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It was now the morning following Vash the Stampede's appointment to the new job of personal bodyguard and ace gunman for Annie Branch, the local saloon barmaid in the small town of Orborio. Of course Annie had forbidden Vash to tell anyone who he was, for fear that bounty hunters would come and take her bodyguard away for the sixty-billion double-dollar reward that sat so heavily on Vash's blonde head.

Not that anyone would have believe the skirt-chasing, donut-munching, song-singing, easily-frightened weirdo who now followed Annie around like a stray dog was, in fact, the legendary murderer and gun specialist. Even though the weirdo had proved he had some skills the day before when he defeated the bandit called Keith Kennedy when he tried to kidnap Annie and rob the saloon.

While Vash was busy following his new boss around with a happy (yet slightly perverted) grin on his face, the Insurance Girls known as Meryl Strife and Milly Thompson were on their way out of town, just down in the lobby of their hotel checking out of their rooms. It was obvious that, with the exception of the blonde impersonator, there was no sign of Vash in Orborio.

"Checking out madam?" The clerk, a tall and thin man with black hair and a smug look about him that made him appear superior to those below him, asked in an aristocratic voice.

"Yes we are." Meryl sighed rather irritably. She wasn't normally this grouch (though being moody was a common trend with her) but they had spent months looking for Vash with no luck whatsoever. That, and their reunion with the blonde weirdo that annoyed her so much, had put her in a super-bad mood.

"Hey! Johnny!"

"Howdy there Bob."

Two new voices broke the silence, and Milly, who was also interested in things like this, turned around and cast her eyes to a pair of people. One of them was a fat, gray haired man in worn out clothes who was called 'Bob' and was one of the town drunks, while the other, Johnny Bosch, was the town rumor monger. A regular fountain of information, most of which was used for blackmail purposes.

"What's new Johnny?" Bob asked as he took a swig from a whiskey bottle that decorated his hand.

"Vash the Stampede." Johnny smirked at once, which sent a brief quiet spasm through the entire room as many heads (Meryl's included) turned around to stare at the smug John.

"What about him?" Bob asked, now so interested that he put the whiskey down (which was rare for him). "Did someone catch him?"

"Naw." Johnny waved his hand before his face. "But I heard from my cousin that he's on his way to Orborio. So I'd get your guns ready, or get to packing, 'cause you know what they say, 'When Vash comes to town there's Hell to Pay.'"

There was a mute silence in the room, which was broken only by muttering and whispering from the various bounty hunters in the corner who were all incredibly happy by this news, and from the large grin on Meryl's face.

So Vash was coming here.

Maybe they'd stay for a couple more days after all.


Act II: Thirsty Hitch Hikers


Back at the small Saloon in the center of Orborio town, the old owner, a happy-go-lucky old hippie called Willie, was sitting on a stool behind the bar, his aged eyes looking around at the room. It was still early, and it was still before Annie's shift, which together meant business was slow. But no matter, soon the lovely Annie Branch would be back in the bar pouring whiskey, and his business would be through the roof.

"Hello everyone."

Every head in the bar turned around, including old Willie, as Annie's sweet voice called inside. Her voice was like honey, honey that was sweet and yellow, just like her golden cascades of hair that framed her creamy-white skin with the strawberry blush in her cheeks.

"Hullo Miss. Annie." The entire bar echoed happily as their eyes fixed on the blonde barmaid and nothing else. Old Willie gave a happy smile and stood up.

"Annie, I'm going out for a smoke. You man the fort till I get back, y'hear?"

Annie gave a sweet smile and bowed down low (which made many of the men nearby quickly stand up for a view down her shirt. It was a disgusting idea that every man in there was a pervert, but it was true) and she spoke in her same honey-sweet voice: "Sure Mr. Nelson, you take your time."

As old Willie left the bar with a happy smile to go have a smoke, Annie beamed a wide, honey-sweet smile around the saloon, and then walked back behind the bar. Vash quickly hurried around to the front of the bar and took a seat right in front of Annie.

"So Miss. Annie." Vash piped up in his best macho-voice. "Do you have a boyfriend?"

Annie blinked once and then shook her head, giving a small girly giggle that made Vash's heart melt. "No I don't."

"Great!" Vash laughed as he clapped his hands together. "Do you want one?"

Annie frowned a bit. "Oh that's so sweet of you to offer honey, but I just met you."

Vash frowned and sweatdropped. "Okay. So I don't have to be your boyfriend. Hey, I could be your husband instead!"

