Title: War Bites

Authors: BH11 and born-diva

Summary: When Voldemort starts recruiting vampire and demons for his war against Harry and gang, Harry recruits original vampire slayers, a new slayer, and a pretty zany American witch to help him fight this ultimate battle against evil.

Rating: PG-13

Disclamer: We surely don't own Harry Potter or Buffy character but we own our own characters.

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Chapter One: Bad Visions

. . . A gust brought up dirt from the graves and the sudden crack of lightening lightened up the area, giving visibility to figures darkened by the night. Then a sudden rain fell but the figures didn't move. Another crack of lightening and faces shown clearer now, wands now shown and a sword somewhere was visible. The battle of the magical world had started; who would be victorious would be soon measured.

Another clash of thunder however sounded closer and not so silent as the others. It brought Harry out of his dream with a burning sensation coming from his scar and head. Sweat rolled down his forehead and onto his cheek, as Harry slowly caught his breath and tried to calm himself. After a few minutes however, Harry brought himself back to his surroundings looking around the bedroom.

Voldemort was going to strike once again, but this time he seemed more prepared with a huge army of disfigured creatures Harry hadn't seen before. In his past years, he had the security of Hogwarts, but five years after leaving; the only security he had was Sirius; his godfather and Remus; his uncle. He wasn't complaining or being ungrateful, but Voldemort would've never been able to hurt Harry in Hogwarts, but now Harry was free to any attack aimed at him.

Harry felt for his glasses. Finding them he pulled them on, moving the astray hair which blocked his eyes. He then carefully stepped out of bed trying not to wake the house, pulling on clothes which decorated the floor.

He carefully made his way over to his desk where books made it hard to find anything. Harry grabbed a sheet of parchment, then a muggle pen (not having time to use a quill). He scribbled a letter to Dumbledore, signed it, and didn't bother to enclose it in an envelope because Hedwig was out hunting.

Harry then walked out of his room softly stepping down a couple of stairs, grabbed his coat and scarf, and left the dormant house. The rain was pouring down now, but Harry didn't care, as his mind was on things so much more important.
Harry thought of all the other battles against Voldemort, but this one wasn't similar to any of them, he had felt something different with this dream; A tight feeling in his stomach, and a feeling that brought him to stay awake at night thinking. Fear. He was frightened, but not like before, a fear that could bring him down to his knees and into tears after a few minutes; A fear that the outcome of this battle would be greater than any of them before it, a battle to end them all.
Harry's mind wrapped around these thoughts but something was nagging at him, deep in the back of his mind. He stopped knowing what the sense was; he had felt the same way many times these past weeks, but it was soon dismissed. Harry however, kept his timing of step, not to alarm his follower that he knew of his presence.
Harry kept walking but a sudden chill came over him, not from the rain but from the images of those disfigured creatures going through his mind.

What if one of those creatures was following him right now?

A chill ran through Harry's body once more as his mind raced and his heart followed suit. His breath turned into gasps and his hands shook lightly. Harry was giving into the fear, and he knew better than that. But things were different now, he had grown, and with that his mind had worn down; He was driving himself crazy.
Harry took a moment as he kept walking, to calm himself. He slowly took deep breaths as he brought his mind onto one thing. His heart slowed a bit. He had to think of how he could turn the situation so he was following his follower; so he was in control.

He had to find out where his follower was. He crossed the street and bent down to tie his already tied shoes. Harry looking around caught a quick glimpse of a dark figure on top of a building across the street. He rose to his feet, a smile crossing his face, as he turned the block onto a main street filled with muggles. He glanced at the stores soon finding a small shop. He walked inside and waited, then bought an umbrella. Right when Harry got to the door he opened his umbrella, then walked around the block where he charmed the umbrella to float in one place, like he had stopped.
Then Harry apparated on top of the building he was nearest to and ducked as he saw the figure on a building across the street from his. He apparated directly behind his follower, who sensed him and turned kicking Harry in his stomach. But before the person could flee, Harry grabbed their hand and apparated back to the Black manor.

Vivyanna 'Jinx' Encantation was part of one of the wealthiest American wizarding families in the world. So she went to the best American wizarding school in the world, Jenevine: Education Facility of Magical Interest, Craft, and Elemental Energy. Being the only girl amongst her seven siblings, she was the biggest wizarding tomboy you had ever met.
After schooling Vivyanna took up being a part time demon hunter, then she went into magical creature's care. But soon she was pretty much wandering from job to job, which brought her to London. She had a part time job in Diagon Alley as a clerk. She then worked in Knockturn Alley as a clerk, taking in all the works of dark wizards and soon knew much more then she deserved.

