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Author's Note: ^_^; Hey hey, another fun-filled melodramatic poem written
by a very tired Maiden of the Moon late one night when idea struck.
::nervous laugh:: You don't have to enjoy it, I just liked the idea and
wrote it out. ^_~

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Triangles- one, two, three
Points upon a line
Triangles- one, two, three
In an eternal bind

Triangles- him, her, me
Tangled lives are worn
Triangles- him, her, me
We stand here full of scorn

My existence is in triangles
My love life is a mess
Oh, to think a shape so simple
Could cause me such distress

Triangles- one, two, three
We stare each other down
Triangles- one, two, three
An' silen'tly keep our ground

Triangles- him, her, me
She narrows her cold eyes
Triangles- him, her, me
And in them hides the lies

In a slow advance she comes
Reaching out to him
She coos and sighs and then demands
He follows every whim

Triangles- one, two, three
She barks out orders, brisk
Triangles- one, two, three
He weighs how much he'll risk

Triangles- him, her, me
His golden pools decide
Triangles- him, her, me
His past, future, or pride?

"Inu-Yasha. . ."'s all I say
Choosing to turn my face
The choice is his, he knows I'll wait
Forever in this place

Triangles- one, two, three
The seconds tick on by
Triangles- one, two, three
I try hard not to cry

Triangles- him, her, me
"Kikyo, I- well- when. . ."
Triangles- him, her, me
"Kagome- - -" he tries again

The forest leaves are singing now-
A sad song of regret
Wind whispers that this day will be
Impossible to forget

Triangles- one, two, three
The numbers of my tears
Triangles- one, two, three
The seconds feel like years

Triangles- him, her, me
Her patience is now gone
Triangles- him, her, me

His answer takes too long

With an unexpected cry
-She aims it straight and true-
Her bow and glowing arrow-
"I'll make this choice for you!"

Triangles- one, two, three
Time passes oh, so slow
Triangles- one, two, three
And then I seem to know. . .

. . .

Triangles- him, her, me
He loudly cries my name
Triangles- him, her, me
Things will not be the same

Triangles- inside my heart
And isn't irony great. . .?

An arrow's tip, wedged in my soul
In a loathed triangle shape

Triangles- one, two, three
I count the falling tears
Triangles- one, two, three
And taste his salty fears

Triangles- him, her, me
He tells her: "GO TO HELL!"
Triangles- him, her, me
She sealed her fate so well. . .

My eyes are growing dim now
I feel so warm and wet
I see my world in triangles
And. . . and yet. . .

We're not a triangle, are we, now. . .?
We're just a straight, true line
Connecting one heart to another
A bond so strong- so fine

Kikyo is finally gone-
And I'm about to follow

Inu-Yasha fights the facts-

The truth he will not swallow

"Inu-Ya- - -" I try to speak
But find myself unable
I'm just too cold; I'm just too weak. . .
I surrender to the arrow

But do not cry my hanyou love-
For me- don't weep or miss
For though we've lived in triangles
Things will not end like this

Lives run in a full circle-
Haven't you learnt by now
That history repeats itself
Some way, day and how?

We'll be together soon- so soon
I promise this- I swear
Maybe now's just not our time
And though it is NOT fair. . .

Just remember all I've said-

All I've taught and smiled-
Since life is a full circle, love
I'll see you in a while

"I'll wait for you, Kagome-chan-
My heart, my love, my home.
I'll take with me your memory-
I'll never be alone."

No more triangles for us
But no more blood for me
Birth and life, death- reborn.

So a circle life will be