Ranma ½: Trial By Fire

Chapter 0: Legalities, Disclaimer, and Warnings

Author: Jial Silverthorn


Ok, this is to save me the hassle of putting a disclaimer on EVERY chapter. There will be a few exceptions, but unless I absolutely have to, I will not put a disclaimer on my chapters. In my opinion, you only need to see a disclaimer once in a story...Forgive the formatting. FF.Net seems to like tormenting me by taking away the centering.

First and foremost, I do not own Ranma ½. I am using the characters to write a story, nothing else. I believe in the theory that "imitation is the sincerest form of flattery." Also, any other copy written material that is used; whether directly or indirectly, belongs to whomever it belongs to. I have lost track of all of the references I have used in this story. This is NOT a crossover with any other anime/manga. There may similarities, references, or outright use of pieces, but I will have enough trouble with Ranma and company. I don't need to make it worse by directly adding other stories into the mix.

Second, this story is a continuation/sequel of Kalen Darkmoon's story 'Resolution'. It is HIGHLY recommended that you read that story first, as it was the inspiration for this one. With Kalen's permission, I am writing this sequel, and I am using various elements from his storyline.

Third, this story will have much that is abnormal in Ranma ½, but I am doing my best to blend it in so it does not look too ridiculous. You will see what I mean when the time comes. So, I ask you to give me a little bit of leniency. Besides, Ranma has some strange stuff in it, so it shouldn't be too much of a stretch to believe my stuff...I hope.

Fourth, this story has EARNED this 'R' rating. Expect anything, and everything to happen. I am a detail oriented writer, so this results in graphic sequences. There is violence, lemon/lime, and a few things I am not in the mood to spoil. Anybody can read this story, but it is by your own choice. I am not responsible if you are offended, as YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!

Fifth, I appreciate any/all criticism, reviews, ideas, etc. The story is not set in stone, and you (the readers) may impact the plot at some points. So, feel free to voice your opinions. And, as with any writer, the more interest (reviews) that is shown in my story, the faster I will produce my chapters. My e-mail is always open to questions, and if I am on AIM, feel free to talk to me.

Sixth, my writing style is my own. There will be many chapters that COULD have been meshed into one chapter, but I am putting them up as multiple chapters, since that is how they are written or will be written. And for those that are hoping for a story as well-researched as 'Resolution', I must disappoint you now. I am not perfect; because I write as I think, and that makes my work prone to error. So, when I do make a mistake, I would greatly appreciate it if it was pointed out, so that it may be fixed.

Finally, every chapter has a song that was used either as the inspiration for the title/content, or it is just a good song to listen to while reading the chapter. This does not mean that this story is one giant songfic. I suggest you try to find the song for each chapter, seeing as it may provide some insight into that chapter, and possibly the idea process I use. At the end of this beastly disclaimer/authors note I will give you the first chapter's song, and the chapter will be posted soon. It is in the final formatting stages, as the time that this is being written. This will continue with each chapter having the next chapter's song at the bottom.

Now, enjoy the story, and leave your cynicism, and beliefs at the door. You can pick them back up when it comes time for reviews.


Jial Silverthorn


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