Harry positively thought that his follower was male, he wouldn't expecting a female to do such a thing over a simple infatuation with him. Harry was known to be one of the wizarding women's favorites along with Draco. But Harry mostly kept to himself. Of course it didn't stop him from dating as many girls as he did.
Vivyanna however, was a female, a very boyish female. She could fight almost as well as she could perform the spells she learned in Jenevine.

When she turned around grabbing his arm, she kicked his another hand which held his wand.
Vivyanna then took off into the hall making sure he wasn't behind her. But that was a terrible mistake, because at that point she ran into a wall, or so she thought.

Sirius took a few steps back as he was caught off guard by the young women running into him, but it hadn't stopped him from pulling out his wand.

"Harry. . .?"

Harry soon appeared to his god father's call. He held an ice pack to his stomach and put his wand away.

"She was following me for quite sometime and I don't think its has to do with an infatuation." Harry spoke to his godfather as Vivyanna kicked Harry in his knee, which brought him down, giving her the opportunity to use him as a cloak for Sirius's petrifying charm.

Harry grabbed Vivyanna's hand which held his sweater and turned over pinning her under him.
Vivyanna struggled to free herself but as soon as she was free Sirius's wand was waiting for her to make a move. She sighed putting up her hands as Harry got to his feet and checked her for her wand.

"She has no wand. . .?" Harry said, turning to Sirius which gave Vivyanna the chance to put him in a choker hold and kick him, knocking him into Sirius knocking them both to the ground.

Vivyanna made to run but halted. There was a third gentlemen in this household and he was holding his wand out pointed dead at her.

"Remus. . ." Harry said softly half happy they had woke him and half upset because yesterday was a full moon, which meant Remus was resting today.

"I hope you like fire". Vivyanna had graduated Jenevine with her full elemental license, allowing her to use the element fire. Vivyanna brought her hands into fist and both ignited with red flames, she then pitched both quickly but Remus was quicker.

"Flipendo!" His wand let out a bright light which quickly came towards Vivyanna knocking her quickly off her feet and into the sky landing a few feet from Sirius and Harry.

"She threw fire, how can she throw fire?" Harry said as Sirius stood helping Harry up as Remus walked towards them.

"I will explain it to you, after she is bound and you explain all of this to me and Sirius, cause I see he is equally clueless". Remus spoke as he checked Vivyanna soon finding the Dark Mark on her arm.

"A Death Eater. Maybe we could get information of Voldemort's new plans from her". Sirius said taking Vivyanna in his arms then walking into the kitchen and sitting her down.

"We should also write Dumbledore, he would probably know what we should do with her after." Harry said, running upstairs, finding Hedwig hooting softly at him. He quickly grabbed the letter he had written earlier, jotted down a few other lines, folded it and tied it to Hedwig's leg. "Quickly Hedwig, bring the letter to Dumbledore and no one else".

Harry then jogged downstairs where he explained the whole situation of being followed to Remus and Sirius over butter beer. Vivyanna quickly awoke as Harry was about to speak of his dream, she groaned slightly her head leaning forward. She tried to lift her hand to rub a sore on her head but her hands were bound to her sides.

"So nice to see you are awake and well". Remus spoke as Vivyanna sat back sore from falling so hard after the binding spell.

"Good to see you too". Vivyanna mumbled as her head once again bowed down, but she quickly picked her head up.

"So Voldemort is recruiting Americans?" Sirius snapped as Vivyanna glanced at him and Harry who was watching her carefully.

"He is? Can you loosen these bonds? They're too tight and I can't answer questions like this". Vivyanna leaned from side to side feeling her arms turning raw from the bond being so tight. She looked at Harry once again.

"The bonds are nothing to what you will endure in Azkaban" Sirius said icily as Vivyanna started sobbing, she was waiting for one of them to untie her bonds and she would be free.

"Tears will not help the situation you are in". Harry spoke as his heart went to the young women as she started crying and wouldn't answer any of Sirius questions.

"Alright fine, what do you want to know, I know nothing about Voldemort I just got this job". Vivyanna abruptly stopped crying, she wondered what she was going to do, they thought she was evil or something. Then it hit Vivyanna; the tattoo, Dumbledore had told her to take it off when she had gone to see him. She started laughing as the three gentlemen looked at her strangely. "You think I'm a Death Eater thing, the tattoo isn't real! Look at the snake, it has Jinx written on it head. I'm on this side. The reason I was following Harry was because Dumbledore wanted me to protect him"

"From the disfigured creatures in my dream" Harry said, almost to faint to hear as Vivyanna glanced down, as if thinking, but soon looked back at Harry.


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