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Thuraya Mullins turned her face up to the sky and smiled at the stars. She watched through the window as a NASA space ship launched from the spaceport, its silver sails glinting in the moonlight.

She lived on the planet Earth, one of the very last planets in the whole universe to achieve fully advanced technology and space travel. The Earthen ways, however, still existed strongly. Incoming ships were not allowed into the atmosphere without a legal universal passport, like they were immigrants from a different country. The United States was still the planet's superpower, although it had came as a surprise to all Earthians that there were bigger and mightier worlds in other galaxies.

It didn't matter for Thuraya, though. She was just a typical teenage rebel, out to pursue her dreams...or not. Thuraya, or Raya as she liked to be called, wasn't really too keen on schoolwork. She preferred to gaze out the window as her teacher droned on and on about the Discovery of 2104, which was when a NASA satellite had picked up photographs of a densely populated planet in the Coral galaxy. She only heard a few words from the Great Galactic Journey lecture that followed, and didn't even take in the speech about how recent events varied with the ancient times like the Renaissance and Civil Rights movement.

"Miss Mullins? Miss MULLINS? MISS MULLINS!" The teacher yelled. Raya jumped and sat up in her chair. She had fallen asleep amidst all the speeches and lectures. Some fellow students snickered as the teacher went to stand in front of her desk. Raya flushed.

"Erm...sorry, uh, dude." She said. The class roared with laughter. The teacher looked outraged.

"Well...'dude,' can just teleport your way home and tell your mother exactly why this is the SEVENTH TIME in two weeks!" Raya rolled her eyes, walked over to the teleporter and disappeared within seconds, only to reappear in her living room, where her mother just happened to be sitting.

"Thuraya Zaynah Mullins!" Mrs. Mullins exclaimed, leaping to her feet. Raya cringed. "The SEVENTH time?!" Raya marveled once again whether her mother and teacher had some sort of telepathic bond of some sort.

"This is ENOUGH! When your father comes home, we are going to do something once and for all about your behavior!" Mrs. Mullins scolded. Raya shrugged her shoulder and then made her way up the stairs to her room. Mrs. Mullins sighed. She hoped that it was all a teenage phase...

"God, I am so bored, Boy." Raya sighed, scratching her black cat behind his furry ears. Mister Boy purred and plopped himself onto her lap. She smiled. That cat was more trustworthy and loyal than anyone else she knew.

"I wish that I could visit the spaceport. I could take you, and then we could take a trip on one of the ships, and then we could go to the moon and beyond..." Raya said, dreamily. Just then, her father's space boat stopped in front of the house. "...Or not..." She counted down ten seconds and then—

"THURAYA! Down here, now!"

"Here we go again." Raya mumbled, getting up and trudging downstairs. Her mother and father were waiting for her in the kitchen.

"Sit." Mr. Mullins said sternly. She did so. "Seven times, Thuraya. SEVEN. This will not be tolerated any longer. Your attitude needs serious adjustment, as does your appearance." He eyed her black sneakers with great disapproval. His daughter looked like a scruffy punk-rocker from the early 2000's.

"So," He continued, glancing at his wife "Your mother and I are going to send you away for awhile until you can act like a respectable person."

"Where will I be going?" Raya asked, dreading the answer.

"My colleague Amelia is captain of the R.L.S. Legacy and she will be hiring you to work as a crew member. You will leave a week from now to Montressor." Raya almost shouted in joy, but suppressed it in time.



Mister Boy trotted along timidly behind Raya as they made their way through the Montrosser spaceport. She was wearing her signature black tank-black pants combo with old Etnies sneakers and a black wristband on each arm. She also wore a black bandana over her dark shoulder-length hair. Raya gazed around in wonder at all the different beings flocked there. Then she spotted it, with its golden sails, tall masts, and enormous size. The ship was beautiful.

"R.L.S. Legacy. We're here, Boy." Raya said, grinning and walking up the ramp to the ship. The cat mewed and scurried after her. He plowed right into her soon after, however, when she had come to an abrupt stop.

Raya gazed around at the magnificent ship, awestruck. There was a loud and sudden thump behind her. She turned and almost jumped two feet in the air when she saw that a tall, cat-like woman in blue Captain's attire was standing right behind her. Raya figured that this was Captain Amelia.