"Sorry." Annie bit her lip and put on a pout face that Vash blush a deep crimson as his mind filled to the brim with things he really shouldn't be thinking about at the present moment. Of course mostly every man in the bar was thinking of the same thing.

"No, that's okay. We don't have to get romantically involved. After all, we just met." Vash said in an all-too-pleasant voice. "How about tomorrow? We'll know each other by then."

Annie then did something that surprised Vash. "We'll see." She said, flashing him a sly smile that made his heart, which had already melted, form back together and melt a second time.

"Really? Alright!"

Vash then broke off into a loud, rather annoying laugh as he sat at the bar, and the outlaws who sat on the cold barstools on either side of him shot him glances of venom. Partially because he was irritating them, and partially because they were jealous of Annie's attention to this weirdo.

The sound of the saloon door opening was heard, and standing at the doorway was Meryl and Milly. Milly had her same dreamy look about her that made it look like her mind was in a far away place, while Meryl had a rather determined smile on her face.

"Hey! Insurance Girls!" Vash blinked and waved them.

"Hullo Mr. Vash!" Milly waved back in an even dreamier voice than her face would have made you think.

Meryl acted as if Vash were invisible and crossed over to the bar, shifting all her weight to one leg and crossing her arms over her chest. "Hey, Annie, isn't it?"

"Why yes." Annie called back in her same honey-sweet voice. "Can I help you?"

"You can try." Meryl replied, obviously annoyed to be standing this close to a pack of perverted idiots who swooned over the barmaid, and especially annoyed that one of them was the weirdo in red. "Milly and I want to get jobs here."

"Hey that's great." Vash interrupted. "If you're going to be barmaids it leaves more time for Miss. Annie and me to spend alone."

"Shut up you." Meryl growled and glared at him quickly before turning her eyes back to Annie. "We need jobs just for a few days, there's talk that Vash the Stampede is coming this way, and as official representatives from the Bernadelli Insurance Society, we have to keep an eye on him. So I figured we'd take an undercover approach."

"Oh dear." Annie laughed in a false-loving voice that made the boys swoon but made Meryl feel sick to her stomach. "Vash is already here. This is him." She pointed towards the weirdo in red.

Meryl seemed unphased by this and continued to ignore Vash almost as if he was a germ she was trying not to get. "Can we just get jobs, please?"

Annie gave a shrug and looked towards Vash, who nodded his head and winked one of his eyes. When Annie turned back to Meryl she smiled a huge grin that made Meryl want to vomit, but luckily the short woman kept it in.

"Well of course you can have jobs." Annie said happily.

"Thank you." Meryl muttered rather upset. "Can we start today?"

"You can start right now." Annie laughed once again in her falsely-high voice. "Just get in the kitchen and start washing dishes."

Meryl's right eye twitched, as it often did when she was annoyed. Obviously being ordered to wash dishes by this 'blonde bimbo' (as she had dubbed Annie in her mind) was not the job she'd had in mind, but there was nothing she could do about it now, so instead of complaining she only sighed and headed to the kitchen.

"Bye Mr. Vash." Milly waved as she followed Meryl.

"Bye Insurance Girls!" Vash waved back.


-Spiegel Valley-

Not far from Orborio town is a small, sandy stretch of land called Spiegel Valley. It is, as everyone on the planet is, part of the vast desert, and it is, as its name suggest, a valley.

Spiegel Valley was the fastest trade route between Inepril City and Orborio Town, which made it a common route of travel for anyone who happened to be going either way. It was also a common place for thieves and bandits to hide out. Because Spiegel Valley supports high, orange rock walls that raise into the air on both sides of the small brown path, making it easy to attack passersby.

Currently a large armored car was jetting down the road, hurrying as if being chased by some horrible beast lurking beneath the sands. They only went so fast because their car only supported six people; a driver, a guard in the front seat, and four guards in the back.

And it was rumored that the K's were out here.

The Big Bad K's as they were called. An infamous band of bandits in these parts. They weren't so dangerous that they were world famous, yet, but they certainly had the potential. Their leader, 'The Groom', had already worked a hefty one million double-dollar bounty for himself, which had given him quite a bit of fame.

Of course he was no Vash the Stampede.

As the armored car continued to roll on, a silhouetted figure appeared in the road before them. First as a blurry shadow in the afternoon heat, but as they drew closer they could see that it was a man. And a man they had hoped not to meet.

