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Hercule gets what he deserves...

Chapter 3: Confrontation

Last time...

After he had cleaned his mouth he looked at Videl, who was still eating her ice.

"You should finish your ice now, Videl. It's nearly time." he said and pointed towards his watch.

Videl looked at her own, and was surprised that time had passed by so quickly.

"Whoops! Well, I guess time wears away quicker when one has so nice company." she said with a smile.

Gohan mirrored her smile.

"Thank you, my lady." he said. Then he stood up and offered her a hand.

She took it gladly, and Gohan helped her to get up from her chair. And again Videl did notice how strong he was, for he helped her to her feet with soft force.

Then they paid the bill and took of towards the Satan mansion...

Now the continuation...

As before they made all kind of nonsense during the flight, and they touched down before the Satan mansion five minutes before the fight.

Videl fetched her bunch of keys from her pocket and just wanted to open the door, when the door was being opened by Hercule.

How unusual, Videl thought, normally he would send a servant. Perhaps he wants to know who this friend of mine is.

Gohan, who else hid his real power behind his skinny appearance, had pumped up his muscles deliberately, and he looked very impressive.

Hercule stood in the door way and surveyed Gohan.

Videl smiled at her father.

"Hi dad! This is the friend I brought with me..." she began and turned around to point at Gohan. When she saw his appearance however she nearly face-faulted.

Man, he looks so bulky! she thought, and really, he looked like all muscles in his body had been pumped up. Only that Videl knew that they consisted of more than just air...

Hercule nodded.

"Hello, Videl. Ahh, and this is the young man who is interested in martial arts. Yes, you look quite muscular, but my young man, strength is not everything in martial arts."

Oh yeah? And how about having none? Gohan thought amused.

"Nice to meet you, Mr. Satan." he said, switching to his more polite self. "I am Son Gohan, one of Videls class mates."

"Well, come in young man. We will show you how a real fight is done properly, right, Videl?"

"Sure, dad!" she exclaimed, playing the game for his benefit.

The so called world champion smirked and showed his white teeth.

"So, how about we get started? I don't have all day, you know."

Gohan rolled his eyes.

Probably he wants to blind some of his fans with his teeth rather than his deeds... he thought.

Videl tried to remain earnest and barely succeeded.

"Sure, dad. Lets use the trainings room in the cellar. You lead the way." she said.

Hercule nodded. And led the way.

After what seemed to be endless stairs they finally arrived at their destination.

Wow, they must have more than one story for the cellar. That house is really huge! And come to think of it, this baka bought it with the money he got because of my deeds! Grrr... he thought.

Lately Gohan was more dominated by his Saiyan side, but the two sides of him had obviously learned to live in some kind of equilibrium. Hmm, obviously his human side thought too, that this fraud did not deserve it. But for Videls sake, he would keep himself in check...

They entered the trainings hall, and Gohan was surprised how large and well equipped it was.

It even had an original Tenkaichi Budokai tournament ring!

Darn, what he could afford with the money... and I still live in a small hut compared to this palace! And why? Only because I was too polite to rectify the public belief! That was stupid, Son Gohan! he admonished himself.

Luckily the Satans could not hear, what Gohan was thinking, otherwise they would have been shocked, but for different reasons.

Then Hercule entered the ring.

"Videl, you know the rules. If you fall out of the ring, start to cry or give up you lose the match! And poking in the eye or hitting below the belt are playing mean and not allowed. Everything else is allowed." he said.

Videl nodded confidently and entered the ring from the opposite side. Gohan smiled at her reassuringly.

"Hey, what are you smiling at my daughter, hmm?" Hercule asked.

Gohan ignored him.

„Videl, you're stronger than him. Even a blind can see it." Gohan said.

Videl looked at him sceptically, while Hercule simply laughed.

"And who says that?" he asked arrogantly.

Gohan gave him a stern look.