"Thuraya Mullins?" the Captain asked. Raya nodded. "Ah, yes. You will be working just like a ship's crewmember. There will be no dawdling or horseplay tolerated. When dusk comes, however, you and your fellow crewmembers will take turns on watch. You will do the first watches on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. Tuesdays and Saturdays you will have the second watch. Understood?"

"'am." Raya said.

"Right. Now you will go below deck to the crew's quarters and unload your belongings. Take any hammock that's unoccupied. Then, off ship, there are boxes labeled with the ship's name. I expect you to help Mr. Scroop unload them." Amelia said.

"Yes, ma'am." Raya said again, retreating below deck.


"Pfft. PFFT pfft PFFT!" Raya stared, awestruck, at the...thing. Mister Boy dove into a hammock, startled. She had never seen anything like it. It glared at her. "PFFT! PFFT!"

"Oh. Uh...sorry." She said, snapping out of it and throwing her bag into an empty hammock adjacent from the Farting One.

"OW! Watch it, you clumsy twit!" Raya jumped and looked down to see that she had trodden on someone...who only had two arms and a head!

"Sorry,'am." She said, choosing her words carefully. The body-less lady left, but not without a very rude hand gesture directed at Raya. Mister Boy came out of his hiding place and then jumped up to Raya's shoulder, where he perched himself.

"Well, Boy, at least we live in such friendly company." She said, sarcastically. She made her way down the ramp and saw several crates labeled 'R.L.S. Legacy.' She lifted one up. "Oh...crap!" She put it back down, panting. "Okay...let's try again...HUP!" She lifted it up with all her might and started taking small, strained steps back up to the ship. Several passersby stopped and gawked at her, most likely wondering why a scruffy- dressed skinny girl was trying to lift twice her size.

"OOF!" Raya heard as she walked aboard.


Raya timidly looked up as she set down the crate. She had ran into a boy and a...robot? Oh, no...a man in a spacesuit.

"Sorry!" Raya exclaimed. They got up and dusted themselves off, both looking at her.

"So...that's a heavy looking crate." The boy said.

"Yup. It really is," Raya replied, laughing "but at least I'll have muscles by the end of this trip." She lifted Mister Boy from off her shoulder and sat down lightly on the crate, setting him down beside her.

"Is that a Felis Catus?" The man said excitedly, adjusting his glasses and leaning in to get a better look.

"Erm...that's my cat...His name is Mister Boy." Raya said. "By the way, I'm Raya."

"I'm Dr. Delbert Doppler and this is Jim Hawkins. Er, Do you happen to know where the captain is?" The man said.

"Erm...AAAUGH!" Raya said, jumping back as the captain landed on her feet right in front of them.

"Hello, there, I'm Captain Amelia, welcome aboard. This—"She gestured to a rock-like man to her right "is my first mate Mr. Arrow, honest, brave and true."

"Please, captain." Mr. Arrow said, looking embarrassed. Amelia responded playfully with "Shut up, Arrow, I didn't mean a word of it."

"I'm Dr. Delbert Doppler, and this is Jim Hawkins, the boy who found the treasure m—"Amelia clapped a hand over the doctor's mouth. She looked at Raya.

"Thuraya, move along now." She ordered. Raya picked up Mister Boy and made her way back down the ramp, only to find that all the crates had been carried aboard already.

"Huh." She said, petting Mister Boy on the head. A very long, skinny leg stepped in front of her.

"You're too ssslow. I had to do it myssself." A hissy voice said. Raya looked up and gasped. It was a giant spider with yellow eyes and arms with pincers at the end. He was glaring at her. She figured that this was Mr. Scroop.

"Er...I'm sorry...I got side-tracked...a little." Raya stuttered.

"I ssaw. What were they saying?"

"Well...we were talking about cats, introducing ourselves, w—"Scroop stomped a leg on the ground, looking impatient.

"What were they saying before you left?"

"The spacesuit guy was saying that he was Dr. Doppler and that the ponytail dude was Jim Hawkins. Then the captain shooed me away because I was dawdling." Raya said. She felt like Scroop was not to be trusted. Why did he care what everyone was saying?

"There's no more work for you here. Go away until the launch." Scroop said crossly.

Gladly, Raya thought.


"OOF!" Raya had run into yet another person. She looked to see that it was Jim Hawkins from earlier.

"Sorry." They said at the same time. They laughed.

"Wow. I need to watch where I'm going." Raya said.

"That's alright. So where are you heading off to?" Jim said, picking up his overturned bucket of soap.

