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It was almost over, almost finished; the best vacation Ryou had ever been on. He really didn't want to leave, but when you go to places like 'Tiki Biki's' and hangout with strange beings like Marik, Seto, Noah, and make out with a hottie named Bakura, who would?

The white haired teen sighed contently as he lied on a lounge chair, sipping a virgin pina colada, basking in the sun's glow, next to his now boyfriend, who was shirtless and wearing trendy shades, sipping on a smoothie.

"Oh my gosh, you guys are like so total vacation cliché." Marik sassed, sounding disgusted as he posed for the boys in his hot pink, glittery bikini. It was the kind that tied in the back, in which Bakura had of course tried. Marik of course slapped him and said "You perv! How dare you try to look at my melons!" Almost everyone of course had sweat dropped, because, yes, Marik is a male.

"Marik, why the hell are you in a bikini?" Malik asked angrily, storming up to said blonde. He had been out all night with Winthrop and Noah, so he only arrived at the beach a few minutes prior to this.

"Um, number one: I'm hot, Number two: I look great, Number three: I'm cute. Does that make sense?" Marik chided, smacking on his strawberry bubblegum.

Malik gritted his teeth, and slammed his eyes shut. "Marik… that's Isis's bikini." He grumbled.

"No…" Marik trailed off, looking a little shaken. Boy was he in for it when he got home; he had been in Isis's lingerie and unmentionables drawer yet again.

"Marik… I am going to give you two seconds…" Malik roared. Marik gulped.

"But Hikari I…"


"EEP!" At that, Marik ran away, trying to kick as much sand at Malik to keep him from getting him.

"MARIK!" Malik hollered, chasing the boy far, far, away. Ryou, Bakura, and Winthrop just laughed.

"Where would we be with out Marik?" Duke mused, walking up and taking a seat in the sand next to Winthrop.

"Ew, why would the idiot go in Isis's stuff, Marik told me she had crabs!" Bakura spat, wrinkling up his nose. Ryou smiled and leant over toward Bakura to kiss it, it was too cute not to.

Of course, Bakura yanked Ryou over to his chair. He wrapped his arm around the giggling teen's waist on top of him.

"My Ryou." He purred in said boy's ear. Ryou blushed… he still wasn't used to Bakura trying to seduce him in front of his friends.

"Geez, save it for the bedroom." The tall brunette CEO snapped, typing away on his laptop.

"You're just jealous cause you can't pet my bunny." Bakura remarked smugly. Seto glared. Ryou just blushed, and tried to focus his eyes on anything but the two.

"Ah, aibou stop, you're going to make me tip over the castle!" Yami chirped as his cheery light, whom was helping Mokuba, Joey, and Tristan build a sand castle on top of him, tickled him. Ryou smiled; everyone was so happy… well all except Seto, and Marik who was getting beaten with sticks, but some things never change, as Ryou prayed this day wouldn't.

He snuggled into Bakura resting his head on Bakura's tanned chest, staring up to the setting sky.

"I don't want today to end." Ryou whispered. He felt Bakura's grip on him tighten.

"Me either… as long as I don't have to see Marik in a bikini again." Bakura kissed Ryou's neck and closed his eyes.

Suddenly fire works lit up in the sky, illuminating the violet shades of it.

"Oo…Ryou, what are those?" Bakura asked, mesmerized. Ryou smiled.

"Fire works, usually they don't go off on random February days, but today's an exception I guess." The two continued to watch the spectacular show.

Yami, and Yugi were lying on the ground watching too; the castle had been long ago knocked over, when Marik had been thrown into it by his hair. He cried; he was afraid he would lose it, and his hair was his most prized possession. Duke was currently comforting him in a dark corner, where no eyes peered… not that they'd really want to after they found out what the two were up to. Mokuba, Serenidy, and Noah were getting some last minute surfing in, while Tristan and Mai had wild sex on the beach… Joey didn't notice though, he was having fun talking to Seto.

"So does anyone have any clue what happened to Tea?" Yugi asked, almost concerned.

"Oh, you didn't see the pirate ship yesterday? It was the Gay Sailor's League, and they were looking for a new crewmember. Marik gave them all hand jobs, and they took Tea for us." Tristan said nonchalantly. Everyone nodded.

"Then I can have my party!" Bakura whispered excitedly.

"What party?" Ryou mused. Bakura shook his head.

"A whole ladda nadda cutie…" He trailed off nervously. Ryou shrugged and kissed him on the cheek.

"Well, I can think of no better way to end our last night here." Mai commented.

"Me either." Ryou agreed, nuzzling his head into Bakura. Bakura turned Ryou's head around and kissed him softly on the lips.

"I'm so glad you're mine." Bakura whispered making Ryou's eyes widen cutely glazed over. Ryou turned over and hugged him.

Noah twirled a finger unconsciously in the sand. "Where should we go next vacation?"

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