Six Degrees of Kenshin (Rejected Filler Episode Idea #119)

a spamfic by Dot



KENSHIN (laundring happily): Mashiro, mashiro de gozaru! (holds up

a SPARKLING WHITE PIECE OF CLOTH) All nice and clean de gozaru!

(A SHINAI flies into KENSHIN'S head)

KAORU (weilding another SHINAI angrily): You idiot! That used to be


KENSHIN (eyes in spirals): Ororororoooo...

(GATE leading to KAMIYA DOJO explodes into a shower of splinters)

KENSHIN (eyes narrowing): Who's there?

(as the dust settles, NINE FIGURES can be seen)

HEAD FIGURE: Battousai! For killing my father's best friend's

cousin's neice's brother-in-law's next-door-neighbor, you shall


KENSHIN (blinks): And who would that be?

HEAD FIGURE (furious): WHAT?!? You dare tell me that you don't

know the great-- (calmly) I have no idea.

(collective FACEFAULT)


This spamfic came from the observation that, especially in the

anime, everybody and his brother (or sister :) seems to have

some grudge against Kenshin.

The title is mangled from a book called "Six Degrees of Separation",

about how everyone in the world is connected by no more than six

acquaintences. (A very true statement, especially nowadays with

the Internet.)

Gah. I should _really_ get back to writing some _real_ fanfics...^^;