Disclaimer: Hobbits are not mine, but belong to JRR Tolkien.

Characters: Mainly Pippin, his parents Paladin and Eglantine Took, his close friend Merry, and his married sisters, Pimpernel, Pervinca. Introducing Miss Lilas Broadhammer, her father Silas, mother Lilly, brother Sabo, and younger sister, Saborra, Lots of other hobbits, too.

This story, though my own invention, could not have been made possible without the assistance, support, and encouragement from two very special friends of mine: Pearl Took and Mysterious Ways. So, I name them my Co-Authors. MarigoldCotton helped me with the rating, and even advised on a point or two. I am ever so grateful for these ladies. The idea sprang to mind while reading one of Pervinca's (Bra_chan90) stories (Just to Be With You--great story!), so she deserves credit as well.

A/U Warning: This is a departure from *my own* normal "universe". I firmly believe that Pippin was able to restrain himself until he was married, but I felt so strong about this subject that I created this AU story. The main plot has nothing to do with my regular storylines; only hints of where Pippin's sisters are at in their lives perhaps do, but that is all. This is not a humorous, suspense thriller, or romance story (my personal favorites). This is a drama, though it may contain lighter moments, but with sincere respect to the matter being addressed. Pippin is being depicted as an underaged (29/30) year old father, Lilas is also 29 in this story. If you *do not* like the idea of Pippin being a young father, then I would suggest you do not read any further.

Where Roses Grow

Pippin sat on the grassy knoll watching the birds twitter in the nearby shrubs. He felt a twinge in his heart as he watched them chase each other from bush to bush. When birds mated, he thought to himself, they were partners for life until one of them died. Here, on this very hillock, lay one who was a part of his life for a brief time and another he knew who would remain in his heart forever. No one could ever take her away. Pippin stared at the wild roses that he had planted there in her memory. They were a symbol of his love for her.

Chapter One - A Chance Encounter

It was the evening of the last battle ever held in the Shire: the Battle of Bywater. Nineteen hobbits perished in the battle along with numerous ruffians. After the hobbits had buried their neighbors and friends, they gathered at the Green Dragon to pay tribute to them. Some mourned the loss of their brothers and sons; others recalled the happier times in which they shared.

Frodo, Merry, Sam, Pippin, Mr. Cotton, and the Gaffer all sat at one table talking and recounting the events of the past few days. At last, Mr. Cotton raised his mug in salute; "To Tim Brown!" The rest of the hobbits responded with resounding cheers. Old Tom Cotton had started it, while various other regulars stood up and in turn shouted out the name of a stout lad who died that day. Eighteen names later, the last hobbit stood and raised his mug up to acknowledge the final Shire-warrior: "Robin Smallburrow!"

Only after they saluted in return did the three other Travelers notice the shocked expression on the fourth. Sam had tears in his eyes. Frodo was the first to recover his wits and put his arm around his friend, "Sam--I'm so sorry." Likewise, all around the table his companions offered their condolences.

As the room droned again with the murmurs of multiple conversations, Pippin felt a need to use the privy and excused himself from the table. Having made his way outdoors, he swaggered to the back of the tavern and found the little shed that served the inn patrons. He learned early in life to never open the door without knocking first. "Hullo! Anyone in there?" he asked while pounding on the door, then caught himself on the side of the shed as he lost a bit of his balance. He knew then that he probably had too much beer tonight. He heard a muffled growl from inside the shed; that was usually a good indicator it was occupied. Looking around and seeing no one was in the vicinity, he headed out towards the thick line of shrubs and trees behind the inn. Finding a secluded area within a clump of bushes he relieved himself.

When Pippin emerged from the line of trees, he saw out of the corner of his eye a group of lasses breaking through the same trees from the other end, though he kept on walking back towards the pub. He heard them giggling and determined it was his height again. He had already been pointed at and called a 'giant' by a few children. He staggered onwards.

"Wait! Aren't ye the fella who went t' the wars with the Big Folk?"

How could they miss the sable and silver tunic?, he thought. He stopped to address the ladies; after all, his parents did raise him to be a gentle-hobbit. "Good evening, ladies!" Pippin bowed low and almost toppled over in his inebriated state. He heard the lasses giggling again. "Peregrin Took, at your service," he said.

"And we at yours," stated the auburn haired lass, and curtsied in kind. He found himself staring at her long, curly tresses shining in the moonlight, and her full lips. She was quite the bonny lass, but Pippin also knew she was the daughter of the Hobbiton cooper. His father would have a fit if he knew his son allowed himself to fall in love with a common laborer's daughter. Pippin smiled at her then turned to continue his trek back to his friends inside the pub.

"Wait!" She called out to him again. Giving a signal to her friends, they quietly left for the inn. "I mean," she slowly traipsed up to him. "Wouldn't ye like t' walk with me for a spell?" she asked with a coy smile.

Pippin puzzled at her offer, "Walk with you where?" The lass was so close to him that he could smell the fragrance in her hair. "What is your name, lass?"

"My name?" She took his hand and began walking, "Ye don't remember my name?" He shook his head. "My name is Lilas. Once, a long time ago in the Market, I dropped my sack and ye helped me pick up my things." He still could not recall the situation. "Ah, well," she said, "'tis a long time ago; we were young teens then. Don't s'pose ye'd remember that." She continued to hold his hand, guiding him into the shadows of the trees. In the cover of darkness, she drew him close.

Pippin was not as sure as to what all was happening, but it seemed to him that Lilas was sending him clear signals, though he only knew these overtures in theory as he had never actually been with a lass before. It was the beer inside him that set free any inhibitions that he carried with him at this moment. As she drew him close to her, he leaned down and kissed her. His hands glided freely up her silky arms, over her shoulders, then down her back. His hands rested on her bum, then pressed her against himself, giving rise to a potential situation. They continued to kiss a long while until she pulled away, but only long enough to unlace her bodice. Pippin was trembling as she then began to unfasten his breeches. Lights were exploding in his mind as his body melded together with hers in passionate love.

~ ~

It had been a long day for the hobbits; the Green Dragon was closing early for business. Merry, among a few other lads, was making his way towards the line of trees that would serve as the alternate privy while the lasses formed a queue at the shed. It had been a while since Pippin had gone on his little excursion. Where was he?

Merry was finished with his business and refastening his breeches when he caught sight of his friend lying on his sideā€¦snoring. Merry did a quick glance about him to ensure he was the only person seeing this. Pippin lay on his side with his breeches down around his knees. Merry was at his side in a wink, tapping Pippin's face on either side. "Pip! Wake up!" he whispered as loud as he dared. When Merry got no response, he nudged him harder. "Pip!"

"Hmmmm," Pippin groaned.

Merry began leaning on his friend and patting his cheeks again. "Peregrin Took!" At hearing his full name, Pippin's eyes snapped open. Merry wasted no time in rousing his cousin fully awake. "Peregrin Took, what have you been up to?" Pippin slowly sat up, looking around through squinted eyes. Merry helped his cousin to his feet, "Look at you! You're drunk--and what happened to your breeches?" He then pulled up the wayward breeches while Pippin buttoned them up.

Pippin was still intoxicated and confused. "Where--?" Then he promptly bent over and vomited on the ground.

"You went out to pee and never came back. Now I see why," Merry chided him. "What in Middle-earth was taking place out here?" He saw he was getting nowhere with Pippin. He decided it would be better to take him back to the Cottons first, nurse his illness, then deal with whatever happened out here in the trees. "Come on, let's get you to bed."