


Author's note: At last, the first chapter of my first Xenosaga story is complete. I'd have had this ready days ago, but my piece-of-junk computer decided to delete all the text without telling me why. So, I had to rewrite the whole thing.

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