I made my escape while no one watched

And inside my head I had just one thought

It was freedom that I wanted

Freedom that I got

Ready or Not

"Ready or Not" by Evan and Jaron

Divided We Stand

Classes hadn't yet started at Upperton University and some would assume that to mean it was a quite time.  They would be wrong.  With the new term so close the campus was in near pandemonium in preparation.  Professors were in meetings and offices preparing their curriculum for the semester.  Students were doing last minute preparing and learning the lay of the land.  And those fortunate few who got in were moving into their new dorm rooms.

"This is so cool!  We are finally on our own, doing our own thing!"  The dark skinned, dark haired girl exclaimed as she set a small box down next to a bed.

"Tell me about it Monique."  Her roommate, a redheaded girl with green eyes replied as she put down an equally small box.  "No curfew.  No tweebs ruining all my stuff.  No dad on my case about boys calling at all hours.  This is going to be the best year!"

Before they could go any further into how great this year was going to be a young man with blonde hair all but fell through the door.  He had a stack of heavy looking boxes as well as several bags slung over his shoulders and back.

"Help me!"  He managed to squeak out as he stumbled around the dorm room.

The girls rushed over and helped him out of his burden.  Although it is unclear whether they were trying to save him or their belongings.  The boy stood there hunched over with his hands on his knees and breathing heavy as the girls began to unpack.

"Alright.  Kim, Monique, I got to know why you guys only carried those two small boxes and I'm left carrying the rest?"

Kim looked at him giving her most innocent look while Monique tried not to laugh at her expression.

"Ron!"  She said in a singsong voice.  "You wouldn't make little frail us carry all those would you?"

"You don't expect me to believe that miss Kim Possible, I can do anything?  Even manual labour."

Deciding it was time to take out the big guns, Kim used a look that managed to look pleading, hurt, sad, and innocent all at the same time.  Her famous puppy dog pout.  It worked like a charm as her victim slummed his shoulder and headed for the door.

"I'll go get the next load."

"Wrapped around your finger."  Monique commented as she went back to unpacking.  The show being over.

"No idea what you're talking about."  Kim said, hoping that she would let the subject drop.  She didn't.

"Oh come on.  I've seen the way you two are around each other.  Girl, you're like to two weeks shy of finishing each others sentences."

Kim sighed as she began to put some books on a shelf.  "We're best friends, that's all.  We've known each other practically forever.  It's only natural that we would get… I don't know.  In sync I guess."

"Alright, fine, I can buy that.  But don't tell me you haven't noticed the way he has bulked up the last year or so.  I didn't just imagine those girls checking him out in the parking lot.  Or the way you glared at them for it."

Kim blushed almost as red as her hair.  She hadn't thought anyone had seen that.  "It's complicated.  Can we just drop it for now?"

"Drop what?"  Ron asked as he stumbled into the room with a load even larger than the last.  He put the bags down as gently as he could when nobody moved to help him and wiped the sweat from his forehead.  How he was still standing we may never know.

"Nothing for you to know."  Monique told him in no uncertain tone.

"Right.  Girl talk.  Got it."

"Thanks for helping us move into the dorm Ron."

"No problem KP.  What are friends for right?"  Ron said with a grin.  Then he cracked his back and groaned.  "Got the number for a good chiropractor?"


Ron left groaning as he rolled his shoulders trying to get the kinks out.  He had only said it as a joke but was seriously wondering if he really might need a chiropractor by the time the day was over.  He still had to move into his own place yet.

Any further musings were cut short as he reached the end of the hall.  A pair of hands grabbed him by the lapel and dragged him into the nearby dorm room.  Before he could even yelp he found himself locked in a passionate and forceful kiss.  Ron relaxed and kissed back after a moment as he recognized who it was.

After several minutes the kiss finally ended.  The woman finally spoke.  "Hey loser."

"Hey Bonnie.  Miss me?"  Ron said with a grin.

"Well, I haven't seen you since you got back from your vacation.  Where were you again this time?"

"Started in Japan and ended in Tibet."

"Well, almost four months away."  Bonnie looked at Ron with an almost feral grin as she began to pull him towards the bed.  "We have a lot of catching up to do."


In an unknown location a man stands in a darkened room.  He is dressed in a business suit, his dark hair greying along the sides.  The man stands before a semicircle shaped table.  Seven imposing figures are seated, silhouetted by the wall of monitors behind them, the only light source in the room.

The monitors all show the same thing.  Kim Possible.  Hundreds of scenes of her and her sidekick saving the day.  Hundreds of scenes that are the topic of the meeting.

Finally one of the figures speaks.  "The girl is becoming a nuisance!  We had plans for the microchip technology she saved!"

"A minor inconvenience."  Another commented.  "She does have her uses."

"Indeed.  She has stopped a number of scenarios we did not account for with the two bit hacks who call themselves villains."  A third stated.

Another spoke up immediately.  "This is true.  But her inconveniences are beginning to outweigh her usefulness.  She is not as easy to manipulate as she used to be."

"Perhaps we could take a more direct approach?"  Yet another voice suggested.

The standing man spoke up for the first time.  "Sirs?"

"You have something to add Mr. Grissim?"

The man called Grissim smiled a smile only a truly scary man could perfect.  "I have already taken steps to remove Miss Possible from the equation."