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Chapter one: Nightmares

"Oh my Kami no………..Please don't do this…….Don't let this happen…..Sango! Miroku! Shippo! Kirara! Inuyasha! Oh Kami please help them, I can't reach them, why can't I? INUYASHA RUN!!!!"

Kagome jumped from the her desk and found herself dripping wet and screaming at the top of her lungs. Not grasping what was going on as of yet, she grabbed herself by her chest and felt her heartbeat beating rapidly. She could hardly catch her breath as her eyes were wide open and tears were pouring down her face. She couldn't believe the kind of dream that she just had….no it wasn't a dream.... it was more like a nightmare.

She finally started to calm her breathing down while looking out her bedroom window, watching the first snow trickle down for the winter season. Kagome went to her thoughts 'How could I be sweating so bad, especially if it's starting to get cold outside.' She looked down to make sure she was wearing her winter attire, a sweatshirt and sweatpants. She turned her attention back to the window and spoke softly "I wonder how the others are doing back in the Sengoku Jidai era?"

After a few minutes of her little daydream episode, she sleepily glanced over to her alarm clock, that was laying next to her bed as it said 4:30 A.M. She was only napping for about an hour. She was trying to study for her end of the year exams, better late than never right? 'No wonder I was having bad dreams …' she thought to herself. 'I only slept for about an hour for the past two days. Oh boy, what am I gonna do?' Kagome raised her arms over her head to stretch and rubbed her eyes. She wanted nothing more than to forget her bad experience and continue her studying

"Nee-chan! Nee-chan!" as a concerned Souta knocked on the door to see if his big sister was okay.

Kagome let out a little sigh and said that she was alright, she just had a bad dream."Hai Nee-chan….gomen…if you need anything just let me know, okay?"

"Un Souta …I will let you know." She heard his footsteps slowly walk away from the bedroom door and muddered to herself 'Finally, I can go back to studying.'

After about two hours, Kagome noticed that she could not keep her eyes open and started to rub them. The miko tried so hard to keep her mind on her work but it was getting to the point to where it was too diffucult to even stay awake. She thought that maybe she catch a couple of winks on her desk… if she went to her bed she would sleep all day.... she just couldn't do that. Kagome stretched over to her alarm clock and set it for a couple of hours. Kagome crossed her arms on top of her desk and snuggled her head into them, hoping to catch a little nap. She was so tired....so tired that as soon she closed her eyes, she passed out. Talk about a fast sleeper!

"Oh Kami..... no please! Don't let this happen….please help them….NO INUYASHA!!!!"

Oh heavens no….Kagome jumped from her desk a second time. She couldn't believe that she had that awful dream again. Sweat was pouring down her face, worse than last time. "Why did I have that dream again?……Does it actually mean something?…….It can't happen, can it?….. There has to be a reason!" This time Kagome did not calm down, she knew for some reason that dream was going to happen but.... what was she going to do about it? She had to go see the others just to make sure they would be alright. Without another thought, Kagome ran down stairs and flung the front door open. The miko didn't care about her own well being at the time as she stumbled outside with no jacket or shoes toward the Bone Eaters Well. It dawned on her that she couldn't go back, not without the jewel shards.... Duh. Of course she wasn't thinking clearly, she was just worried about her friends. Frantically, she ran back to the house in search of her little bottle of shards, that her and her friends had worked so hard for.

She ran back up to her room, pushed the door open and went to her desk to find her bottle. To no avail there was none. Okay, maybe she dropped it somewhere while she was napping. Ten minutes later and still no bottle of shards. "Well okay, calm down Kagome, maybe I can see if I can sense the shards, right? That should be no problem." She explained to herself as she attempted to clear her head.

Her powers of being a Miko has increased dramatically over the past two in a half years. No one knows about it, not even Inuyasha. Kagome was afraid to tell anyone about her new found powers,because of the simple fact of Naraku.... if that 'monster' caught wind about it who knows what he'd do. She closed her eyes and concentrated on the whereabouts of where the shards could be, but try as she might, she couldn't find them.

She thought to herself 'What am I gonna do now? I know my friends are in serious danger, and I have no way of knowing if they are okay or not! Think Kagome….Think! The Goshinboku! …It can work can't it? Yes it has too.' She did it once before when the Time tree plugged up the Bone Eaters Well. (For reference that incident happened in the first Inuyasha movie) But, she had jewel shards during that time. We will soon see!

She frantically ran back outside, again with no coat or shoes and reached the Goshinboku. She placed her hands on the bark of the tree and pleaded "Inuyasha, please hear me………..

Okay Study time… Do we know our Japanese?

Here's a little overview….

Nee-chan: sister

Miko: priestess (there are 3 types of mikos-'pure' as in virgin, dark and live)

Un: Yes or acknowledgement (I was informed that girls under the age of 18 would say 'un' Instead of 'Hai')

Goshinboku: The sacred tree/Time tree


Sengoku Jidai: The Feudal Era

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