Author's note: This is rather short, written in Latin class one day. It was actually meant to be about a specific character, but when I read over it, I realized I never mentioned any particular name, so I guess it could be about anyone you wanted it to be.....but I'll tell you who it was intended for at the end.

There are two mirrors kept in Hogwarts, mirrors that are shut away in storage so as not to cause trouble. The first, the Mirror of Erised, was brought out not long ago in order to aide young Harry Potter on his path to the battle between good and evil. Albus Dumbledore knew better than the bring out the second mirror and unleash what it is capable of. Speculum Veritas. The Mirror of Truth.

Speculum Veritas does exactly what it means; it sees past a person's appearance, past their desires, past the outer shell, and shows them who they are inside. Most of those who choose to gaze into it's surface are surprised, and even shocked by what they see. Some are saddened. And some....terrified.

Why I looked into it, I'll probably never know. Perhaps I was searching for answers.....maybe I was just too curious for my own good. Whatever the reason, I gazed into that glass one cold, bitter night several years ago. The image that I saw has stayed with me forever.

For a moment, as I stared into the reflection, there was nothing but blackness to greet me. I waited with a pounding heart, curious and more than a little fearful of what I would see. The blackness remained, and I began to grow slightly impatient. Surely there was something wrong with the mirror....after all, it was capable of malfunctioning just like any other magical object, correct?

Suddenly, realization hit me square in the face, causing the blood to chill in my veins. I turned, knowing full well that what I saw behind me would only verify my suspicion. Sure enough, the nearly empty room behind me was well-lit.

The blackness in the mirror wasn't a reflection of the room.

I faced the mirror once more with a dread-filled heart. This time, a shadowy image stood wavering in front of me, silver tears forever stained on her cheeks. I stood transfixed, unable to tear my eyes away from what I saw. I recognized the woman standing before me in that glass. The ghostly figure that stared at me with haunting gray eyes was my own true self.

Speculum Veritas was made to see past a person's outer shell, yet when it looked beyond my facade.....I was already dead.

The Mirror never lies.

A/N (again): Well, any of you who have read my previous writings can probably guess that this was supposed to be about Minerva McGonagall. But if you'd rather interpret it to be someone else, be my guest. :)