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Home Sweet Home

Chapter 17: Wonderful Ending

'''' ' ' ' ' ''"

Rogue, Wanda, Tessa, Jean, and Betsy were helping Kitty with her dress.

"I can't believe it's actually going to happen." Kitty said.

"It's happening, live with it," Wanda teased.

"Hey, aren't you the one who's going to get marry to?" Kitty asked.

Wanda just shrug, "Yep, we marry, I kill him, I get his life insurance."

The girls raised their eyebrow.

"I was joking!" Wanda shook her head, "why does everyone always take me serious?"

The other shrugged. "You look beautiful, luv."

Kitty smiled, "Thanks Betsy, you guys look the same."

"No, you're just saying that," Wanda inserted.

"No, I mean it, all of you, your all so beautful!" Kitty said.

"Oh shut up, it's almost time." Rogue found herself smiling.

"Rogue. Is that a smile I see?" Jean asked with interest.

"Yea, Ah don't know why, Ah feel so cheerful!" Rogue squeal, making all her friends raise their eyebrows.

"Mood Swing." They all said.

"Oh shut up." Rogue scowled.

" ' ' ' "

In the boys room, Piotr Rasputin is fixing his ties, so were Remy, Lucas, Scott, John, and Warren. Piotr was muttering nervously, Remy notice and look at him.

"Anyt'hing de matter mon ami?" Remy asked.

Piotr turn to look at Remy, "I'm just nervous that's all."

"Don't tell me you're having second thoughts about this..." Remy look at him in horror.

He didn't answer, "Peter, what's wrong?" Scott asked.

"I wish my family were here to see this..." He answered.

"Actually..." Warren began, "It was going to be a surprise, but Kitty and I went to Russia and brought them here. She'll surprise you with it. So, be surprise, don't let her know, or she'll kill me."

Piotr smiled, he gave his winged friend one giant hug, "your secret is safe with me, Warren. And thank you so much."

" ' ' ' "

Everyone was on the dance floor, Piotr actually looked surprise when he saw his whole family there with him, beside Makhail that is, his little sister, Illyana was the flowergirl. She such a sweetheart.

Piotr was dancing with Illyana and Kitty, they look really happy. Jean and Scott, Bishop and Tessa, Betsy and Warren, and Logan and Ororo were all dancing too.

Rogue just got off the dance floor with Kurt. He talked to her about Remy, Rogue didn't know why but Kurt went on to talk about his sister and the Cajun getting marry, having kids, giving him a neice or newfew. She just laughed.

Rogue is standing by the punch bowl with Kurt.

Mystique was talking to Charles Xavier, and they were actually laughing together, it's priceless. Kurt took a picture of it, "smile Rogue."

"What? Wait!" Before Rogue could hide her face, came a flash from Kurt's camera. "Ah think Ah'm gon' be blind..."

Rogue look around the room, everyone was dancing with someone. Bobby with Jubilee, the bride with the groom, Logan, and Ororo, Rahne with Sam, Tessa with Bishop, Scott with Jean, and many other people that Rogue are still getting aquinted with.

She search for Remy. There were no sign of him. She saw him this morning. She heard heavy breathing behind her.

She turn around and there he was. He looked worn out "Wha's wrong Swamp Rat?"

"Not'ing, mon amour" Remy relied after taking a deep breath "Wan' t'dance chere?"

Rogue smiled, she place her hand out for him to take. He took her to the dance floor. Everyone made room for them, because they all knew Remy's intention tonight.

They were slow dancing. Their eyes met. He smiled, "Rogue."

"Hmm," she said, sniffing him

"Do yo' dink yo' can spent yo' whole life wit' dis Swamp Rat?" Remy grinned, he was being serious...

Rogue looked at him. "Of couse Remy, Ah kno' Ah can, why ya ask?"

Remy kneel down on his knees, the room grew quiet. Everyone was watching with open eyes. Wanda and John was holding each other hands. Kitty had a smile on her face and she looks really excited. Jean and Scott had this mistivious look on their face. Logan look like he was about to snarl, but Ororo elbowed him, making him smile. Bishop had his arm around Tessa's shoulder, they look really happy. Mystique look as if she was going to kill Remy, but he

Remy took her hand with his left, the pull out a small golden green box and flip it open.

Rogue's eyes widen as she see the diamond ring inside. "Rogue, will yo' marry me?"

There was silence for a moment, which made Remy worry that she'll refuse.

Rogue look at him and smiled "Je fais."

She helped him up and gave her a passionate kiss. Everyone clapped their hands then came over to congratulate them. So, that was why the LeBeau was here.

"Ah gotta tell yer somethin' ta, Remy." Rogue said afterward.

"What is it chere?"

"We're goin' t'have a baby." Rogue said it quiet, Remy could hear.

His eyes widen, he look really happy too. "Dat's great chere."

Everyone clapped their hands again, the two kiss again.

"Welcome t'de famille," she heard Jean-Luc said.

Rogue turn around, smiled, and gave the older man a hug. "Merci sir."

