When the Sun Goes Down

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Pikachu: *rolls eyes* Anyway, lets just start the story…


"Ryou, wake up!" He yelled, as I tossed and turned in my warm bed.

"What do you need Bakura? It's only 8:00 a.m.!" I hollered back lying, hoping he didn't know it was about noon.

"TOO bad it's noon, get your lazy butt up! I wanna go somewhere!"

"Can't we go later?"

"GET THE HELL UP!" He screeched, as he barged in through my door. I jumped. Sometimes my yami, Bakura, could be so petrifying. Bakura smirked.

"Fraidy Cat." He said. I just rolled my deep brown eyes and closed them again. Bakura just loved to freak me out.

"Ryou, get up now!" He whined with the cutest frown on his extremely handsome face, cotton white hair hanging in his face. I smiled to myself.

"What's so funny?" He asked me, I couldn't help but giggle.

"Nothing Bakura, I just thought of an old joke, that's all." I lied.

"Oh yeah, then humor me." He scoffed, perking up an eyebrow.

"Erm.." I squirmed. Man am I ever a terrible liar! "Uh, well erm, there was-this, this girl, in, in this bar and she….was drinking a whiskey, sitting next to a goat with some serious problems. He had an apple, but his mom ate it. So the woman was like "well that sucks", then she said "Does she take her coffee with beans?"

"Yeah, go on." He said, with a very confused look on his face.

"That's it!" I said nervously, putting my arm behind my head and giving a nervous smile.

"I don't get it. That's not even funny, stupid!" he said.

"Oh, right." I said softly.

"Anyway, get up, I want to see what this moving center you always talking about is." He replied.

"Moving center? I never go to a moving center." I said moving my head to the side, a bit confused. He rolled his eyes, obviously annoyed.

"Yeah you have, you go there with those heathen friends of yours, and you watch those things on the huge T.V, while wasting countless amounts of money, and wastes of your life at!"

"Oh! I'm sorry, that's a movie theater!" I said smiling, finally glad to know what he was talking about. Him being trapped in a ring for 5,000 years doesn't exactly help him keep up with the times.

"That's what I said." He replied, looking way too proud. He never admits he's wrong.

I shook my head. "So what did you want to see then?" I asked.

"Anything, except some icky, gross romance shit that you always watch and blubber over." He's right, I'm just too sensitive about things sometimes. Especially love, and mostly about him. You see, I love him, so much that he could never know. Partly, cause I am of no condition to tell him. He'd probably kill me, slice me into a million pieces, frappe me in a blender, pulverize me. Or worse, just reject me, and tell me I was a loser, and a brainless weakling like he always does.

I think out of the three yami/Hikari pairs, ours is the worst. Yugi and Yami are so nice to each other, and Yami loves him so much it's sickening. They're best friends, thought I think they just won't admit they want to be more. Marik and Malik are pals also. I mean they fight, but they're still pretty close. Then there's Bakura and I. I don't know that we're even friends. Sometimes, he even tells me I'm a waste of a human, and there is no possible way in all Dora the Explorer's rebellion that I could possibly be his Hikari. He tells me I'm too frail, too safe, chaste. Occasionally, he'll be so friendly (like today) or as close as he comes, but others he's cold, orders me around, and curses at me a lot. Above all else though, I really hate when he does drugs which is once in a blue moon, because more than likely, he'll beat me. It may only happen once in a great while, but when it does, the emotional scars seem to stay always. He has changed form the guy he was in Battle city, which was over a year ago, but he still isn't the greatest person. I don't care, I'd never give up on him. I care deeply, and would do anything to help him figure out who he is again. I want to help him figure out his past, help him be normal here, and just be his friend. The last thought is far from the truth thought, because Bakura barely even considers me an acquaintance.


I watched my Hikari (or lack of) Ryou get out of bed. He's so frail and pale. Hey that rhymed! I mentally laugh. Ryou is pretty though, really pretty; Like a shiny object, a jewel. He has this white hair that accentuates his pale, soft skin, and these warm dirt colored eyes. He's dreamy, almost too. He sort of reminds me of this

Loathsomely cute animal call a bunny, yes, he reminds me of a fuzzy bunny. So cute you just want to eat it, totally devour it. ( Gandalf: What kind of sick freak would want to do that!?! Yugi: Hannibal Lector? )

I am mean to him though, then he cries, which kills me. He's so innocent, and I adore him-I just can't tell him that. It's not right; a dark loving a light. We are like supposed to be mortal enemies. I mean, look at the other two Y/H pairs they aren't paired off. Well, yet anyways. Besides, I hurt him so much, I can't expect him to be my lover, and take all my crap. I know I'm difficult, and I'd never ever in a katrillion years forgive myself if I hurt Ryou horribly, especially if he was my lover. Lastly, I need no one to thrive and never will, though having him all to myself would be a plus. I couldn't do that to him though, he deserves much better, and I don't even know if he's gay!

"Why are you wearing that?" I asked him in a disgusted tone. He picked out a white sweater, white a heinous blue stripe, and light blue faded jeans. He is such a goody-goody. I mean, he dresses like a little boy.

"I like these clothes, they're cool." Ryou tries to convince me. How could he think that? Dark colors and leather are so in these days.

"Unfashionable nerd." I mumbled as he walked off to go take a shower.


I smiled to myself as I walked off to the shower. I knew how Bakura felt about clothes. Basically, anything he doesn't like is nerdy. I turn on the hot and the cold water, and get into the shower. It's too bad Bakura doesn't like me or we could have some real fun at the movies, like other couples do. I smacked myself for that. Sometimes he just makes me feel so naughty. I laugh now, because I just used the word naughty.

Fifteen minutes later, I get out of the shower and get dressed. I look at myself in the mirror. Same old me I think, same old me. It's too bad I am not "hot" like Marik, then I might've actually had a chance with Bakura. I know he likes Marik, I just know it.

I walked down the stairs to see a very impatient Bakura.

"Are you ready YET!" He pouts.

"Yeah, let me grab my coat, and we can go." I say, as I open up the coat closet and grab my black coat. I look at Bakura who's stamping his foot. I didn't notice it yet, but as usual, he looks hot as ever in his black leather pants, which are a little loose, but not very, his tight white t-shirt, and his red coat that he picked out at some expensive boutique that reminds me of Michael Jackson. I say this because the coat is a shimmery material with sleeves that go about an inch past his elbow, that has this huge collar and zips up. I don't know, I guess it just reminds me of him and that video and song called 'Thriller'." ( Gandalf: Which God doesn't own either )

Finally for him, I am ready and we head out on this dreary February day for the Cinerama.


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