Depression and Self-Loathing in Tokyo-3

a Spamfic by Dot


Shinji walked. Or, rather, trudged, with his head down, his hands

in his pockets, and Beethoven's 6th Symphony blasting into his ears via his


He was, as usual, depressed. He wasn't sure what it was about this

time. His father was actually sort of civil to him today, as was Asuka, and

his synch ratio even rose a little bit. Rei was...well, Rei, but she always

was, and Touji and Kensuke were their usual moronic selves too. Misato was

actually sober when he and Asuka got home from school, which was a first, and

she even tried to play mother to them.

That must have been it, Shinji decided. Seeing Misato doting over

him reminded him of his lost mother, and that made him feel down.

"Stop it."

"You stop it."

The childish, whining voices of two men startled Shinji out of his

thoughts. Finally looking up for the first time since he left the apartment

he shared with Misato and Asuka, Shinji let out a gasp when he saw two suited

figures hanging from one of the trees in the park he was currenly moping


He ran up to the two. "What are you doing?"

"What's it look like we're doing?" The one with the lighter brown

hair rasped snidely.

"We're hanging ourselves," the other one, with dark curly hair,

added in much the same tone.

"W-why?" Shinji stuttered, bewildered.

The first man pouted. "Everybody hates us."

The second man followed suit. "Even me."

"That's not true!" Shinji exclaimed.

"Is too," the first man countered. "Everybody hates _you_, too."

"Everybody hates _everybody_," the second man added. "Why don't you join us?"

"Uh..." Shinji backed away slowly. "No thanks."

"See?" The first man pouted again. "You hate me!"

"Yeah!" The second man agreed. "So bug off!"

This time, Shinji ran.


Muhahaha...I just couldn't help myself. Give yourself a pat on the back if

you caught the reference of this fic, and if your hand is long enough. :)