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Chapter 3

Ah what a lovely morning it was. The sun was shinning in through the window, the birds were chirping in the distance and all was peaceful, serene...quiet. Yes, that was the word Sirius was looking for...quiet. So quiet and peaceful infact that Sirius just might sleep in on this peaceful, serene and quiet morning.

Just as Sirius was about to go back to sleep he felt a sudden extra weight on his bed. 'Never mind it's probably just the cat' So he closed his eyes and ignored the extra weight crawling slowly up his bed. Suddenly a thought regestured within Sirius' sleepy head. 'Wait a minute...we don't have a...'

"WAKE UP DADDY!", a very loud voice yelled into Sirius' ear.

"AHHH WHAT THE FUCK!" Sirius screamed in shock as he jumped up from his bed.

"Oooh Daddy said a naughty word!," Draco announced upon hearing his daddy say a very naughty word indeed.

Sirius groaned as he layed back down in bed. So much for a nice and peaceful morning. There goes that nice peaceful and most importantly quiet sleep in. All this had flown out the window in a matter of seconds. 'Oh well, he's up now. Maybe if I feed him he'll fall right back to sleep again. Stop dreaming Sirius life could never be that good to you,' Sirius thought as he sat up in bed.

Draco was sitting right in front of him, looking up at him with those adorable blue eyes. No! He mustn't let the monster get away with waking him up at ungodly hours. Sirius wasn't quite sure whether Draco did it on purpose or not but no matter what Draco had done, as soon as Sirius looks into his big blue 'innocent' eyes he just couldn't be mad.

'Evil little shit' Sirius thought as he got up out of bed.

"Hi daddy!" Draco said as he began to bounce on the bed. Six months after the tomato sause accident and draco could not only walk confidetly he was now experimenting with the art that is jumping.

"You know Draco I could have sworn I told you not to jump on my bed," Sirius replied as got changed.

"Sorry, I forgeted," Draco answered as he sat back down on the edge of the bed. Once Sirius had finished getting changed he walked over to the bed and picked Draco up into his arms.

"Come on lets go get you dressed and then we can eat breakfast," Sirius stated as he carrried Draco back up to his bedroom.

"Then we go see Harry!" Draco said enthusiastically jumping around on Sirius' hip.

"Yeah, yeah just like I promised. Then we'll go see Harry after breakfast," He replied placing Draco down on his bed as he looked for clothes. After five minutes of going through all of Draco's clothes drawers, Sirius finally found something appropriate. A blue shirt and jeans. Across the front of the shirt was the word 'angel' with a halo around the A, on the back were the words 'devil in disguise'.

Sirius was in the process of helping Draco put on the pants when his hands were suddenly pushed away.

"I can do it!" Draco announced happily attempting to do up the buttons of his pants. After several minutes of watching Draco try, but fail, to button up his pants Sirius finally decided to help again.

"Oh for crying out loud let me do that," Sirius said pushing Draco's hands away.

"NO!" Draco yelled back," I can do it!"

"You're taking too long just let me do it and we can go downstairs!" Sirius argued back getting fed up with Draco's independence. So once again Sirius moved Draco's hands out of the way and started to do up his pants again.





"NO!" and a hit on the arm from Draco.

"YES!" and a grabbing of Draco's hand.

"NO" and a bursting into tears.

"YES, Now just stand still damn it!" Sirius yelled all patience gone now. Extremely annoyed now Sirius pulled the screaming Draco towards him and did up the buttons on his pants and placed him on the floor. Draco's wails quieted down some and he was left sniffling to follow his daddy out of the room.

And so the day began as many others had before it. It wasn't even eight and Sirius was left with a headache and feeling fully exusted already. After Sirius and Draco both had time to calm down they ate their breakfast, Draco showing Sirius what a big boy he was by eating without any help. Followed closely by Sirius getting very angry that Draco had spilt his cereal all over the floor. It was all in days work.

After the chore of breakfast was over Draco and Sirius went to visit the Potter residence, just like Sirius promised. It took them a while to walk there as Draco refused to sit still on Sirius' hip because he was so excited about seeing his friend. By the time they arrived at the house of James and Lily, Sirius was completely exusted and ready to fall into a heap.

"Siri I thought you'd never get here, Harry and I've been waiting for ages", James stated as he let his guests in.

"Aak don't ask about my morning I really don't want to talk about it," Sirius said putting Draco down on the floor and watching him run through the house to find Harry.

"He's in the lounge Draco!" James called to the hyper two year old.


"Was it really that bad, I mean he's only been up for what half an hour?" James asked Sirius as he let him inside.

"Was it really that bad...was it really that bad, of course it was really that bloody bad!" Sirius replied.

"Wanna trade?" His friend replied.

"Is it wrong for me to say yes?" Sirius replied with a guilty expression.

"Yes and it's too bad anyway there's no way I would trade. I love Draco and all but yeah right he's evil I tell ya!" James said laughing his head off. Sirius and James sat in the kitchen talking over a cup of coffee for the following hour talking about a range of things from evil children to quiddich until a high pitch screech was heard throughout the house.

"Who was that?" James asked getting up to see what the ruckus was all about.


Walking into the lounge Sirius and James were faced with a four year old, with a bruise developing on his arm, and a two year old with a bruising cheek. One was balling and the old had watering eyes that appeared to be holding back the tears the other couldn't.

"Alright what happened?" James asked as he walked over to the pair.

