A/N: I just been thinking of Cajun Spice a lot lately and I WANNA see it AGAIN! But NO! Kids' WB have to cancel X-Men Evolution, Arge! Anyway... I thought it would be fun to a story after Cajun Spice... but Rogue left the X-Men... Hehe. Oh, Disclaimer: I don't own X-Men characters, If I did, There be bunch of Romy and Remy would be an X-Men and in love with Rogue, Rogue will love him the same as well! Plus Evolution would still be on air!

Home Sweet Home


"'' ' ' ' ' ''"

Remy took Rogue's hand and handed her the Queen of Hearts card. She gave him a smile who smiled back at her then she looked at the X-Men and sadly added "Ah'm leaving."

She had told Remy this before, he insist that she should go back with the X-Men. At first he only kidnapped her in order to recuse his father, but the more they get to knew each other, the more he wanted to be with her. He understand why she wanted to leave, so he finally stop insisting her to go back with X-Men and told her he'll miss her.

Logan looked at Gambit and back to Rogue "What?"

"Ah said Ah'm leavin' Logan" Rogue repeated.

"Rogue..." Kurt said, but couldn't continue.

Rogue looked to her brother and turn away and looked at Scott. She liked, she still do. But he didn't like her back and she just wanted to leave. It hurts to see him with Jean. She looked hurt and Remy notice, he wrapped one arm over Rogue's shoulder and whisper into her ears "Remy be waiting f'r yo' chere."

She breaked away from his hold a moment later and looked at the X-Men "Please let meh leave."

"Rogue, you sure about this?" Scott asked.

She nodded her head "X-Men isn't mah place," and mutter "All Ah do is hurt everyone."

"You know, your always welcome back to the X-Men, child" Storm added.

"Ah kno'," Rogue let out a small smile "Thanks."

With that she walked into the darkness, the X-Men, Remy and his father were all silence for that moment, as if she was being buried.

Logan was about to chase after her, but Scott and Ororo hold him back. Logan looked at Kurt, who looked really hurt.

Rogue was the only person Kurt had left in his family. Now she's gone. No matter what he says, won't make up her mind. He lost Rogue, now his family is broken.

Remy watched as she left and quiet whisper to himself "I'll be waiting, chere, come back to me soon..."

He felt his father's hand on his shoulder. Remy looked at Jean-Luc, "Dat's some girl" Jean-Luc said.

"Oui, she is pere" Remy agreed "I believe she stolen mon heart."

The X-Men all left in the Blackbird. Remy returned return with Jean-Luc back to his home in New Orleans...

"'' ' ' ' ' ''"

A/N: Yes I know this chapter is short... But no worries, it's only the Prologue. Tell me if I should continue. There properly won't be any action in this story, cuz I sux at writing them. I only like writing Romance and Angrst. That's what I'm best at ...()... But this story is Romance all the way!!!