SW200: This is a shaman king story and here's the summary. "The shamans are invited to a tournament which is held once every 800 years and anna becomes a shaman. Along, the way there they will know that the tournament is more than it seems. As they are not completing for the title of Shaman King but for their very souls as well. (HoroHoro/Anna Ren/Pirika.)

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Chapter 1 The Invitation

"HoroHoro get me more ice!" That voice which was heard around the house come from none other then Anna Asakayura the blond teenage girl who you don't want to mess with. A boy with blue hair and a bandana wrapped around his head brought in more ice. "Stupid lousy A/C perfect time to break during this heat wave." Grumbled anna as she fanned herself. (It broke because she kept on hitting it) thought horohoro but he was wise enough to keep quiet as he put in more ice. He was just in his shorts the heat wave was relentless during the summer. Anna who was in a swimsuit becoming more grouchy since the a/c broke glared at him as he put some ice in and he started to fan her using a blanket to keep her cool. "Stupid Yoh, leaving on such notice at least he knows how to do things around here right faster you lazy bum!" Horo started flapping the blanket faster and it looked like he was trying to fly. "Oh right break time horohoro." "Woohoo!" "Break's over." "D'oh!!!"

Ryu appeared in his boxers and sweating announced: "Ahem, do to this relentless heat I have moved all the fans to my room I will gladly give you one for 20$ a day thank you for your attention now if you excuse me I'll be getting 60 pound bag of ice and anything else cool."

There was a knock at the door and horo went to get it. (Sheesh maybe I should've went shopping with yoh it would have been better wherever he's at then here with Queen Grochalot.) Thought horohoro as he answered the door. "What do you want?!" said horo annoyed as the heat that hit him. "Hi there I have a delivery for... did you always answer the door with nothing on?" Asked the man. He saw anna in a swimsuit. "Am I interrupting something between you two? "Anyway I have a delivery for a mister boroboro, mister yoh, mister ryu, and a miss anna." That's HoroHoro!" shouted horohoro grabbing the package and signing the paper. "Get in here or stay out there so the heat won't come in here Trey!"

"Okay so sign here and there." "What's in here anyway?" If it's Susie I told her I would pay her on Monday for her services!" come ryu's voice. "Got me you might want to get some sunscreen if you're planning on sunbathing mister boroboro see ya." Said the man as he went away. "That's HoroHoro not BoroBoro!" "What's in the package," asked anna taking it away from him and opening it. Inside were two boat tickets and a video. Anna put the type in the VCR and hit play.

A man in his early twenties appeared and dressed look he was a sorcerer of some sort. He had a scar on his right eye and brown hair in a ponytail. "Greetings, Allow me to introduce myself I am called Porthios and this is my spirit Ariakan." A tall stern samurai appeared with dark armor adorned with the skull, the lily, and the mace. He carried a sword and a lance along with a helmet with visor closed so you could only see his menacingly eyes.

"Don't worry he is obedient and he won't hurt you...much." "I suppose you wander what this is and don't turn off this type. There is a tournament- taking place at my island many shamans from around the land will participate." "A tournament?" asked horohoro amazed at the might of ariakan. Porthios smiled and continued: "Inside this type are three tickets to my island the ferry is at Kyoto and leaves on July, 17." Ryu with ice to his head come in to watch the video. "Hey guys, I'm back shopping and man is it hot out there." Yoh returning was grabbed and saw the video and ariakan. "It is up to you to decide to go or not. "If you go it would by my honor to host you, If not well it's your fault not mine."

The screen went blank as the video ended. "Well should we go?" asked horohoro to the others. "I say we should who knows we might have some fun." Said Yoh. Anna snorted in disbelief. "Use that thing that was put in your head yoh. I doubt this guy wants use to come over just for fun. It's likely that by the look of him he is unbelievable powerful maybe more powerful than you guys together." "I can't go I have a date with Jessica, or was it Diane?" Said ryu. "I say yes come horohoro's reply a chance to become shaman king that's an open invitation for me." Ryu laughed, "HA HA HA HEH hee, you become shaman king? That's the day manta is seven feet tall. Waa ha ha heh heh." "Hey I'm already a powerful shaman and I know I can beat you!" "Hey, guys if you want to settle this take it outside" came yoh's reply. "Yoh's right let's have a match against each other winner get's a fan." Suggested ryu. "Stu and Pid going against each other my money's on pid," said anna. "You're on!" Kororo got on horohoro's shoulder ready to fight.

The two shamans headed outside as the two began to battle. Ryu of the wooden sword versus horohoro master of ice! "I'll let you know I'm the only shaman who made it to round 2 without a loss." Said Ryu confident of himself. "Well let's see how lucky you are let's go!" shouted horohoro. "Don't you two want to put some clothes on first? Or are you going to fight naked?" came Anna's cold reply? AAAAHH! The two anime dropped as they remembered they didn't have much on.

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