Broken Chapter Six: Delusions Of The Heart

Author's notes: The epilogue of Broken

It was a gloomy afternoon that day, wherein the skies threatened everyone with its roaring thunder and flickering lightning. The earth was still as heavy rains showred upon the Izumo community, giving it a cold, otherwise, distant atmosphere. Patches of soil were taken apart when the heavy rains splattered against them, and the whirling winds brushed alongside the huge trees.

"He wants to see you."

The calm yet quivering voice of the old woman filled the empty space. She hid an unnerving look, but the boy could see right through her.

He was so unsure; so utterly unsure to be convinced to trust his conscience that everything was going to be alright. He just had a bed feeling.

A really bad feeling.

"Obaa-san, what happened?" he felt his throat run dry as his dark eyes twitched.

"Just see him, Yoh. He needs you," replied Kino. Her tone of voice was so different from the tone Yoh was so used to. It was always certain and firm…but now, it was somehow different. This was serious.

"H-He…?" he stutterd, unsure to whom his grandmother was referring to.

The old woman's lips twitched. "Yohemi."


Tamamura Tamao tried to wake the Ainu up from his slumber by shaking him reluctantly, but only to fail. He was such a heavy sleeper that nothing would work just to get him to open —no, even half-open— a single eye lid. The prophetess was quite annoyed, really, that this Ainu glutton ate practically everything she cooked just a while ago. And by God, it was a feast fit for a town!

…And what's more, it only took him less than an hour!

She sighed exasperatedly. He just had to fall asleep the second he cleared up that last plate… Tamao rolled her eyes and smirked sarcastically. "Oh, you liked that, didn't you? Huh?"

She paused, then sighed once more. "I guess I'm just some idiot talking to you while you're asleep, ne?" The girl's rosy eyes gazed at the sleeping blue-haired boy. He was snoring loudly that she couldn't help but chuckle.

Horo horo's stomach was inflamed like a balloon, and he even had a pool of drool nearby. Yes, he was peaceful. So peaceful, in fact, he was…


Tamao froze, then shook her head. No, no…that's not the word I was looking for! It was something like…

There were a few footsteps when a figure stopped and stood by the doorway in shock. "What the--?"

Tamao shook her head once more. "No, no. Something more like…"

And then, she paused.

Realization dawned into her that she was not the only one who was in the room. She gulped nervously and turned to her back. There stood the blone-haired itako, her raven eyes flickering. She was about to light the fuse of her anger.

"What is a pig doing in the kitchen?!" she asked, her eyebrow arched high up in frustration.

Desperate, Tamao almost freaked out. Okay, okay…just calm down. Just tell Miss Anna that you got carried away and so did Horo-kun.

"He was so hungry, Anna-san. I had to do something or he would…err, die." But what luck, Tamao felt the deadly dagger-sharp glare the woman possessed.

"I assure you, those fats will burn into calories the moment he wakes up." Her voice threatened the young prophet, making her shrug uneasily. The thought of THE Kyouyama Anna literally torturing poor Horo horo was unnerving. It made Tamao feel so sorry for the guy. It was times like these when she desperately wanted to change the future… and maybe in due time and plently of luck, she could rescue him.

But that was just impossible.

Her thoughts were then interrupted when she caught a glimpse of the wall clock posted up in the dining room just a door away. The time was already 7:45 PM…

With all her indrawn courage, she asked, "Anna-san…are you okay?"

Anna blinked at the sudden change of subject. "Why do you ask?"

Tamao shurgged. "No…I'm just curious. You've been out for quite a long time… I noticed that you went out at about 3."

Anna looked away. "I was minding my own business." She hesitated for a while. And, trying to avoid the topic that had transpired between her and Hao a while ago, she asked, "Where may I ask is Yoh?"

"He's with Kino-sama upstairs in his room." There was a slight quiver in the prophet's voice as she gripped her fists unwillingly. "…I'm afraid that something is about to happen."

And Anna trusted her since Tamao could sense it. She was a prophet after all, and approximately 93 percent of her readings do happen.

"Oh…okay." She replied, then walked out the doorway, grabbing an umbrella along.

Tamao stood up. "W-Where are you going Miss Anna? You might catch a cold and the weather is terrible--"

"I'll be just fine. And I can take care of myself, thank you." She opened the sliding door and opened her umbrella once she got out. "I don't want to disrupt Yoh and Ma'am Kino's conversation." And with that, she left the house once more, leaving Tamao speechless.


"Oji-san? What's wrong with him?" Yoh found himself asking.

Kino stared at the floor and was silent for quite a while. "It's about the engagement departure between you and Anna," she began, taking a seat on one of Yoh's chairs. The shaman's attention was caught.

"Yohemi and I are really sorry for all your troubles, Yoh."