"Me. And I suggest you don't test me. Otherwise I'll wipe the floor with you." he said and let his eye colour switch to turquoise.

Hercule was too busy boasting and had not noticed. Videl however had, and she was asking herself what this could mean...

"You? What does a scrawny boy without the slightest fighting skills like you know of fighting?" he taunted, clearly unaware of the danger he was in.

If he gives me one more comment like that I'll lose it... Gohan thought. He had harsh difficulties to control his Saiyan side, who had never forgiven Hercule for taking credit of his deeds.

"You don't know what you're up against..." Gohan managed to say between clenched teeth.

Hercule laughed.

"Hah hah hah... and you say that to the man who beat Cell and saved the world? Who chopped Cell with one punch?" he asked arrogantly, ignoring the fact that Gohan glared daggers at him.

Videl left the ring and approached Gohan. She wanted to know what unsettled him so much. What could make the cool Son Gohan so angry?

Suddenly Hercule looked at his daughter.

"Hah! You left the ring! Knew you were too scared of me!" he exclaimed.

Now Gohan had reached the boiling point.

"You fool! You've pushed your luck too far. You may have been the strongest in a tournament without competition, but in comparison to me you are totally outclassed. And Videl is not scared! Especially not of you!" Gohan said angrily and jumped into the ring in one fluid move.

Hercules face contorted in rage.

"How dare you!"

Gohan glared back.

"How dare I, you ask? Me, from whom you have taken credit for what I've done during the Cell Games?" he asked icily.

Suddenly all colour went from Hercules' face.

"You... it... can't be!" he exclaimed.

Videl wondered what was going on. Never had she seen her father so put out!

But then he recovered.

"You are just a young punk with a quick tongue. And I'm gonna shut you up!" he exclaimed.

Gohan just smirked.

"Give it your best try." he said calmly. "I will show your daughter what for a fraud you are. Right in front of her. Come on, you baka."

For the first time in her life she saw Gohan dropping into a stance, which as far as Videl could tell was absolutely flawless.

"Let's finish this. It's getting tiresome." he said with so much confidence in his voice that it was overwhelming. He seemed so sure of himself...

Hercule did not seem to have gotten the message. Obviously he thought that Gohan was just one of his usual opponents. However, with a fist pulled back he rushed forward.

"HYPER MEGATON PUNCH!" he exclaimed.

Gohan didn't seem to react at all until the very last second, and to Videls great surprise he just brought up his index finger in a lazy way to stop the incoming fist of her father! As though this punch from the strongest man in the world at him was merely a childish attempt to hit him! And to Videls utter surprise he actually stopped the fist with only that one finger! He had stopped it... with just that one finger!

Wow! She had seen this in Superman comics when she had been a kid, but the ease with which Gohan caught the fist of the supposedly strongest man in the world, the one who had beaten Cell and saved the world, startled her. Her whole world turned upside down.

And what had Gohan said? 'Me, from whom you have taken credit for what I've done during the Cell Games'. Those were his words. Had Gohan been the one who had really beaten Cell? And had her father taken the credit for Gohans deed? This would be so... dishonourable. But it would explain a lot...

"Ah ah." Gohan said, his voice full of contempt and still so cold it made Videl worry that she might get chilblains just from listening. "Is that all that you've got, you great champion of Earth?" he asked even more icily and with enough venom in his voice to kill an elephant instantly. "Well, that won't be enough, I am afraid..."

Hercule tried to push his fist forward, but as much as he tried, he would have had probably more luck in the attempt to push a mountain away.

Gohan simply yawned.

"Okay, you fool, this is getting tiresome. Now I will show you what you are really up against. Back off, or I'll blow you out of the ring!" he stated icily.

Videl was still a bit surprised at his tone towards her dad, but if what he had said was true he had every reason to. She only wondered what he would do next...

Hercule did not react towards Gohans demand, so Gohan simply used his index finger to push him away. This simple gesture sent Hercule flying to the opposite side of the ring, and for the first time Hercule became a glimpse on what he really was up against...