"He hit me daddy!" Harry announced between sobs pointing at Draco who was looking innocently up at Sirius, who was glaring back at him.

"Did you hit him?" Sirius asked Draco in a dangerous voice.

"He hit me first!" Draco defended giving up the innocent act realising it wouldn't work against his dad.

"Did you hit him?" James asked Harry in his best 'I'm disappointed and angry' voice.

"He threw a ball at me!" Harry replied having stopped crying.

"I didn't mean to hit you in the face!" Draco announced back to Harry.

"You were trying to hit me."

"I was throwing it to you."

"Look I don't care who's fault this is the point is just because you get hit you don't punch them back. That means both of you," James stated looking firmly at both Harry and Draco.

"Sorry dad."

"Sorry Mr Harry's dad sir."

"It's okay just don't do it again," James replied picking up both Harry and Draco and handing Draco to Sirius.

Several spells later Draco and Harry were good as new again clear of all bruises. Sirius and James decided they better keep a closer eye on them and moved into the lounge from the kitchen. It was with that that they all sat down to watch a movie. As torturous as watching 'What's in the box' and listening to Harry and Draco argue about whether Bop was a puppet or not, Sirius and James had to sit through it. That was until Sirius got an idea!

"Oh my god I've got the best idea!" Sirius announced.

"What?" James asked wearily.

"Tonight let's all go clubbing, You, Lily and me. Lily will be back at lunch time from her friends place and we can all go clubbing tonight. I seriously need a chick," Sirius asked getting all excited.

"Er hello, Harry and Draco, or are you planning on leaving them on the street while we go in?" James asked sarcastically while he looked at Sirius like he was crazy.

"It's tempting I know but no I was thinking Remi duh. He just finished his final year at Hogwarts so he'll be free for sure. The best part is he doesn't know what they're like so he won't refuse! He's only met Draco a few times and Harry's an angel by himself. What do you think?" Sirius stated standing up now.

"Hey that just might work! Alright I'll call Remi now," James said running for the phone.

Just as James left the room Draco looked up to his daddy with his curious blue eyes.

"Are we getting a baby chicken daddy!" He asked excitedly. Sirius sweat dropped.

"Er no that's not what I mean't," Sirius answered looking as Draco turned from excited to dissapointed.

"But you said you needed a chick?" Draco asked innocently.

"Yeah but a chick is what grown ups call their girlfriends," He explained.

"Why do you needed a girlfriend?" Draco replied.

"Cause sometimes daddy's that don't have mommy's need girlfriends," Sirius explained again as he sat down with Harry and Draco on the floor.

Draco looked down at the floor for a while thinking deeping into his two year old mind. All that could be heard was Bop and Brett on the television and Harry laughing to the funny things they said. That was until Draco came to a conclusion.

"I don't want you to getted a girlfriend," Draco said looking up at Sirius sadly.

Sirius looked back at Draco like he had said the most adorable thing in the world and pulled him into his lap and held him tight.

"I know you don't but just like you need Harry as your friend when you get bigger and all grown up you need other types of friends aswell like girlfriends," Sirius explained letting Draco go but keeping him on his lap.

"But then you won't be with me!" Draco complained.

"Of couse I will, I be around just as much as before and maybe one day you can have a mommy as well as a daddy,"

"Really! Just like Harry?!" Draco asked getting excited now.

"Yep just like Harry but don't get your hopes up kid cause I don't plan on getting married anytime in the near future just laid," Sirius replied.

"What's laid?" Draco asked curiously.

"When your older kid," Sirius replied lifting Draco out of his lap and walking into the kitchen.

Just as he stepped into the kitchen James hung up the phone and Sirius looked at him hopefully.

"Well?" Sirius asked.

"He said yes!" James answered excitedly.

"We're going clubbing, we're going clubbing!" He replied and did what was asumed to be a victory dance.

After Sirius finally calmed down they headed back into the lounge to tell the now playing with wizard cubes Harry and Draco about the new arrangements.

"Guess what?" Sirius asked as he walked into the room.

"What?" Harry replied looking up from his blocks but Draco didn't look up.

"Hello Draco I'm talking to you too. Anywayz you two are going to visit Uncle Remus tonight," Sirius announced excitedly.

"Tommorow too," James added.

"Really this is too good to be true!" Sirius said and did his victory dance again.

"Why?" Harry asked.

"Because we're going clubbing! Isn't it great," Sirius replied in between the moves of his victory dance.

"Are you going to get a laid chick?" Draco asked innocently having no idea what he actually implied.

James looked at Sirius with a amused look on his face that seemed to say, 'He's your son alright'. Sirius turned to glare at Draco playfully whilst blushing the deepest red humanly possible.

"I recon that's his plan Draco," James stated in between his roaring laughter.

It wasn't until further ten minutes later that James stopped laughing and that was only because Lily had come home from her friend Belinda's house. Sirius very enthusiastically informed her about their plans to go clubbing and she was happy to have a break from being a mom. She was however worried about leaving Harry alone even if he was with Remus and Draco but after a lot of persuation from James and Sirius she finally agreed to go.

It was the first real time that the three were to have a night where they could act there age and forget about the responsibilities of being a parent even if it was only for one night. It was to be an especially great night for Sirius for the exact reason Draco suggested, and who knew maybe he would find a suitable girl to have a relationship with. Nah just sex.

There you have it folks chapter 3 finished and complete. Next chapter we have the night out to the club and Remus does his best to babysit the disasterly duo. Poor Remus.

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