The boy grinned reassuringly. "That's alright, Obaa-san. I just want to know the real reason why," he spoke, his tone as calm and as patient as ever. Deep inside him, Yoh had always been sincere and gentle, which makes him very very amiable, a gene most Asakuras fail to possess.

The old woman heaved a sigh. "You see, you are now old enough to understand that we only allowed Anna to be your fiancee for you to be trained properly."

Yoh nodded slowly.

"But we just felt that it was time for you to choose your own bride without the help of any of your elders," Kino continued, facing her grandson with an intent look. "Perhaps you felt very neglected and was given no right at all to practice your rights." She stood up and walked closer to Yoh, smiling warmly. "We don't want you to feel that way at all. So…"

"Oh grandmother!!" Yoh burst out, embracing the old woman lovingly. "You have no idea how happy I am!!"

"Y-Yoh…? What are you--"

The shaman displayed the widest grin he has ever plastered on his face. "I don't feel neglected! In fact, that was all I wanted from you!"

Kino looked utterly clueless.

"You made me worried for nothing, Obaa-san!" he continued happily. "For a second there, I thought something bad happened to Oji-san."

"Actually, he caught a cold…" the old woman said, smiling.

"Oh." Yoh paused. "But don't you get it?"

She shook her head. "Err, you're happy that your grandparents are constantly manipulating your life?"

The shaman chuckled. "Yes!"

A sweatdrop.

"I am! In fact, I am so happy that you made Anna my fiancee. No matter how much torture she makes me do, I am still happy that you brought her to me, Obaa-san!"


The boy gave a fond peck on his grandmother's cheek, then ran downstairs hastily. "Mata ato de ne, Obaa-san!" he called out and made his way down. "I have some unfinished business to settle."

He was sure.

He was certain that it was time.

The time to get things straight.

Wait for me Anna, he thought as he ran outside the Asakura household to catch up on her as soon as Tamao told him she had gone. I won't let you slip away…not again.

"Hopefully, Madam Kino talked to Yoh clearly this time…"

Anna was walking on the sidewalk with only an umbrella to shelter her from the rain. She just wanted to take a walk for no particular reason despite the murderous showers the heavens has bestowed upon the selfish human race.

Really now, humans are selfish. But the fact that the itako is a human made her sick. Humans are not perfect and they are quickly absorbed by their own greed. Anna snorted at this fact.

But no matter what she does, she will always be imperfect…for humans make mistakes. Flaws and errs of people gave her the idea that her heart was playing tricks on her. The delusions of the heart made her think that feelings were just illusions and nothing but non-tangible matters. Coincidentally, her thoughts were then focused on Asakura Hao.

What is he anyway? She thought as she continued to walk. He told me that he will come and see me soon, the moment after he settles some matters that are unfinished. She sighed, thinking that after Judgement Day, Hao would come see her. He's nothing but a baka…just like—


The itako stopped on her tracks, realizing the familiar voice. She turned and found Yoh hastily running towards her despite the heavy rain that soaked every inch of the shaman. She was taken aback when the clear grin on his face was fully exposed regardless of the mist that was formed in between them.

"Anna…" he was panting heavily. He had been running practically everywhere just to find her.

"Y-Yoh…?" she asked, confused. "What are you--"

Reluctantly taking a few steps closer, just enough for him to reach her, he gave a steady smile. "Anna…"

And with every drop of courage in his Asakura blood, the shaman cautiously reached out and held Anna by her waist, then wistfully drew her close to his chest. The contact overwhelmed Anna so much that she dropped the umbrella she was holding, allowing the rain to soak her as well. No questions were asked.

This made the itako utterly confused since Yoh was suddenly being bold enough to do such a thing. And besides, she was curious anyway.

"I have you now Anna, and I will never let go," Yoh concluded as he nervously tipped her chin up. It was shaky at first, but he had to do it… or rather, he wanted to do it now.

By then, Anna knew. She allowed him to do as he wishes.


Smoothly and courageously, the shaman drew her close, their faces inching closer and closer. Asakura Yoh smirked in a sense of triumph. "You are my bride…you always were."

Anna smiled, one that was sincere and true. She understood that everything was going to be alright, because whenever Yoh would look at her with his reassuring yet idiotic grin, she was just sure that nothing will go wrong.

"I know," she replied. "Always Yoh…always."

Yoh held her gaze and, as he promised, he would never let it go. He loved her so, even if words were no longer needed. Even if Anna needed so much time to admit that. Even if it meant more and more painful training for him.

He knew just by the way they held on each other for so long…

And softly leaning down to Anna, their lips pressed against one another's in an intimate kiss.

The rain slowly gave in and resulted into a calm shower, covering both softly. And after every rainstorm, there will always be a rainbow.


"Looking back, I have this to regret, that too often when I loved, I did not say so." –David Grayson


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