He was tall and lanky, with short black hair that was trimmed and spiked up into tiny spikes. He wore on his body a tuxedo, like a man getting married, except this tuxedo was decorated with bullet holes and old bloodstains. The man wore a pair of dark sunglasses and he held a casual smile on his lips and a large black gun in each of his hands.

The guard in the passenger seat went for his gun, and the driver gave a hard turn on the wheel, trying to turn them around, but the man in the tuxedo, 'The Groom', raised both his arms and opened fire. The windows of the armored car smashed open and both the guard and the driver were killed as a barrage of bullets sailed through their bodies.

"Move out." He commanded with a casual laugh.

He was Kenny Kennedy, the 'Groom'.

A second later more shadows of people had appeared and began running towards the armored car, which had spun out of control and smashed head first into one of the high orange rock walls. Running towards it now were three more people, two women and a man.

The first one to reach the car was a woman who wore a red leather jumpsuit. From her neckline to her breasts, the suit was a blazing light red, from there it went down to her waist as a faded brick red, and from her waist down and on her sleeves it was a deep crimson so dark it was almost black. In her hand was a large revolver. Beneath the barrel of the gun were two smaller barrels, each one facing a different direction than the main one.

The back door of the car shot open and two of the guards inside jumped out with their pistols at the ready. The woman in red merely shrugged and pressed a small switch on the butt of her pistol and when she squeezed the trigger two small bullets shot from either of the smaller barrels and killed both of the men before they could get a shot off.

She was Katie Kennedy, the 'Triple Threat'.

A second figure showed up now. It was the second woman of the group, who was the younger sister of Katie Kennedy. She was dressed, to put in plain and simple, in a dominatrix outfit. Like the kind used for sexual bondage.

In her hand was a long black whip, which she threw into the car amongst the bullets that flew out. It wrapped around something and someone gave a cry as she tugged the whip and pulled one of the guards out by his neck. The whip was still firmly wrapped around his throat, and the woman in black pressed a small button on the end of the whip. A second later the man screamed as electricity passed through the whip and he fell to the ground, his insides burnt.

She was Kelly Kerry, the 'Desert Dominatrix'.

The final guard screamed and ran out from the back, he had dropped his gun in the same mad panic that had caused the large wet stain on the front of his pants, and he ran down the desert path, trying his best to escape from the two crazed women or the even crazier Kenny behind them.

As the guard ran he spotted the fourth bandit standing before him. He was short and skinny with large round glasses and a bald head that shined in the sunlight. Around his arms and legs were the oddest gloves and boots the guard had ever seen. Both the gloves and the boots were deep silver and appeared mechanical. Running through them were large clear tubes, with a green liquid flowing inside.

The short, skinny man reached down towards his belt buckle, which was also silver and supported four tiny switches: two on the top, two on the bottom, and a fifth that was a round dial in the center. His hand went towards the four switches, but before he could press them a gunshot ran out and the guard fell down dead.

Many heads turned and glared in the distance, but soon those glares turned into happy smiles as the brown bandit called Keith appeared on the distance. The Groom waved and ran over, like a child who had just spotted their best friend.

"Baby Brother!" Kenny yelled as he reached Keith and gave him a huge hug. When they broke apart Kenny smiled warmly at Keith for a second, and then threw a fierce punch into his brother's gut which sent his sprawling to the ground. Instead of complaining, both brothers seemed to be laughing.

"It's been a while Ken." Keith laughed as he pushed himself back up onto his feet.

"Sure has. HEY! KATIE! IT'S KEITH!" He yelled over his shoulder towards the woman in red, who was, with the other two, already running over. They all arrived and stood at Kenny's side, except for Kelly, who ran over next to Keith.

"I missed you." She whispered.

"Kelly." Keith spoke in a rather annoyed tone. "You're sister is married to my brother. You gotta stop this kinky fantasy about me."

Kelly pouted and walked back over to stand behind Kenny, who was merely laughing his head off. Katie and the bald brother waved towards Keith, who nodded his head back.

"So what brings you back Keith?" Kenny asked casually, as if they had just finished a supper, instead of having just murdered six innocent people. "You and Annie break up?"

"Naw." Keith shrugged. "Actually we got a pretty good racket going. She gets a job at a bar for a few days, gets the town's respect, then I kidnap her and all the cash. No one follows because they love her too much and they're afraid I'll kill her."