He staggered to his feet troublesome, and when he finally stood he could not believe his eyes. Neither could Videl.

For suddenly Gohan put the arms to his sides and seemed to stress every muscle. Seconds later he was surrounded by a white aura, and this aura increased in its proportions within seconds.

Then this white aura changed its colour and became gold. Gold! Like the Gold Fighters had looked! Videl looked at her father, and he looked as if his eyes would fall out of their sockets the next second.

She looked back at Gohan who then uttered a scream, and his hair turned gold as well as his eyes turned turquoise.

His golden aura that engulfed his whole body even increased in magnitude, and seconds later Gohans already bulky muscles bulged even more.

Mere seconds later his hair stood sharp on end and his transformation into a Super Saiyan Level Two was almost complete. His power took another jump which made the foundations of the house shake, and then the KI-bolts added to his aura.

There stood Super Saiyan Level Two Gohan, and one could not have said who was more shocked: Videl, who had now the confirm that Gohan was the Gold fighter, or Hercule Satan, who was now standing before the real victor over Cell.

Videl looked at her dad. He had a look of utter disbelief on his face, and stepped away from Gohan.

She was surprised, for the first time since she could think she saw an expression on his face she had never seen there before: fear.

"You... you... it can't be! You... are one... of the fighters with the powers! After all those years... it can't be!" Hercule Satan exclaimed.

Gohan, who was still engulfed in his aura (he kept it up on purpose), approached the fearful Mr. Satan.

"So what now, 'world champion', wanna fight?" he asked mockingly. "And besides, that's not all I've got. I could still go higher without even working a sweat, but a power-up to my full powers would most probably destroy the complete house. But I care for Videl and her safety." he stated.

This comment allude of course to the fact, that Hercule had done nothing to stop his daughter from crime fighting, although he knew that neither he nor she were invincible. But hopefully this demonstration of power would make this clear...

"But... but you..." Hercule stammered.

"But I what, Mr. I-beat-Cell?" Gohan taunted. "Thought that I had gone for good after the dirty work had been done? I admit that I was stupid to let you take the credit for what I had done, but at that time I was just a boy. I had no ambitions to become a world hero, and at that time I was not much of an attention seeker. Add to it that I was taken in for the healing. But as I saw how you treated your daughter, the most wonderful woman in the world as far as I am concerned, I had to show you your limits. One punch from me and you would be history. Have I made myself clear?" Gohan asked sternly.

Hercule nodded weakly.

"So that all was no trick? What you did... what Cell did... no tricks?" he asked in a low voice.

Gohan shook his head. Would he never get it?

"You should have noticed once Cell had backhanded you into that mountain. No, you fool. It was no trick. None of it." he said and aimed his palm at the wall to give Hercule another demonstration.

Videl followed his gaze, curious what he would do now.

Gohan gathered enough energy in his palm to obliterate the wall that divided the rooms. Naturally he had checked the houses static beforehand, and it was no supporting wall.

The energy ball in his hand grew, as did Hercules' nervousness. If none of that was a trick...

Gohan launched the KI-blast, and it obliterated its target, a stone wall, nearly completely.

Hercule was quite as bug-eyed as Videl. She had known that Gohan was strong, but that he was this strong...


And through this he had shown her that she had never needed to remain in the oversized shadow of her father. Never would she have thought that he had taken credit for another ones deeds. This was so low!

She turned around and faced her father.

"Dad, what you have done to Gohan is unforgivable. Simply taking credit for him after he had saved the world! How could you? And I trusted you! Come Gohan, we leave. But before... Dad, either you give Gohan what is rightfully his, and I mean the whole money you earned because of this imposture." she said icily.

Hercule looked at his daughter as if she had just talked in Marsian.

"But... but I was the one who gave all the interviews and got all the advertising contracts! It was me who earned all this money!" he exclaimed.

