'...' - thoughts

Mina's eyes slowly opened, and they quickly closed again as a bright light shined down on her. Lifting an arm to block out the light, she was slightly surprised that it felt as if it weighed a ton. Opening her eyes once more, she squinted at her arm, and her eyes widened in surprise at seeing a bandage wrapped around her wrist. 'What the hell?'

Slowly pushing herself up, she yelped in pain as pressure was put onto her wrists. Bringing both her arms up, she saw that not only did her one wrist have a bandage wrapped around it, the other one also was bandaged. Parts of the bandages were red, and Mina suddenly sat up, and stared down at her wrists in confusion.

With a trembling hand, she slowly unwrapped one of her wrists, and winced in pain as the bandaged was fully removed. A deep gash ran horizontally across her pale wrist, and blood was drizzling out of the slightly scabbed cut. It was still pinkish red, meaning that it had been recently cut. It didn't take a genius to figure out why her other wrist hurt, and instead of taking that bandage off too, she just left it on.

Her head ached slightly, and she shivered suddenly as a cold draft blew across the back of her neck. Goosebumps instantly covered her arms and legs, and it was only then, that Mina realized she was wearing nothing but a thin hospital gown. 'Wait. Hospital gown?' Looking down at herself, she frowned as she realized that she was indeed in a hospital gown.

'Where the hell am I?'

Slowly swinging her legs over the edge of the bed, she took a deep, shaky breath, before slowly sliding off the bed and onto her feet. As soon as her legs fully took on her body weight, she wobbled and fell backwards onto the bed.

Hissing slightly at how off-balanced she was, she pushed herself back off the bed, and found herself stumbling forward. Lifting her arm that was still bandaged, she placed it on the wall to keep from running into it. Pushing off of the wall, she stumbled, as if in a drunken stupor, towards the only door in the room.

Reaching for the handle, she yanked open the door, and looked out in the hallway, to find that it was empty. Wrapping her arms around herself, she shuffled down the hallway, not really knowing where she was going. It wasn't until she had reached the end of the hallway, that she finally heard noises, indicating that she wasn't alone.

In front of her, was an intersection like thing. 'Intersection like thing? I think my brain's dead.' Mina tried to laugh at the bad joke, but she just couldn't seem to be able to. Looking at the stairs, Mina wondered how the hell anyone could walk up and down them and not pass out from sheer exhaustion.
Placing her hand on the wood railing, she took a step, and almost went tumbling down the stairs, as another wave of dizziness overtook her. Clinging to the railing, she closed her eyes and pressed her forehead against the wood, while taking deep breaths. Opening her eyes again, she began to slowly go down the stairs, stopping every now and then when she felt dizzy.

When she finally reached the bottom of the stairs, she saw a door in front of her, with windows on either side. Shuffling over to the door, she undid the lock and opened it. Sunshine, blue sky, cotton ball clouds, and singing birds greeted her. Lifting her hand to block out part of the sun that was shining in her face, she noticed a blood trail going down her arm. Dropping her arm back down to her side, she wiped the blood off onto her gown, before stepping off the porch and onto the springy green grass.

Looking around, she saw that she was in front of a house, no wait, a mansion, and it seemed that the person had quite a lot of money. The front yard looked amazing, with tall, green trees, the dark green grass, bushes and plants galore, and a brick fence. A small path caught her attention, and she walked on the cement blocks, which suddenly stopped at the corner of the mansion.

A small white gate cut off the front yard from the side and back yard, and Mina blinked as she looked at it. Slowly pushing it open, she inhaled sharply at the beautiful sight before her. Cherry blossom trees lined the fence and the house, and their pink blossoms swayed in the breeze. Some of the blossoms got loose, and swirled and danced in the wind, before landing on the ground.

Continuing down a path, this one being a path of cherry blossoms, she rounded the corner of the house, and reached the backyard. She paused as she saw people sitting around a table, talking, and before she could even hide back around the corner of the house, one of them had spotted her.

He had brown messy hair, and blue eyes that seemed to look right through her. Shivering slightly, she watched as the other four turned to look at her. The blonde boy suddenly jumped up, and Mina also jumped in surprise. He rushed towards her, and she slowly took a few steps back. Turning, she went back the way she came, as fast as she could, but she was beginning to feel dizzy again, and she felt heavy.

She could hear a voice, but it sounded far away for some reason. Spots of color appeared before her eyes, and everything was slowly being consumed by blackness. Blinking her eyes she tried to clear her vision, but everything suddenly went black, and she lost sense of everything.


Mina's eyes fluttered open, and they instantly closed again as bright light shined down her. Opening them again, she squinted and brought her hand up to her face to block out the light. Her arm, which felt as if it weighed like a ton, flopped back down on the bed next to her side. Suddenly, Mina shot up and before a thought could even fully form in her head, a mix of dizziness and a headache hit her. Falling forward, she waited a minute for the dizziness to disappear, before slowly, pushing herself up.

'Did someone hit the reset button?'

The door, which was across from her bed, opened, and the boy with blonde hair that she had seen earlier, entered. Behind him, was a woman with blonde hair and a small black bag. The boy began to speak, but Mina didn't pay attention. 'Who the hell are they?' The boy began to repeat something over and over, and out of curiosity, she tuned in to what he was saying.

"Mina?" The name sounded familiar, but she didn't know why. Just who was he anyways? And who was this chick with him? "Are you ok? How do you feel?"

"Mina you shouldn't have taken the bandage off of your wrist." The woman scolded as she pulled out a new bandage and began to wrap up the bleeding wrist.

"Who are you?" Mina asked as she looked back and forth from one of them to the other.

"Amnesia?" The boy asked as he turned to face the woman.

"Short-term I'm sure." She replied as she took out a stethoscope and lifted up the back of the gown Mina was wearing. "Take a deep breath", she said as she pressed the cold metal against Mina's back. "If you could step outside the room for a minute, I'd like to finish looking over Mina."

The boy left and Mina cooperated with the woman, doing as she was asked. Despite the gashes on her wrists, she seemed in perfect condition. The woman left Mina and went outside the room, and after a few minutes passed, the boy came back in.

"Mina?" He asked, sounding a bit nervous. Looking up at him, she was a bit surprised to see that he was avoiding eye contact with her.

"Um...yeah?" Feeling slightly nervous for some reason, she looked down at her hands.

"Do you remember anything? I mean, before you woke up today?" He continued on, still avoiding any eye contact with her.

"No...sorry." She mumbled as she wrapped her arms around herself.

Smiling weakly, his eyes finally met hers, and his smile grew a bit bigger.

"My name's Quatre Raberba Winner. I'm your twin brother." Mina's eyes widened slightly, and she peered up at him, as if she was studying his face.

"Really?" She asked dumbly, wondering if what he was saying was really true.

Before he could answer, there was a knock at the door, and it opened to reveal one of the boys she had seen earlier.

"Who's that?" Mina looked up at Quatre, and then to the boy.

"Your husband."