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Chapter One Summary: Yoh Asakura was ordered to end their engagement with Anna. But the quiestion is: How? Certainly this boy would never want to hurt the itako's feelings without a good cause. But this is what Yohemi and Kino Asakura ordered. Will he obey his superiors or decline and follow his heart?


Broken Chapter One: The Hardest Thing

"Grandmother, why must you do this?!" Yoh Asakura pounded the sturdy table with is hands, his brown eyes twitching in confusion.

The old woman looked up at him from her seat and sighed. "Yoh, I told you a million times already. Why must I repeat this to you over and over again?" she asked, her patience slowly slipping away.

The shaman heaved a grouch. "I am definitely against this ," he said firmly. "I will not be tolerated to tell Anna that our engagement is off just because you and grandfather suddenly refused to accept her as my bride." Yoh looked utterly upset. "I won't, grandmother. Not anymore…"

Kino watched him in shock. "Yoh…it's the first time you ever refused to follow my orders. Did she teach you how to stand up even against your own grandmother?"

The boy looked at her apologetically. "I'm sorry gandma. But it was you in the first place who wanted Anna to be my bride."

She sighed and smoothed Yoh's back. "Please… break your engagement. You and Anna are not meant to be married because it was arranged without your rights. You were not meant to be…"

Yoh looked back at Kino sadly. We're not meant to be…?

//We both know that I shouldn't be here

This is wrong

And baby it's killing me, it's killing you

Both of us tryin' to be strong

I've got somewhere else to be

Promises to keep//

Yoh walked inside the dining room with the usual broad grin on his face. Anna was waiting for him on the table as he brought a big pot of soup. It was just a typical night wherein Yoh cooked dinner for his…fiance. Just perfectly normal. But the order his grandmother assigned to him was bothering Yoh greatly.

"Tell me," the itako suddenly spoke, her eyes on a Shaman Magazine by Jinza™.

Yoh smiled nervously. "A-About what, Anna?"

His fiance finally looked up to him, her dagger-eyes with a warning written all over her glare. "Your talk with Kino-sama. Tell me."

"A-Ah…that one," he replied, his voice trailing off. The thought of it was painful enough for the shaman but what more can he expect if Anna knew about it? He understood that eventhough Anna was a cold ass-kicker and an I'm-the-boss-around-here girl, she still had feelings that could be hurt easily. After all, she was only human.

What do I do…?

Kouyama Anna felt utterly curious because of the long hesitation Yoh had before he answered. It was unlike him to let her wait for a reply but…

"Yoh…?" there was a question in her voice.

The boy cleared his throat and took a deep breath. He averted his gaze from Anna's and replied, "She wants me to end our engagement."

//Someone else who loves me

And trusts me fast asleep

I've made up my mind

There is no turning back

She's been good to me

And she deserves better than that//

That night, Anna embraced her pillow tightly. She could not understand what she was currently feeling. At least he now has the freedom to choose his own bride and never again to be manipulated by a cold and arrogant woman like me…

Her eyes moistened. At least I wouldn't be responsible for his foolish wrongdoings anymore… Then I will no longer have to appreciate him as a person. After all, our engagement was nothing but arranged.

She could not sleep that night. "He told me he loved me then after the Shaman Fight… But maybe I was the fool to trust his words because he only said it just so I wouldn't feel neglected once we get married," she muffled softly against her blanket. "I was the fool to have denied that I felt the same way. But now… I guess it's okay to hide it all…"

However, what the itako didn't know was that Yoh has been standing outside her closed door, listening to her softly. He was supposed to explain everything, but he felt utterly ashamed to even show his face to her now that he heard what she said.

He turned his back and whispered, "I meant what I said, Anna. I do love you."

//It's the hardest thing

I'll ever have to do

To look you in the eye

And tell you I don't love you

It's the hardest thing

I'll ever have to lie

To show no emotion

When you start to cry//

It was sudden, really, when Yoh's grandparents told him to end his relationship with Anna as soon as possible. Maybe it was because they thought that as a heir of the Asakura clan, he didn't get the rights and priorities he was supposed to have. Maybe they thought that he was regarded with such a high esteem, but never even given the chance to exercise that position. Maybe they were just too protective. Maybe he was getting used to being bossed around…

There were so many maybe's and what-if's that Yoh could not comprehend anything anymore. He learned to love his life now that he was used to all the care and protection his family gave him. No, he never felt neglected or looked down upon. In fact, he was happy that everything turned out this way. But then, they had to take away that happiness which lay in the hands of his beloved fiance.


//I can't let you see

What you mean to me

When my hands are tied

And my heart's not free

We're not meant to be

It's the hardest thing

I'll ever have to do

To turn around and walk away

Pretending I don't love you//

The next day was certainly hell for Yoh Asakura. His grandparents gave him so much pressure to really end his relationship with Anna.

He finally managed to take her somewhere private so they can talk properly. They were at the backyard, by the Sakura tree that afternoon. The sun was about to set when Yoh finished his usual training, and it was then when he wanted to have a word with Anna.

He hid his eyes under the shadow of the tree, a feeling of uneasiness he tried to hide. Anna, on the other hand, had her back turned from the shaman.

"You wanted to talk about something?" asked the itako in her usual serious tone that sent shivers up and down anyone's spine. But this time, unusual awkwardness was sensed in her voice.

Yoh tried to overcome his emotions. This is for the family… I'm so sorry Anna, but I have to do this…even if it hurts you—no, the both of us.

He cleared his throat. "I…can't love you."

Anna stiffened. She felt her heart crumple slowly as her chest started to consrtict her tightly.

"O-Oh…" she replied simply, trying to hide her emotions. She was the untouchable itako in the outside…but deep down, her heart was crying in hurt. "So I guess it's over then." Still, she tried with all her power.

"Guess is right." Yoh answered just as coldly.

The two were acting as if their relationship had no significance anymore. But still, their hearts were torn into two inevitably. They couldn't realize that they were hurting only themselves.

"I'm sorry…" finished Yoh quietly.

//I know that we'll meet again

Fate has a place

So you can get on with your life

I've got to be cruel to be kind

Like Dr. Zhivago

All my love I'll be sending

And you will never know

'Cause there can be no happy ending//


Seated comfortably on top of a tree, there watched the twin of Yoh, Hao Asakura. He watched the two in disappointment.

"Yoh… How could you do this?"



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