General Warning For All Fics: Pairings will Gleefully Change Without Warning. Thank you.

+++ Shard Captor Ran +++

"Ahh!" Ran sat up in bed, her eyes wide as she panted for breath. The phone rung next to her and she automatically grabbed it.


"Sonoko!!!" Ran gasped holding the instrument up next to her ear. "I just had the strangest dream!!! I was this Magical Girl and you were there and you kept dressing me up in these strange poofy costumes and you had this entire camera department following me around-"


"-And this orange plushie told me I was supposed to be capturing these 'Pandora Shards' to form one complete whole gem, and the Kid showed up and he was trying to get the shards before I did-"


"-So we were kind of rivals then this girl named Aoko showed up and started bickering with the Kid, only she called him something different, I think they like each other-"


"-And then Conan-kun was following us around too, but then Conan-kun turned into Shin'ichi, but with WINGS and-"


Ran startled, pulling her hand away from her ear. Much to her surprise, instead of her telephone, she found herself holding on to the cranky looking orange plushie with wings.

"That wasn't a dream." The plushie informed her, floating up out of her hand with a yawn. "The video last nights escapades should be on your nightstand. Now go back ta sleep, we gotta long day ahead of us tomorrow, doing the same thing. Night."

She watched him drift back down on to the mattress next to her pillow.



The cranky looking orange plushie -is- Kero-chan, by the way. ^^;; Poor Ran...