The EVAtrix

a Spamfic by Dot


Misato raised an eyebrow as the statistics for Shinji's synch test

scrolled across the screen.

"This is the highest it's been, and still rising," she observed,

impressed. "Wonder what cheered him up..."

"Shinji, quit mumbling!" Asuka complained over the com link. "You're

distracting me! What in the world are you muttering over there, anyway?"

Rei's brow wrinkled slightly as she concentrated on Shinji's newest

mantra. "I believe he is saying...'there is no spoon'."

Everyone on the bridge, including Gendou, facefaulted.

"I see he found NERV's video library..." Gendou managed to get out

after he had sufficiently recovered.


Don't ask. ^^;


(And then Mark Ferrer wrote the following counterfic:)

Tank sat back, watching the endless green columns scroll down the

three monitors. He was all alone due to a full sortie into the Matrix.

His ears perked at a quiet whispering coming from the connected crew.

He left his station listened for the source of it. Surprisingly, it

was coming from Neo.

"I mustn't run away, I mustn't run away, I mustn't run away..."