Now it was Gohans turn to be enraged again, and his golden aura flared dangerously to life again.

"You earned it?" he spat. "You idiot, if I had not been injured and had been taken to the healing, I'd most probably done it myself. You earned it... don't give me this cheap crap! I fought Cell to the death, while you were cowering somewhere in fear for your life! You coward!" he exclaimed.

Hercule stepped back in fear.

"But... but..."

Gohan pointed his index finger at him, and Hercule cowered to the ground in expectation of the blast that would end his life.

"To your feet, you baka! If I wanted to kill you, you'd be dead by now. But I don't kill just because for the fun of it, like Cell did, I only kill when I must. In battle, in order to protect this world."

Hercule did as he was told, and Gohan continued.

"I was the one who killed Cell, and if necessary I can prove it! What would the public think if I challenged you in public and kicked your cheap ass to Uranus?" he asked, and his golden glowing aura with the KI-blots flashing around his body shone impressively. "Do you think once I've shown the public what I am capable of that only one single fan of yours would believe that you beat Cell? They are cleverer than you, they will see in an instant that none of that what happened in the Cell Games was a trick. Rockets in the pants, hah!" he spat.

Videl smiled. Now her father got what he rightfully deserved.

She believed Gohan without hesitation, he had proven undoubtedly that he was the one who had killed Cell.

The resemblance with this young boy with the golden hair and the turquoise eyes had always been there, but Videl had not been able to explain why Gohan had had coal-black eyes and jet-black hair. Now she knew...

"Dad, either you give Gohan what rightfully belongs to him, or we'll have no choice but to tell the public. And believe me, they will hunt you like a dog. Just imagine we tell the public just at the next World Tournament, which is in about one week, that you did nothing of what you claimed. And can proof it. What do you think they will do with you? And imagine you would have to face Gohan in the tournament and he would push you out of the ring with just one finger in front of all your fans? What then?" she asked.

Hercule gulped audibly.

"But... but you can't do that! You're my daughter! My one and only!" he exclaimed.

Videl looked at him sternly.

"You lost your daughter in the seconds when you cheated. I thought I had a father I could be proud of, who had really done great things. Even if it had not been for saving the world, I always thought that my father was truthful. And that he had really done the things he had claimed." she said nearly sad.

Then she looked up again and stared at him.

"Do you have any idea how much it hurts to find out that Gohan, one of my class mates, did what you claimed? Gohan, a young wonderful man who saved the world as a boy? I sat before the TV and thought 'Just how can this tall Golden Fighter ask this little boy to fight Cell?'; but he did, and he saved the world. Not you! You only stole his deeds and adorn yourself with borrowed plumes. That is so low. Think about if it was worth it." she with a finality that it hurt.

She looked at Gohan, and Hercule could see in her eyes the admiration and love she had once had for him. Yeah, he had lost her for good...

"We'll leave you the house" Videl continued and looked at Gohan who nodded, "but we want all the money. Money you got because of the fame you stole Gohan. You can keep twenty percent of the incomings from your advertising contracts. The other eighty percent will be transferred to my account. We will build our own future, and this one does not include you!"

Then her face contorted even more.

"I never want to see you again! Never would I have thought that my father is a liar! A fraud! Oh dad..." she said in her sweetest tone, "if you don't give Gohan what he rightfully earned than we will rectify the public belief who really beat Cell. And I don't fear what people will talk about me, because they know that I stand up to my words. They know that I am really a crime fighter. Like Gohan. And unlike you." she finished and gave Gohan a kiss.

A kiss that he returned all too gladly. Yeah, the future was looking bright for them...

Now Hercule was really speechless, for the first time in his life. And his future was not looking all too bright any more...


°° Videl finally found out who really beat Cell and showed her father that cheating gets you no where. Hercule deserved the dressing down he got, and Gohan and Videl will now be able to create a future on their own. Hope you liked the story. Thanks for reading! Please Review! °°

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