"Yo' can call moi pere or Jean-Luc now," he acknowledge.

Rogue nodded, "finally dat petite Cajun had propose!"

She saw Mattie behind Jean-Luc, "I'm so happy f'r yo' child!"

"Merci Tante," Rogue reply and looked at Remy who was with his brother Henri and Mercy.

The three walked over to Remy, earning a big hug from Mercy.

Remy looked around for his cousins, "where's Theo and Lapin?"

"In de bathroom, properly cookin' somet'ing messy." Mattie guessed.

The X-Men joined in the fun, Jean-Luc saw Mystique and immediately walk toward her, "bonjour chere."

"Oh no, it's you!" Mystique said sarcastically.

"Wha'? Yo' don' like moi?" Jean-Luc grinned.

"No." She answered.

"Come on Mozher, have some fun." Kurt said.

"Oui, listen t'yo' son chere. Wan' t' dance?" Jean-Luc asked, without waiting for an answer, he grabbed her hand and pulled her out to the dance floor.

"That guy is strang," everyone heard Logan said, they all look at him, "what? I wouldn't wanna dance with that woman."

"Vatch it man, zhat's my mozher your talking about," Kurt defended Mystique.

"Yea Logan, it nice to see Raven as a whole new woman, how about we dance?" Ororo stated, she pulled a Jean-Luc stunt and pull Logan onto the dance floor. "Congratulation Rogue, Remy!"

"Merci Stormy," Remy said.

"Thanks Ororo," Rogue said.

"This is so wonderful!" Wanda squeal from behind, "Aww, we got proposed in the same week, and we're pregnant at almost the same time!"

"Wow, I'd never seen you this happy before," Scott addressed Wanda.

"That's because we don't see much of each other, Shade." Wanda stated. "So, how are the wife and kid?"

"There great, so, you're getting marry am I right?" Wanda nodded, "that's good to hear, who's the lucky man?"

"Well, he's not actually a man, he's more like a baby," Wanda smiled, "my baby."

"Haha, luv." John walk up and gave Wanda a kiss on the cheek, "that'll be me, mate."

Scott chuckled, "Congratualtion to the four of you."

"Thanks Scotty," Rogue, Remy, Wanda, and John said.

"I'm so happy!" Kitty gave Rogue the biggest hug.

"You're married!" Rogue smiled, "this is a great day!"

"You can say that again!" Kitty snicker.

"Come on guys, let's dance!" Betsy announced after a new song played, everyone got onto the dance floor, everyone with a partner.

A slow song came on, everyone look at their partner and smiled, Rogue and Remy couldn't help but chuckle, "wha's so funny Rem?"

"Remy could ask yo' de same, amour."

"Jus' enjoyin' how funny yo' look." Rogue smirked.

"Yo' look funnier, chere." Remy said back. What she didn't know what, he was making hand signals behind her back.

She felt suspious and look behind her back, seeing, Theo and Lapin, she raised an eyebrow, "wha' are dey up t'?"

"They'd bein' creative chere." Remy grinned, "dat's somet'ing dey do best."

All of a sudden, the wall turn to different colors and paterns. Then a slide show appeared, everyone gathered to their table and took a seat, they watched the slide show and loved it, all these pictures Theo gathered from the X-Men day one.

"Je t'aime Roguey." Remy whispered in Rogue's ear.

"Ah love yer even more Swamp Rat."

"Remy love yo' more River Rat."

"Shut up Cajun, Ah love yer de same among as ya love me."

"Remy shut up now..." They took a seat next to the bride and groom.

The slide show was about every senior X-Men, from before their mutant abilities to now. Everyone was wondering the same thing, where did those guys get the pictures?

Remy, "t'eir thiefs," Remy answered, praising his cousins. Remy look really proud of them. He make it sound as if he raised them. Everyone just rolled their eyes at his ego.

"When is that guy going to chance?" Warren asked sarcastically.

"I'm gonna take a guess and say... never," Betsy Braddock snickered.

"Becareful, he's dangerous you know," Kitty chuckled.

"Oui, Remy is dangerous, dat's why Roguey like him," Rogue answer, trying to mock his accent.

"Dat's true, an' Roguey love a challenge," Remy said, his and Rogue's nose are now brushing off each other.

"Kids," Logan gaunt, "if yer gonna do anything further, I suggest you get a room."

It only made Rogue and Remy grinned.

"An' Remy suggest yo' b' more quiet when Stormy's in yo' room," Remy grinned, making Ororo blush, Logan would of jump him if Ororo wasn't holding him back.

"Hey Wanda," Rogue said, Wanda look at her, "how ya feelin'?"

"I feel like I can kill John... I need chocolate!" Wanda answered and took a seat next to Rogue, "speakin' of chocolate, do you have any on your hand?"

"Hmm, not that Ah know of," she replied.

"You suck." Wanda said simply.

"Ah know," Rogue replied with a smile.

"I cannot take this anymore," Wanda begin to sign, making John look at her, "saying everything I said before..."

