Pretty Dollies: Our Girl


Timeline: Early Season 6…but Buffy didn't die…no magic addiction has come to the surface…Giles still left though


            The streets of Sunnydale were dark, the sky black except for a tiny sliver of crescent moon.  For some unknown reason, all the vampires appear to be staying in tonight, as well as the demons.  For one of the very, very few times in it's history, all was well in Sunnydale, California.  Everything was quiet and still, it was past midnight.  Everything, that is, except…

            "I don't believe this.  I am going to pretend you did not just say that, Slayer."

            "Come on, Spike.  You know it's true."

            "You're insane.  Absolutely insane.  Something in the underworld must not have agreed with you because you're obviously off your bird."

            "Just admit it, you agree with me…you're just being stubborn."

            "I'm not stubborn, you're pig-headed."

            "I? I'm pig-headed? Oh, that's a laugh!"

            "You're being so American!"

            "You're being so British!"
            "Adam Sandler is NOT funnier than Monty Python!" Spike bellowed into the night, his pale cheeks flushed with the heat of the battle.  Buffy tried to keep a straight face but soon began to helplessly giggle.  He was so…serious.  Valiantly defending his favorite comedy, to the deepest hell and back again.  It was so depressing it was hilarious!

            "Monty Python isn't even funny.  It's just creepy."

            "It's a higher form of comedy.  It's lost on you uneducated Americans," he sniffed, and the entirely pompous look on his face reminded Buffy of Wesley Wyndam-Pryce, her former Watcher, and she started giggling again.  This was nice.  Spike could always be trusted to cheer her up.  Sure, he was rude and annoying, not to mention in love with her, but he was funny.  On a light Slaying night, it was good to let go a little.  Her 'letting go' was interrupted by a small figure they were approaching fast.  When she got a little closer, she could tell it was a young girl.  What's a little girl doing out so late? She thought to herself.  Before she could turn to Spike, a vampire vaulted out of a nearby alley straight towards the girl!  Buffy's voice choked in her throat.  She couldn't make it in time.  The girl would die.  But curiously enough, in a demonstration of knowledge and power seldom connected with little girls, she brought up her hand with one fluid motion and, making good use of the stake clutched in it, the vampire was soon blowing in the wind.

            The girl turned slowly to look at them.  She appeared to be about six.  Her hair was a shiny strawberry blonde that flared out around her ears; except for a thin section wrapped in various bright cloths that nearly reached her feet.  Her eyes were sparkling green, set into a pale porcelain face.  She wore an exquisitely ornate dress, a deep burgundy, trimmed with delicate snowy lace.  Her small feet were contained in matching silk slippers with tiny bows.

            Next to Buffy, Spike froze, and when she would turn to look at him moments later, she would see his already pale skin had gained the approximate coloring of chalk.  When the little girl spoke, it was in a musical voice with an English lilt.

            "Hallo Daddy."


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