Ship: Lily x James, Sirius x OC and Remus x OC

Summary: Telling James Potter off had always been easy. They had always hated each other. Then why was he looking at her in that way? And why couldn't she turn him down just this once. It was supposed to be simple, but a detention and a spell changed everything for Lily and James.

A/N: THIS STORY IGNORES EVERYTHING WE KNOW ABOUT LILY AND JAMES PRE-OOTP. So several years ago I started this because I was bored. I wrote the first five chapters in like one hour and it was so much fun that I kept going. It's always held a very special place in my heart so when I found some of the old files on my hard drive, I figured what the hell I need to have some fun. I was young when I wrote this so it's not meant to be taken too seriously, but I finished it and hopefully a little bit cleaned up. Most of it's staying the same.

Chapter 1: How it Began

Once upon a time, James Potter met Lily Evans and it definitely wasn't love at first sight. In fact they spent the next six years trying to kill each other and anyone stupid enough to get caught in the cross fire. You don't believe me? Well, let me show you how it all started…



"Will you cut it out?!"


"You know exactly what I'm talking about!"

"James, I have no idea what you're talking about."

"Don't talk sweet with me!"

"James, I wish you would tell me what you're talking about."

"YOU! YOU!" James Potter, Hogwart's Most EligibleBachelor, Head Boy and Quidditch Captain was far too furious to speak. He kicked against the bonds that tied him to the ceiling but even for a seventeen-year-old as strong as him the bonds wouldn't budge. That was because of the girl that sat calmly reading her book in an armchair just below him.

It was Lily Evans charm master, first in her class, and current Head Girl. Even the strongest person wouldn't be able to get free once she decided to hex you.

She yawned and brushed back dark red hair that shined in the warm firelight. James was annoying her so she casually sent a muting charm his way.

"MMMMMMHPH!" James screeched.

Lily just couldn't take it anymore. She burst out laughing before her lungs broke from holding it in. Lily laughed and giggled as James got more and more angry and all Lily could do was laugh.

"MMMMMMMMPH!" James kept repeating but that was about as much he could say.

Lily fell out of the chair in a heap, dropping the book that she had been pretending to read while trying to hold in her laughter. It was just too funny. Tears leaked out of the side of her eyes because she was laughing so hard as she once again glanced up at her victim. James Potter would never get out of those bonds unless someone did the counter curse. Which Lily hoped wouldn't be very soon. She certainly wasn't planning on letting him free.

When she had woken up this morning she found six snakes that slithered about in her bed leaving a trail of sticky green liquid wherever they went. Lily couldn't do anything and the sticky liquid was all over her and her bed. Not too mention that she hated snakes.

Lily had finally stopped them with a freezing charm and accidentally injured one. Professor Kettleburn, the Care of Magical Creatures teacher, found out that it was Lily who had brought back the rare snakes and assumed that she had stolen them from his classroom and injured one.

Lily had tried to explain but the professor would simply not take her excuses. She had sworn as soon as she left the classroom with three detentions that she would hurt James Potter really bad when she found him.

And look where he was now!

"Serves him right that four-eyed git!" Lily muttered, grinning. She wiped tears from her cheeks because she had been laughing so hard.


"Oh shut up it won't do any good!" Lily yelled at him.

The messy black haired boy glared at her. His normally amused brown eyes full of mischief were now filled with hatred for the damn monster of a girl that called herself Lily.

But he kept his mouth shut even though the swears and curses and insults were all in his head and were fighting the curse with all his might. It wouldn't do any good to say them now when she couldn't hear him. He would say it later when someone came and let him down. Hopefully that would be sometime soon.

"That's much better. You know I would never let you down in a million years. So get comfortable because you're going to be up there a long time if I can help it." Cold emerald green eyes stared up at him.

She grinned maliciously, and satisfied with the silence that had now settled upon the room, she walked away.

And there James Potter was, stuck up on the ceiling. And Lily Evans was about the only person in the whole world who didn't give a crap.

Lily headed for the portrait of the Fat Lady. She opened it and stepped out into the hallway. She grinned. She was satisfied with her work. That would stop James Potter.

At least for a little while…

For almost seven years now, Lily and James had had a heated rivalry between them. It was only because when they were younger James had played one too many tricks on her and well, you know how red heads tempers go.

Well, Lily just wouldn't back down like all the other girls who went googly eyes over him. So she got revenge. And then he had pulled some more pranks on her and then she pranked him back. It just went on forever.

No one seemed to care any more except them two. They just kept at it while others shook their head and muttered how stupid and childish it was.

"He/She is the idiot childish one!" They would always yell in unison when someone mentioned this.

And so life went on.