"I dunno. I already did the launch so I have nothing to do. What're you up to?" Raya said, making conversation in hopes of making a friend.

"Well, I'm the cabin boy. Whoo-hoo." Jim said with fake enthusiasm. "It stinks."

"I'll bet. I thought this would be fun, but now I have to be bossed around by some giant spider psycho." Raya said. Jim laughed.

"I met your boss. A REALLY nice guy." They laughed.

"Jimbo!" A voice said. Jim rolled his eyes.

"And THAT would be my boss." He muttered. A man came up from the galley, except he wasn't just an everyday guy. He had a metal leg and mechanical arm.

"Workin' alright?" The man said. He looked to his far right. "You missed a spot over there." And with that, he walked away.

"Wow. Your boss is...unique." Raya said. Jim shrugged a shoulder.

"I've seen a few cyborgs at my mom's inn." He said.

" that's a cyborg?" Raya said. Jim looked at her with a raised eyebrow.

"Where have you been?" He asked. Raya shuffled a foot against the floor, embarrassed.

"Well...I'm from Earth...and I haven't been on a spaceship before..." Raya said.

"Not even on a solar surfer?" Raya shook her head.

"Oh." He said, going back to his mopping. It was silent.


"RAAAAAAAWR!" Mister Boy scrambled out of the overturned bucket and scampered off.


"Boy, come back here!" Raya went running after the wet cat. She caught him a few minutes later and soon the front of her black shirt was damp with soapy water. She looked back at Jim and saw that he was laughing. She blushed and walked back to him.

"Well," She said over his laughing "I guess now's the time to say that a wet cat is an angry cat." She took off her bandana and draped it over Boy.

"Yeah..." Jim caught his breath. "That was really interesting." Raya snorted.

"Glad to be of service." She said, bowing slightly in jest. "Do not mess with your angry mommy. That is like taking a bath with your neighbor's angry kitty!" She said in a Japanese voice. Jim laughed.

"Where'd you hear that?" He asked.

"From my drunken uncle." They laughed again for the fourth time.

"Gosh, Earthlings seem really cool. I might have to go there sometime." Jim said. Raya had nothing to say about that. She wanted to tell him how boring it was, but she didn't want to seem too distasteful. It was quiet again.

"To tell you the truth," Jim said after a while "I've never been on a spaceship either. I thought it would be more fun than this." He gestured to the mop.

"Same here." Raya said. She watched him for a moment. "You need some help." Jim snorted.

"Thank you for putting it so honestly." He joked. She whacked him on the arm lightly and giggled.

"I'm gonna go get a mop." She said before he could say anything. She returned a few minutes later and started helping him.

"You're a mopping expert, aren't you?" Jim said, eyeing her with envy.

"No. My mom's just a firm believer in manual labor and tries to exercise that belief through me." Raya replied. It was silent again as they concentrated a bit more on mopping.

"Hey...are those Etnies?" Jim asked, pointing to her shoes. She nodded. "Those look different compared to the ones they sell on Montressor." Raya stopped short.

"They sell skate shoes on Montressor?" She asked, puzzled.

"Yeah. They're good for solar surfing." Jim said.

"Montressor seems very cool. I totally have to go there sometime."

"Totally?" Jim teased. Raya laughed. "Like, TOTALLY!"

"Like, ready? Okay!" Raya said, then broke out into song "Wishin'...and hopin'...and thinkin'...and prayin'!" She looked at Jim to see his reaction, but was alarmed to see that a shadow had fallen over them and she heard a voice speak behind her.

"Just what in Saturn blazes do ya t'ink yer doin'?" She turned to face the cyborg, who was glaring at her.

"I'm mopping." She said, and did so to prove it.

"Well, no one wanted you to mop, so you jest best be goin' on yer way, missy!" The old cyborg said.

"Any trouble, Silver?" A voice said. They all looked and saw the captain. Silver put on a fake but convincing grin.

"Why, nothin' at all, cap'n, ma'am!" He said. "It's just that this girl ova here seems to be takin' the job of me cabin boy!"

"Oh, yeah right! I'm bored, so I'm mopping!" Raya declared.

"Miss Mullins, that'll do." The captain said "You have first watch this evening, so I suggest that you get some rest while you can." Raya sighed.

"Yes, ma'am." She said. She gave a little wave to Jim before slinking off to the crew's quarters.


That's it for now! Arrivederci!