New Chapter YAY!!!!!~**~**~***~**~**~***~**~**~**~**~**~** TEEN TITANS BLOOPERS: BLOOPERS of TITANS RISING Beast Boy: Raven! Head's up! [volleyball hits her head] Raven: OW! [throws ball back and Beast Boy faints from pain.] [sarcastically] Oops.

Starfire: TERRA! Beast Boy: TERRA! Starfire: TERRA! Hello friend! Do you remember me? Terra: Ow, Starfire. Yes I remember you! I still have bruises from the last time you hugged me! [Beast Boy runs straight into Terra, and the both fell off the roof]

Beast Boy: Terra! [He runs straight into her face and kissed her. NO body moves. Not even BB and Terra.]

Director: Okay guys! This is take 83 on this scene! And GO! Beast Boy: Terra! [He runs straight into her face and kisses her for the 83rd time.] Raven: I'm beginning to think they planned this.

Terra: Didn't know the offers could expire. I mean its not fruit it won't rot. Raven: That wasn't the line.

Terra: Robin said I needed practice, so I've been practicing, watch! [Terra begins her performance. All four rocks do a loop-de-loop and falls when she was supposed to land on the fourth rock.] Whoa! Starfire: I surely didn't hear correctly. Terra said that she practiced, did she not?

[Titans Tower begins to sink. Terra tries to save the tower] Raven: What are you doing? Terra: I'm trying to save our home! Just trust me! [They both start using their powers.] Raven: It's not enough! Terra: I thought they said they weren't gonna use a real rock!

[Rock of Titans Tower falls, and it is entirely underground] Raven: Well that was quick.