Kenny seemed bored. "Where's the fun if no one shoots at you?"

Keith shook his head from side to side and laughed. "You want fun, bro? Yesterday this little prick beat me good. Disarmed me with a kick and made me look like a freaking moron."

All of the bandits in the circle seemed disappointed, and Kenny's casual smile had melted away and been replaced by a look of deep disappointment. He walked forward and looked into his brother's coco brown eyes with his own eerie green ones, as if trying to see if this was true.

"Is this a joke?"

Keith only grinned. "Nope. But I have an excuse. It was Vash the Stampede who beat me."

Like dropping a stone in a pond, all of the bandits gave an enchanted awe as the name was dropped. Kenny no longer looked at his brother with disrespect, but now he seemed to hold him in higher regard.

"I'll spare you the details." Keith said with a smug smile. "But if you come with me, then that sixty billion is ours."


-Orborio Town-

Meryl and Milly were still in the kitchen, white aprons plastered over their regular clothing. Meryl was at the stove, boiling a large pan of water. Milly was near the over, his dreamy face pushed close to the glass that glowed red.

"There's almost done." Milly smiled. "Mmm, can you smell them Meryl?"

Meryl nodded, her regular bad mood temporarily forgotten as the smell of the cooking donuts filled the kitchen. Old Willie, the owner of the saloon, loved donuts so he always had them baked fresh for him. Milly was no chef, but she had done her best job.

As Meryl watched the clear water begin to bubble, first from the bottom, and then slowly at the top of the water, she felt satisfied. No, Vash had not shown up yet, but nothing bad had happened either. They weren't hostages or caught in a gunfight or any of the things that seemed to normally happen to them.

"Done!" Milly beamed dreamily as she pulled a large trey of donuts out of the over and walked across the kitchen, setting it down on the window ceil. Milly took in a deep smell of her creations and she then peeled off the over mitts and walked over to a large bowl of batter, to mix up some more.

"They smell good Mil'." Meryl nodded from where she stood watching the water boil. Her eyes (and nose) directed her towards the smell of the donuts, and for a minute she thought about snagging one of them off the plate, which was proof of just how good a mood she was in if she was willing to do that.

But as her eyes fell on the plate they instantly became wider. The plate was completely barren, no donuts in sight. Her dark eyes flashed from the empty tray to the open window and it took her the better part of four seconds to realize what had happened. Her right eye began to twitch, as it did when she became annoyed, and she grabbed the handle of the pan of boiling water.

"Oh no!" Milly suddenly cried. "The donuts are gone Meryl! A bird must have eaten them . . ."

Meryl gave a snort as she walked over to the open window, the large pot of boiling water in her hand. "A bird or maybe a rat."

Meryl stuck the large pan of water out the window and then, in one swift motion, turned it upside down and dumped the contents out below. A second later there was a scream and Vash jumped up, hands full of donuts and hair full of boiling water.


Vash jumped around like a dog who had just burnt its nose on the fireplace waved his arms wildly around. Meryl gave a bit of a satisfied smile and slammed the window shut, ignoring the burning man completely.

"I hate that guy." She muttered as she went to refill the pan.


By the time Vash's head had stopped burning from the boiling water that had been splashed on him rudely by the insurance girls; he had found his way to the alleyway behind the bar. It was a pleasant little alley, not the dark and disturbing kind, but a sunny kind, with a large horse troth.

"Hello Vash."

Vash instantly spun his still-wet head around and spotted Annie, who was walking towards him with a strange smile on her face.

"Miss. Annie!" Vash instantly went red and got a goofy smile on his face as he ran over to her. "How are you?"

Annie walked over to Vash and smiled gently at him before she reached and hand out and ran it over his cheek softly. She wasn't saying anything, which was odd to Vash, but he was really too heart-struck to care.

A second later there was a sound and both Annie and Vash turned around to see a short, bald man in a heavy gray coat appear at the end of the alley. Sweat was cascading off his hairless head, and behind his large round glasses his small, beady eyes were narrowed in pleasure.

"Excuse me, do you have anything to drink? I'm very thirsty."

Vash didn't look happy to be disturbed, since this was the first time he'd been alone with Miss. Annie since they'd met, but of course, Vash was the kind of person to help everyone. It was part of his personality, so he only shook his head.

"No, sorry. But there's a saloon over there."

Vash pointed at the saloon to the right, but the bald man didn't even pretend to change his eye's course from Vash. The bald man stripped off his large gray coat to reveal he wore a simple shirt and pants, with large, strange silver gloves and boots.

