Chew chew chew

"Vash, are you listening to me?!"

Meryl jabbed Vash in the stomach, making him spit out his gum. Catching the wad in a handkerchief, she next moved in for the kill. "Gimme the headphones!"

"NO!" Vash jumped out of the way, dodging the insurance girl. Sticking his tongue out, the blonde plopped back down on the bed. "Mine."

"Vash," Meryl huffed, bringing her herself to full height, "give those here!"

"Sorry!" the pointy-headed gunman exclaimed, cupping his hand over his plugged up ear. "Can't hear you over the music!"

"I SAID, GIMME!" Jumping for him again, Meryl flew over the room, landing in an empty cot. Vash grinned, but it didn't last long because Meryl quickly tripped the outlaw. "AHA!" she exclaimed, removing the player from Vash's belt. Stuffing the earpieces into place, Meryl began to rock in time with the music.

"IT'S BEEN A HARD DAY'S NIGHT," she sang, grabbing up Vash and dancing with him around the room, "AND I'VE BEEN WORKING LIKE A DOG!" The two swung around the room, singing together. When the two were pooped beyond reason, Meryl blew a bubble from her green mint bubblegum.

Chew chew chew