Chapter 1

"Lucius, there's something I need to tell you," Narcissa said running behind Lucius to catch up to him.

"Can't you see I'm busy?!" Lucius sneered in return stopping to face her.

It was the graduation day for both Narcissa Black and Lucius Malfoy, the highschool sweethearts of slytherin. Well as sweet as slytherins can be. They had been together since fourth year and now only minutes after their graduation ceremony in seventh year Narcissa was facing her boyfriend of three years with a very nautious looking face.

"...But Lucius it's very important," she replied confidently.

"Alright fine what is it?!" Lucius asked his patience thinning.

"I'm pregnant," Narcissa announced.


Lucius stood there out the front of Hogwarts school of witchcraft and wizardry with a speechless look on his face. It didn't last for long however, within seconds the famous Malfoy mask was placed back on his face.

"Well I've been meaning to talk to you about our relationship. I'm dreadfully sorry but you're just not pureblooded enough to be my wife," Lucius replied with a sneer.

" You're cancelling our engagement just because I'm pregnant," his fiancee asked her voice dripping with sacasm.

"I'm afraid so yes," he replied with no compassion whatsoever as he began walking away from Narcissa.

"I don't need you or your money Lucius! I hope your happy being the ass you are!!" she replied walking off in the other direction never to see her ex- fiancee again.


Ten months later

Sixteen year old Sirius Black sat in front of the T.V. watching the video he had rented when he heard a knock the door of his flat. It was the holidays before Sirius' sixth year at Hogwarts and so far it had been spent lounging in front of the television with a bag of popcorn on his lap. It took only a week after his good friend Remus Lupin had introduced Sirius to the television that he was hooked. It was a very exciting invention and Sirius just couldn't seem to remove his eyes long enough to start his piles of homework assignments. Oh well he'd get to them later.

"Alright, Alright I'm coming give me a second," Sirius shouted at the door as it continued to knock.

Once he finally got to the door Sirius was speechless by what he found on the other side of the door. A bundle on blue blankets with a head of blonde hair poking out from within it. Burried in the blankets Sirius found with what he had discovered was a baby boy a note addressed to him.

"Who are you little guy?" Sirius asked the baby as he picked up the sleeping bundle bring him inside before reading the note.

My dearest brother Sirius,

I see you have recived my gift. I have no use of the boy so I ask you to take him off my hands. He is three months old, you'll find his birth certificate attached to this letter do what you will with the boy.

Your sister Narcissa Black

After reading the letter Sirius grabbed the birth certificate out of the envelope. Name-Draconis Celsus Malfoy-Black

"Well, that's a doosy huh? I don't think you could have a longer name if you tried. I'll just call you Draco alright," Sirius told the baby in his left arm now dubbed as Draco. The baby, now awake, looked up at Sirius with curious eyes before falling back to sleep.

Father-Lucius Malfoy Mother-Narcissa Black Magical Status- Of two magical parents

"What am I going to do with you Draco? I can't keep you, I couldn't possibly give you back to that awful sister of mine--the bitch how could she abandon her own son like that! I think we need to visit James about this he's a dad he'll know what to do," Sirius decided grabbing the house keys and heading for the door with Draco.

It took Sirius and Draco half an hour to walk to the Potter residence. Draco having woke up half way through the walk and finding himself in the arms of a strange man began screaming. Boy did his lungs work! Sirius sighed in relief when he finally arrived at his best friend James' house, he would know how to shut the baby up.

Walking up the driveway Sirius approached the door just as James came rushing out to welcome his friend.

"Where have you been! I haven't seen you for ages Sirius, I'm so glad you sho--what's that?!" James interrupted himself finally noticing the package in Sirius' arms, " You dog(No pun intended), who did you knock up!"

"It's not funny James and he's not mine, I answered the door and found this on my doorstep with a note from my sister saying she didn't want the poor guy! James what am I suppose to do! I couldn't possible give him back to that bitch!!" Sirius explained over Draco wails.

"I think you better come inside," James annonced leading Sirius inside the house and into the living room where they found Lily on the floor playing with her and James' one and a half year old son.

"Good morning Sirius," Lily greeted.

"Hey Lily, how's little Harry doing?" Sirius asked walking over to ruffle Harry's hair as he giggled away.

"He's good, who's that?!" Lily asked shocked at the bundle in Sirius' arms.

"Narcissa's son," James answered for his friend.

"What he said," Sirius said pointing to James.

"I though you and Narcissa didn't get along? Why are you baby sitting her son?" Lily asked confused.

"No offense mate but I wouldn't leave you alone with Harry while I did the dishes," James laughed patting Sirius on the back.

"That's because you wouldn't do the dishes!" Sirius replied as Lily laughed, "I'm not babysitting Narcissa left Draco on my doorstep with a note saying she wanted nothing to do with him."

"The poor thing!" Lily said picking up Harry and hugging him close as if he would disappear.

Sirius and James sat on the floor with Harry and Lily as Sirius tried to get Draco to quiet down as he had began crying again. They sat there for hours discussing what should be done with the three month old blonde. By the end of the day they had come up with only two solutions. Adoption or Sirius keeps Draco.

"You do realise that if you decide to keep Draco you won't be able to continue schooling. You'll have to leave like James and I did and looking after a kid isn't an easy job," Lily reasoned.

"Look at the little guy, I'll bet he's an angel! Tell you what I'll keep him for a week until I can give him to an adoption centre," Sirius announced.

"It's for the best," James comforted giving Sirius a pat on the back.


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