Note: This is not our usual Gohan. The Gohan in this story is more self-confident than the regular Gohan and he has trained more. In this fic he's about as strong as Goku, and although he does not have his mystical power-up yet he could beat Vegeta with ease. Basically it's nearly the same as the regular DBZ universe (Gohan hides his strength and all), only that Gohan does not like Videls' father Hercule at all, and he would love to have the occasion to teach the fraud a lesson...

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Hercule gets what he deserves...

Chapter 1: The match is set...

Orange Star High, after school

Videl and Gohan were walking side by side, like they were doing a lot lately. Since she had blackmailed him into teaching her how to fly she had come to know this young man, and she had sensed that he was very special.

He was not at all the nerd he had pretended to be, the weak bookworm, and since she had found out that he was the Great Saiyaman her opinion of him had changed.

~ Still waters do run deep... ~ she thought while walking towards the exit.

Since Videl had come to know just how strong Gohan was her firm belief that her father was the strongest in the world had begun to falter.

Sure, her dad always boasted how he had beaten Cell, but he had nothing to proof it, nothing to back him up.

Only his claim. Pity that no footage existed that showed the real events...

Videl had always been so fascinated of her father; she had admired him for being so strong and had never dared to challenge him because she thought it inevitable that he would beat her with ease.

And he had always encouraged this believe.

'What would that achieve, Videl? You would only get beaten and your ego would take irreparable damage.' he had always said, and she had given in.

But now that she had seen what Gohan as the Great Saiyaman could do, and that without any technical gadgets, so much was for sure (she had seen him doing the feats he had done first hand, and there was no way in the world he could have used devices to trick her), she began to doubt, that all that the Gold Fighters and Cell had done at the Cell Games were tricks.

If Gohan was this strong, they had to be even stronger...

There had been no other explanation until now, but now, that she had seen it first hand what Gohan was capable of ( ~ And supposedly the others of his family and friends too... ~ she thought) she really doubted that her father, a normal, even if strong human, could have beaten Cell.

"That's not possible..." she muttered to herself, but Gohans delicate Saiyan hearing picked it up nevertheless.

He looked at her with a questioning look.

"What's not possible, Videl?"

Videl snapped out of her trance.

"Huh? What?"

Gohan smiled.

"I asked 'What's not possible, Videl?'." he said.

Videl looked startled.

"You heard that?" she asked.

Gohan smiled sheepishly.

"Good ears..."

She nodded.

"Obviously. Hmm, what I meant by this was, that my father can not have beaten Cell. I mean, c'mon, I have seen you do the things... umm, you do. Lift busses that fall down from cliffs and that weigh tons easily, dodge bullets or catch them, so how should my father, if he is weaker than you, have beaten Cell?"

Gohan coughed.

"Hmm, that's what he has told the world." he said, after he had recovered. "Maybe you should challenge him and see if he really is as strong as he claims..." he continued with a mischievous smirk.

Videl shook her head.

"No, I can't. If what he says is true he would wipe the floor with me!"

Gohan laid his arm on her shoulder and looked her into the eyes. His coal-black eyes wore a soft expression, but when he talked he did it in the breast-note of confirmedness.

"Videl, I know you. You are stronger than you think. Much stronger. Believe me, I can tell. You are stronger than your dad, so screw up your courage. I know you've the heart of a tiger, so do it!" he said.

~ Man, he is actually caring for me! He, one of the supposedly strongest mans of the planet, and he actually cares for me! ~ she thought, and a smile formed on her lips.

Gohan smiled too, for he thought that he had convinced her. Well, typically male ignorance...

Videl looked at him.

"I'll do it! You're right; if he really beat Cell then he should have no trouble in beating me. If he looses, well, I'd say then someone I called father has lied."

Gohan smirked.

"That's the spirit!" he said. "And I'd love to see the show!"

Videl smiled up at him, her azure blue eyes full of mirth.

"You'll get a seat in the front row!"

Gohans smile broadened. Pity that he could not invite Vegeta and the others. They too would love to see the show...

"And when do you plan to challenge him?" he asked.

Videl looked thoughtful for a moment.

"Hmm, how about this afternoon? I'll call him and tell him that I want a match against him. In our house." she stated.

Gohan nodded.

"Sounds good. Why don't you use your cell phone and do it right away? This way we could fly into the city and buy us some ice cream..." he suggested.

Videl smiled. Was he actually flirting?

"You're really a smart one, Son Gohan." she said and fetched her cell phone from her shoulder bag. She dialled the number of her dad, and seconds later Hercule answered.

"This is Hercule Satan speaking! What do you want?" he boasted in his usual tone.

"Hi dad!" Videl said, trying to be polite.

"Oh, hi my dear! What can I do for you?" he asked.