"Foolish Vash the Stampede." The bald man laughed. "Now you shall face Kevin Kennedy, the Hulk Suit!"

Kevin reached down towards his belt buckle, which was also silver and supported four tiny switches: two on the top, two on the bottom, and a fifth that was a round dial in the center. His hand went towards the four switches and he flipped them all. A second later the green liquid that was sitting inside his silver gloves began to light up and turn yellow.

"You're a bounty hunter, huh?" Vash pouted as his day with Annie was ruined by the all-too-common reward seeker. Of course he had no idea that this bounty hunter was an outlaw himself and was working for Annie.

"Foolish Vash the Stampede, you shall soon taste my furious fist of steel!" Kevin shouted with a maniac laugh following.

"Yeah, yeah." Vash shook his head. "Jeez, why is everyone always so melodramatic?"

Instead of answering his question, Kevin just smiled a smug smirk onto his lips and suddenly his large boots made of metal began to glow at the very bottom. Vash blinked, but before he could see what was happening, the small man was launched forward, running faster than Vash had ever seen someone run before. Kevin extended a fist, which also began to glow with a yellow light, and smashed into the side of Vash's face, sending the Humanoid Typhoon flying backward and landing in the sand.

When Vash next sat up he was holding his jaw and moving it slowly from side to side in the palm of his hand. "Hey not bad." He said looking up at Kevin. "You're pretty fast."

Kevin smirked and squeezed his hands into fist. As soon as he did the metal gloves began to change, and three long spikes shot out from just above the knuckles on each of them. Then without a pause, Kevin shot forward again, ready to drive his claws into Vash's head.

Vash suddenly became very serious and kicked one of his feet up in the air as fast as lightning. A small knife shot from the tip of his shoe and connected with the three large claws. Vash, who was still sitting on the ground, was holding back the clawed hand with his foot, the tiny knife from the shoe stuck between two of the large blades.

"Ho-oh! Very good Vash!" Kevin growled. He smirked and threw a punch with his left arm (since the right one was still trapped by Vash's shoe), but the Humanoid Typhoon used his hands this time. His fingers grabbed onto the right and left spikes and held the glove back. There was a struggle as Kevin pushed with all his might to smash the long claw into Vash's face, but Vash shot his arms out, snapping off the two large blades and he simply twisted his head to the side faster than the wing of a humming bird to avoid the one remaining spike.

"What the – impossible!" Kevin breathed as he saw Vash dodge the blade from such a close distance.

Vash hadn't wasted the moment of his enemies surprised; he twisted the two blades around in his hands until he held them like knives, and quickly jammed them into the side of the glove. They punctured the clear veins that were flooded with glowing yellow liquid and suddenly the arm began to shake and vibrate violently.

"No! Damn!"

Kevin jumped backward and quickly released his right arm from its struggle with Vash's foot as he fled from the Stampede a few feet. He then used the right arm to press a small switch, which caused the liquid (which was spurting out from the cut veins) to turn green once more and stop glowing. Kevin then breathed in and out with long breathes for a minute, before he pressed the button again and the glove gave a small "swish" and fell off his arm.

"Excellent Vash the Stampede." Kevin growled between his short panting. "But this game isn't over yet."

Kevin took a fighting stance; he moved his gloved hand out in front of his face and aimed the blades, while moving his bare left arm down to the belt buckle once more. He turned the switch and the liquid, which was once glowing yellow, now began to boil and glow red inside the clear veins of the glove, as did the liquid in the veins of his boots.

Vash stood with a deadly serious look on his face and he held the two claws he'd snapped off of the glove in his hands. Kevin screamed and shot forward once again, running faster than any human possibly could on their own, but Vash was still quicker. He jumped upward, landed on Kevin's head, which he used to kick off into the air. As Kevin's head was pushed downward by Vash's feet, the Stampede turned around in mid air and threw the twin claws.

The long spikes pierced the air like meteors and howled with a horrible screech as they went sailing. They slashed into the boots and cut twin clear veins on either side of the metal shoes, causing the glowing red liquid to shoot out like water from a fountain. Kevin screamed as he lost control of his super fast running and tripped on a rock. He fell face first into the horse troth, and was knocked out instantly.

"Well." Vash smiled as he looked up from where he stood on the sandy ground, his serious face dissolving away into a playful one. "You did say you were thirsty."