Rogue shook her head and turn to Remy, who was making fun of Logan, "stop pickin' on Wolvie, Gumbo."

Logan snorted, "thanks kid."

Rogue smiled and lean her head against Remy's chest, it was warm, "ya have a warm heart..."

Remy smile down on her, "an' ot was b'cause o'Roguey, b'fore he meet yo', his heart was cold."

"Ya never had a cold heart, or ya woulda kill me the first time we meet..." Rogue stated.

"Look at our children Raven, it was as if it was yesterday, dat we adopted t'em..." Jean-Luc said, pretending to sniff.

"Oh shut up, kids grow up and forget their parents." Mystique rolled her eyes.

"Non chere, Henri is all grown up, but he still live with his pere." Jean-Luc said, "yo' jealous?"

"NOO!" Mystique growled, a kiss from behind calmed her down.

"I love you mozher," Kurt said after he gave her a kiss, "and I'm sure Rogue does too."

"Thank you Kurt," Mystique smiled and played with her son's check.

Kurt look at Jean-Luc and gave her a childish smile, "is he going to be my new daddy?"

That caught Mystique off guard, "wha---"

Kurt grinned and teleported away.

"What's so funny Kurt?" Kitty asked the snickering elf.

Kurt point toward Mystique's direction, Rogue raised an eyebrow, "are ya trying ta get Mystique with Jean-Luc?"

"No, I just want to see mom blush." Kurt answered, "he's an awsome man, Remy!"

"Umm, merci?" Remy look confused, "Remy never had anyone compliment on his pere b'fore..."

"Your welcome man!" Kurt said happily and teleported away, where he'd go, nobody knows.

Scott was bouncing Nathan on his leg, the kid giggle, "can you say daddy?"

"Can you say mommy?" Jean smiled when Scott look at her.

"Vime Vravel." Nathan answered and start giggling again.

Jean and Scott look at each other, "Vime Vravel?"

"I think he's trying to say, time travel, luv." Betsy smiled and play with the child's cheek, he look at her strangely, "aww, I can't wait to get my own kid someday," she turn to Warren, "are we going to have any, luv?"

Jean and Scott snicker as Warren look for an answer.

"Good luck bubby," Scott smiled and turn his attention back to Nathan, "thank you Jean."

"For what?" She look clueless for a telepath, there's a lot on her mind lately.

"For always being there for me, for being my wife, and for giving me a child," he said and kiss her on the head.

"No problem Scott," Jean said and place a hand on her tummy, "so... you won't mind if I say... we're going to have another baby?"

Scott fainted, Jean snickered, that's how he reacted when she announched that she's pregnant with Nathan.

"He's t'girly." Remy stated, "Remy took de news like a homme."

"Not when Rogue said she's havin' twin..." Rogue joked. Remy dropped his mouth, "Ah'm kiddin' Cajun."

"Remy kno' dat chere." Remy smiled and put his ears on her belly.

"You know, the baby won't kick early in the pregnancy," Remy turn around and see Tessa, Bishop behind her, Remy grinned.

"Tess! Lucas!" Remy got up and circled Bishop, "when are yo' goin' t', yo' kno'."

Bishop cough to get Rogue's attention, she just grin at him, "tha's right Lucas, when are you?"

Tessa raised an eyebrow, she's a telepath, she couldn't read neither Rogue or Remy's head because she's not a strong telepath and that they have a strong mental shield around their head. Even if she wasn't a telepath, she would know what was going on, she smiled, "stop it you two, we're here to have fun, not to pick on Bishop."

"Awww," Remy put a hand over his heart, "she's sticking up for him."

Rogue and Tessa rolled their eyes, "sit, LeBeau!"

Immediately, Remy sat down. Tessa and Bishop took a seat behind them. They turn their attention back to the slide show, it was showing the present, a picture of everyone in that room was shown. Everyone was at ease, so active, and so happy.

Jean-Luc was flirting with Mystique, Kurt was laughing at his mother's expression, Betsy and Warren are about to kiss, Scott just woke up, Jean holding Nathan and both are laughing at him, Ororo and Logan are talking, smiles on their face, Xavier and Beast discusing something behind them, Kitty and Piotr are tickling Piotr's younger sister; Illyana; who's laughing so hard, John got Wanda her chocolate and she seem very happy, Bishop and Tessa are showing interest in each other; their eyes are on each other, Jubilee, Bobby, and the rest of the former New Recruit are doing the chicken on the dance floor along with the LeBeau, Jamie is the DJ, and finally, the last shot was shown Rogue and Remy kissing each other passionately...

"'' ' ' ' ' ''""'' ' ' ' ' ''""'' ' ' ' ' ''""'' ' ' ' ' ''""'' ' ' ' ' ''""'' ' ' ' ' ''""'' ' ' ' ' ''"

The End...

"'' ' ' ' ' ''""'' ' ' ' ' ''""'' ' ' ' ' ''""'' ' ' ' ' ''""'' ' ' ' ' ''""'' ' ' ' ' ''""'' ' ' ' ' ''"

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