"Dad, actually I want a match against you. This afternoon in our house. And I will bring a friend of mine." she said as fast as she could.

"You want a match against me? Didn't we have this before, my daughter? You will be beaten by me and than your pride will suffer. No, that's no good idea. And what about this friend of yours? Are you talking about a boy?" he asked, and his tone became dangerous.

Gohan could hear the entire conversation due to his excellent Saiyan hearing, and he rolled his eyes. Typical for this fraud!

If Videl would give in he would give the so called World Champion a good dressing down. Hercule had taken credit for his deeds, but he would not put his daughter, the woman he loved (~ Oops, did I just think 'love'? ~ he asked himself) under his thumb forever just because he pretended to be stronger.

Videl however chose to ignore her father.

"Dad, I want that fight. And don't give that 'Your ego will be so down once I beat you...'. Hell, I don't know why I did not realize it before. In a fight you can be beaten, that possibility is always given. But in order to learn the limits of oneself one has to test it against the best!" she said, and Gohan thought

~ Or against those who claim to be the best although they are definitely not... ~

Videl continued.

"And I want to test my abilities against you!" she finished.

Gohan could nearly imagine how the sweat drops were forming on Hercules' forehead, and he had harsh difficulties to bite back the laughter caused by this mental image.

Suddenly Hercule had regained the ability to talk again.

"Umm... hah hah hah... sure, love. You can have your fight. But who's that friend of yours you want to bring with you?" he asked.

Videl smiled.

"A friend from school who wanted to see how you fight. He's interested in martial arts, and so I figured we could give him a demonstration."

Hercule laughed.

"Good thinking! Another student for my dojo... my daughter is so clever!" he exclaimed.

This time Gohans eyes nearly fell from their holes as they rolled around, and he swore he would blast that fraud to the next dimension and that dimension after that if he would come him wrong. Heck, he hated guys like that! Self-centred idiot...

Videl had rolled her eyed too.

"Okay, dad. We'll be there at 3 p.m. Bye!" she said and hung up on her dad. "Urgs!" was what she exclaimed next, and Gohan nodded vigorously.

Then, after some seconds, the smile returned to her face, and to the young demi-Saiyan it was as if the sun was shining again.

~ Man, she's so beautiful! I should ask her on a date once we are due with her father... ~ he thought.

"I remember you talked about flying to the city and buy us ice? Does this offer still stand?" she asked, smiling beautifully.

Gohan nodded, for he was temporary lost for words. Normally he was self-confident, but this woman was breath taking.

"Yeah. I'd love to." he said.

Videl smiled at him and took off.

"Race ya!" she exclaimed, and flew off towards the city.

Gohan smiled and followed suit.

They enjoyed their flight and made all kinds of nonsense, but Gohan wanted to encourage Videl for her fight against her dad.

"Videl, you know that I am Saiyaman and that I am pretty strong. But believe me; you are stronger than your dad! You don't have to take it from him! Just challenge him and show him a good dressing down!" Gohan exclaimed sternly.

Videl could hear that he meant what he had said.

"But how would you now? I mean, you can't be able to know how strong he is, do you?"

Gohan smiled.

"Actually I can. We, that means most of my family and friends can sense how strong a person is." he explained.

Upon seeing Videls baffled expression he continued.

"It's not very hard to learn, actually flying is harder. I could teach you in about one hour. Well, I know exactly how strong your dad is. He's not bad for a human, but I know for a fact that you're stronger." Gohan said in the breast-note of confirmedness.

Videl smiled, although she thought

~ What did he mean by 'human'? ~

"I'd love to learn it, Gohan. How about you teach me after the fight?" she asked.

Gohan smiled and nodded. They had now reached the inner city, and some seconds later they finally approached 'Galileo's ice cream parlour'. Videl and Gohan touched down, and quite a few people wondered how on Earth it could be possible that those two could fly.

Then they recognized Videl, and they waved it off. Nothing was impossible for this girl. Supposedly she had taught the young man how to do it...

Videl and Gohan sat down, and seconds later a waiter came to their desk and took their order. Videl ordered an ice with five balls of different taste, but Gohans order was rather unusual.

He ordered his most favourite ice, the banana boat, but not only once, but ten times!

The poor waiter went into the ice cream parlour and their orders were being prepared, while Videl laughed herself silly at the look the waiters face had taking during Gohans order.

"What?" Gohan asked, "I have a healthy appetite!" he exclaimed.

The look Videl gave him caused him to laugh too. So they spend their time there talking and joking, but inwardly Videls thought were evolving around other themes...

She knew he was hiding something, something so much more than just the fact that he was the Great Saiyaman. Sure, he was very strong and could fly, but that was not all...

Somehow Gohan reminded her of someone she had seen when she had been a young girl...

to be continued...