Annie flashed a quiet, weak smile.


Later That Night . . .

Annie Branch was back in her hotel room, sitting on the edge of her bed with an upset look on her face. She couldn't believe that Keith had been satisfied sending Kevin alone. She didn't know Kenny or Kevin, Keith's brothers, very well, but she did know that Kevin was the weakest of all the Big Bad K's.

With a sigh Annie stood and began to walk towards her closet. She was going to place a radio call to Keith and complain about their stupidity, when she heard a small tapping on her window and turned to see Keith himself standing on the window ceil.

She gasped out in surprise and ran over, throwing open the window and welcoming him in with open arms and a quick kiss. His coco colored beard tickled her face, as did his equally brown mustache, but she didn't mind. When they broke apart, however, she slapped him.

"You sent Kevin?"

Keith laughed his deep laugh, which was a series of grunts and snickers. "Don't worry Annie my love. That was just to see if he was really Vash. Our real plan to kill him doesn't start until tomorrow morning."

Annie couldn't help but flash a grim and evil looking smile as she leaned in to kiss Keith once again, but before their lips could meet there was a knocking on the door and both of them looked up as Vash's voice floated through the wood.

"Miss. Annie! I just came to check on you before bed."

Annie gave a quiet curse and then, before Keith could even begin to react, she grabbed him and pushed him underneath the bed in one fluid motion that surprised her boyfriend.

"Be quiet!" She hissed and then she stood and walked over towards the door, cracking it open ever so lightly and staring out to see Vash standing there like a patient little puppy waiting for it's master who was in their room alone.

"Hello Vash." She sighed.

"Hello Miss. Annie!" Vash yelped all too happily.

"Vash, now isn't a good time, I'm going to go take a shower in a few minutes. Can we talk when I get back?"

There was a red twinge of guilt in Vash's normally pale cheeks and he nodded his head, almost as if his mind was now someplace else. Annie gave a small huff and then shut the door on his nose. The second it was shut, Vash turned and took off down the halls towards the hotel's shower. (The rooms didn't have individual showers, so instead there was one large bathroom for girls and one for men in the basement.)

Annie turned back around and shook her head at Keith, who had managed to crawl out from under the bed.

"The sooner we kill him the better." Annie growled.


Vash was now casually – all too casually – walking down the hallway that stood outside the doors to both the men and women's shower rooms. He remembered vaguely that the last time he'd done something like this was when he had worked for Mr. Cliff and had been after Miss. Maryanne, a beautiful undercover cop who had caught his eye. Instead of Maryanne he'd found Milly.

Perhaps it was a sign that what he was doing was wrong.

Vash shrugged.

Then the sound of footsteps caught his ears and he quickly dived down behind a large crate, hiding behind it. The footsteps (which he could only guess were Annie's) drew closer, and finally opened the large door and walked inside. Vash couldn't help but grin as he stood and slipped inside the door after Annie.

He looked around, but couldn't find Annie anywhere. The room was empty, but then the sound of running water drifted to his ears. He looked around a row of tall, brown stalls and finally he spotted a pair of feet beneath one of them. He could see the shower head spraying down above the stall, which proved that Annie was there.

Do I dare do this, knowing full well it is wrong and will probably get me slapped or fired?

Vash paused and thought about this.

I dare.

Vash ran as fast as he could towards the stall with the feet beneath it and dropped his gloved hands down on the doorknob. Taking one last deep breath he quickly opened the door and peered inside, where he had expected to find Annie.

It was, however, not Annie who stood inside.


Meryl was madder than Vash had ever seen her (and also more naked than he'd ever seen her) as she grabbed the gray cloak she usually wore over her clothes and wrapped it around herself with a growl. Vash sighed and pouted.

"Err, hi Insurance Girl."


Meryl reached one of her hands under the gray cloak she was now using as a towel and grabbed one of the small Derringer Pistols that she kept hidden under there. She didn't try to shoot him (though she thought about it), but she did throw the pistol at Vash and watched in satisfaction as it smashed into his nose, knocked him backwards, and caused a great trickle of red blood to fall down.

"You know, you're real bitchy. I wasn't even looking for you." Vash complained as he held his bleeding nose.

Meryl didn't seem to take this as comfort. "You're still looking you pervert!"

Vash shrugged. "You're still a woman."

Meryl growled so fiercely that Vash realized she may actually shot the next gun, so he waved, bid her goodbye, and ran from out of the shower.


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