Author-chan's notes- KONNICHI WA MINNA-SAN!!! I'm out with a new Inuyasha fic! This one is going to deal with what happens after Naraku is defeated. But unlike most post-Naraku fics which focus on Inuyasha and Co. I decided to focus on Kanna and Kagura, Naraku's "children". Those two are so cool!!! And they deserve their own fic, so on with the story!

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Empty Winds

(Chapter One: Freedom)

Kagura's POV

Naraku was dead. After all this time, he was really dead. And I was free. As free as the winds I controlled. My heart, I didn't believe it at first, but I felt if beat in my chest. It was no longer in Naraku's hands forcing me to obey him. I was free.

"Kanna?" I whispered to my sister, "Is he really dead?"

"Hai," Kanna answered in her quiet monotone voice. She did not face me when she answered. Instead she continued to look ahead at the battlefield in front of us. This was the place Naraku died, struck down by his enemies.

"So we're really free," I whispered awestruck.

"We should leave, Kagura," Kanna said, turning to face me, "We are not meant to join in with their celebrations." I knew of whom she was talking about. Inuyasha and his friends hated and distrusted us as much as they did Naraku, and they were still there on the battlefield.

"Let's go Kanna," I murmured, pulling a feather from my hair. Within moments we were flying away from the battlefield, leaving behind the past and the body of our creator. The Shikon jewel, that boy Kohaku, Naraku's remains, I wanted none of that. Inuyasha could do with it what he willed. I was free. That was all that mattered.


Kanna's POV

Naraku was …dead. No grief, no happiness, and no emotion what so ever came with that knowledge. Naraku, my creator, was dead, and I did not care. I am Nothingness. I was never allowed to feel emotion. Whether Naraku lived or died made no difference to me emotionally.

With Naraku's death I knew things were going to change. Many things were going to change. I could sense it.

I decided to stay with Kagura for the time being. I didn't have to. Both of us could have taken care of ourselves. But things were changing, and it would be better if we were to stay together. If I were human I would have probably have said something along the lines that we stayed together because we were "family".

But I am not human. I am Nothingness. And Nothingness feels nothing.


Third person POV

The two demons flew off, going unnoticed by the victors on the ground. Or perhaps Inuyasha and his companions simply did not care. They had other things to worry about than Naraku's fleeing children. Besides, until Kanna and/or Kagura did anything, it wouldn't be necessary to fight them.

And thus, through the death of their former master, Kanna and Kagura became free and faded away into the mist of time…

…Or did they?


Hai: "yes"

Shikon Jewel: "The Jewel of Four Souls"; its full name is Shikon no Tama


Author-chan's note: ERG!!! It's so short! But it's just the beginning. This chapter is almost like a prologue. Things will get juicier soon. And who knows what will happen? Anything and everything is fair game…