"Hi Lily," Sirius Black said as he passed her in the hall on his way to the common room.

"Hi." Lily smiled and waved back a little over enthusiastically. That should have been the first warning: Lily Evans acting nicely and all happy about something.

"Something's up," Sirius muttered.

"You're telling me," Remus said, coming up behind him.

"She's never that happy," Sirius said.

Remus nodded in agreement wondering what was wrong with her this time when he suddenly put the clues together.

"Where's James?" Sirius asked moments before Remus was about to ask the same thing.

They shared a glance.

Lily had done something to James. And it wasn't good that was for sure. Sirius and Remus went racing for the common room to see what poor fate their friend had come to.

"Pickle Head!" Sirius said to the portrait. Slowly it swung open. Sirius and Remus raced inside.

They glanced quickly around the common room, looking over the couches and chairs, but found nothing. All they heard was a strange muffled noise coming from somewhere.

"Is James making out with a girl?" Remus asked.

Sirius shrugged. He could be.

"Lily wouldn't be happy if he was."

"You're right," Remus agreed, checking behind the couches and chairs just in case.

But James was nowhere to be found.

"Maybe you should check in the dormitories?" Someone suggested.

The two boys nodded, thinking that the suggestion was a grand idea, and hurried up stairs.

Too bad for them, because the person who made the suggestion was none other than Lily Evans.

Lily Evans watched as the two ran for the dormitory. She just leaned against the wall and smiled. She glanced upward and winked.

Then she took out her wand and sent a charm toward the boy's dormitory door that had just closed. It was a locking charm.

Poor Sirius and Remus were trapped inside of the dormitories.

"MMMMMM!" He couldn't stand her. How could she be soooooo evil and be in Griffindor, the same house as he and his friends?

"You didn't think I'd forget about them." She merely stated, before turning and walking out of the common room. Now that that was settled no one would be able to set James free unless someone intelligent came along, and she had already gotten rid of two of them.



"The door's locked."

"What are you talking about?"

"I said the door's locked. I can't open it!" Remus informed him again. James wasn't here that was for sure.

"Darnn!" Sirius swore as he fumbled with the door knob that wouldn't budge.

"We're stuck in here," Remus moaned.

"But we can't be locked in unless someone sent a charm..." He broke off and looked at Remus, reading his mind.


Lily just laughed and marched out of the common room, listening to the screams like it was music to her ears.

Peter Pettigrew was the first to arrive back at the common room. And you can imagine what kind of a sight he found.

Someone was banging on the ceiling and going "MMMMMMMM!" and fighting against ropes that held him there. He looked like a crazy mummy and Peter Pettigrew at first thought that it was just that until he saw the messy black hair.

"James?" Peter asked incredulously, but his attention was caught by the screams that were coming from his dormitory.


"That ignorant git!"


"I hate her!

"She's an evil little stupid ugly girl who is ignorant and idiotic and…"

Peter opened the dormitory door and Remus stumbled out. But Sirius didn't appear to notice.

"…malicious and sneaky…"

"Sirius you can come out now," Remus said.

"And she has a big nose, and Ill never date her, even if she is kind of pretty, but she's just awful!"



"You can come out now."

"Oh." And Sirius Black finally stepped out of the dormitory.

"Gosh, Sirius you seemed pretty busy insulting Lily. What happened?" Peter asked. He didn't realize that the door had been locked from the inside.

"Well, we came to find James because Lily was happy and smiling…"

"I don't see anything wrong with her being happy," Peter interrupted.

"When Lily's happy James is close to death. And she was really happy so he might be dead right now," Sirius continued.

"No, he always manages to survive to play more pranks on her," Remus said.

"Well, anyway she locked us in the dormitory," Sirius said.

"And we better find James." Remus said as they walked back into the common room.

"Where could he be?" Sirius wondered.




"I guess he's not here," Remus sighed.

"We'll look somewhere else," Sirius suggested.


"Peter, don't interrupt. He's obviously not here."

"Guys I'm -"

"Shut up, Peter! Now what were you saying Moony."

"Guys! James is..."

"Shut up, please, we're trying to think."


"Huh?" Sirius and Remus turned to Peter at the same moment.

"MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMPPPPPPPHHHHH HHHHHHHH!" The angry noise was coming from the ceiling. All three exchanged glances, then Sirius said.

"Let me guess, James?"

They all looked up. Sure enough there was James Potter on the ceiling.


"Lets take the muting charm off the poor guy," Remus said, trying to hold in his laughter at the sight of James.

Sirius was snickering and James was getting more and more angry, kicking at the ceiling.

"Okay." Sirius sent the charm at James and you can probably guess what the first words were out of his mouth...


And that was where they began… But don't worry, this story isn't over yet.