This?  This is what you get when I start reading too much happy manga.  I start longing for some angst.  And then I write it.  And then the world in general hates me.

Or maybe just the Sanji fans.

In the absence of love, you take what you can get.

The almost blinding sunlight streamed in through the half-open door, lighting up dust motes, but to Sanji, it was a dark morning.

He wasn't alone in bed; that in itself should have been a plus, but it was, in fact, a very large minus.  It wasn't that he didn't like his bedmate.

It was more the fact that his bedmate liked someone more than him.

Sanji wrapped his arm a little tighter around his captain's body, and the boy snuggled into him.


It hurt.

A cloud passed over the sun, cutting off the light.

It was a dark morning.