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The Power Within Part 2

In the forest where we last left off Yoh Asakura stood there glaring at the transformed HoroHoro. It didn't make any since HoroHoro was already beaten how could this be possible! Where did he get this energy, his furyouku level was going through the roof and it was still rising. In place of his usual outfit was dark blue armor covering his body. He had dragon wings sticking out of his back; his brown eyes were now icy blue, and a mask covering the bottom half of his face. Suddenly HoroHoro made his move.

Dashing forward with unbelievable speed he struck Yoh across the face with a gloved hand. He then delivered a series of blows to his stomach and then swatted him aside. He then reappeared right behind the flying Yoh and swatted him to the ground. Yoh leapt up and swung his sword at him. HoroHoro just disappeared and reappeared right behind him nailing him to the ground again. "Damn you! Celestial Slash!" Trey stood there with his arms crossed as the attack hit him full force. Yet when the smoke cleared he stood their unharmed one bit. "Now it's my turn, Freezing Slash!" Forming a Kori Blade in his arms Trey then slashed him knocking him out of spirit form. "How is this possible where did you get this power answer me now!" HoroHoro glared at him. "This form is an ancient one which has not been used in thousands of years. Its name is Arakona! (Yeah, Yeah, the name sucks let's see you do better.) Once thought to be pure myth I now have the ability to use it, as you can see right now Yoh my power is now higher than yours there's no way you can beat me so just give up." "Shut up! There's no way you can be stronger than me! Amidairu! Giant Spirit Form!" Yoh's Katana grow huge. "Now make it smaller!" The blade grew smaller making it easier to handle. "I will kill you!" Shouted Yoh Charging at him. HoroHoro stood there and then charged at him as well.

"Balgerda! Do you feel that energy?" Said Anna as she was in a run. "Yes Anna, I haven't felt this kind of power in a long time." Said Balgerda in her spirit ball form floating after her "Well do you know who it belongs too? If he's friend or foe?" "No, I do not, yet it feels familiar. But I can't place it." Anna then concentrated and closed her eyes while running. She then saw a flash. "I-I think it might be Trey!" "What?" "That idiot has done something and his furyouku has gone through the roof!" "C-Could it be? Has he unlocked the power of Arakona?" Said Balgerda with her eyes wide open. "Arakona? Wait I remember! My grandmother told me about it but it's suppose to be pure myth. It's done by a great deal of emotions that you feel, like those Saiyans on that one show. But how did HoroHoro do it? It doesn't make any since?" "We'll find out once we find him let's go!" Shouted Balgerda as the two run off.

"What is this? This can't be true my ears are must be lying," Said Hao as he listened in on the conversation. He refused to believe what he had heard. There was no way that Trey An Ainu could possibly achieve that form it was ludicrous! Stifling a snarl he growled and continuing following her. He had to see this for himself; there was no way that HoroHoro could have possibly achieved the power of the gods!

Hao wasn't the only one in disbelief. In a room with a large crystal ball members of the S.O.A watched the battle between Yoh and Trey. "This can't be possible! Fetch me an oracle bell!" Said Kelto to Neiz who ran off. "I must say, he looks kinda sexy in that armor." Said Joan of the deadly twins. Neiz returned and handed Kelto an oracle bell. Kelto typed in the secret code and checked HoroHoro's name. His eyes widened in shock. "TWO BILLION SEVEN HUNDRED MILLION AND NINE HUNDRED THOUSAND AND STILL GOING UP!" "Impossible! Not even all of us combined have that much it must be broken." Said Neiz in defiance. "It's true the boy may have increased his power but I highly doubt it went up that match." Said Angola reading his book of summons. "Yeah, that's almost half of Lord Porthios's furyouku level." Said Veronica. "It's almost at four billion! How is this possible coming from him!" When we last scanned him a year ago his furyouku was 9,250! How is this possible?" Suddenly the oracle bell started to smoke and electricity formed around it. "K-Kelto quick, get rid of it! It's gonna blow!" Said Neiz. Kelto moved to throw it away but too late. KA-BOOM! The scanner exploded covering them all with smoke. The five emerged coughing from the rubble. "I think we might want to inform Lord Porthios of this," Said Angola dryly.

Ren dodged Muta's blade and countered with a kick to the face. The warrior leapt away and regained his footing. "Your good you'll be a worthy kill." "We'll see about that won't we?" The two charged at each other their blades singing as Ren's family heirloom and Muta's Demon Sword collided again and again. "Rapid Tempo Assault!" "Blade Barrage!" Muta began moving his hands very fast and it looked as though he had six arms. He parried all the blows away and chuckled. "Golden Thunder Impalement!" "Abyss Circle!" Ren stabbed his sword into the ground and thousands of pikes came out. Muta countered by lowering his sword to the and then slicing a circle sending dark energy destroying the pikes. The two were evenly matched, as the outcome was uncertain. But one thing was certain neither would back down. Letting out a battle cry Ren and Muta charged at each other and leapt into the air as they continued their battle.

Also evenly matched were rivals of unequal swordsmanship. Keiya and Masoj their ancestor's blades gleaming in the sunlight, clashed with each other again and again. One fought for revenge, the other for honor. Little words were spoken, as none were needed as they let their swords do the talking. "Seven Blade Strike!" Keiya countered the attacks easily. "Don't tell me your trying that move again." Snarled the ninja in disgust. The ninja leapt up and lunged at him. Masoj however, knew the move before it even started and dodged easily. The two were then in a stand still in a test of strength. Masoj then smiled and brought his foot up. Only to be countered by Keiya's own boot. "Don't think I haven't forgotten that trick Samurai." Sneered Keiya as he slashed at him. Masoj parried the attack as the two started running side by side face-to-face never taking their eyes off one another, leaping over fallen logs, crossing through streams of water, never taking their eyes off each other for even a split second. And so they danced, and so their blades clashed, and so did neither struck the other, as it seemed to them both that this would be the final battle to settle their rivalry.

Meanwhile, Dashawna by herself walked through the castle on weak legs. She had encountered some soldiers mostly females so that her harp wouldn't affect them; she managed to fend them off, and was now looking for the others. Suddenly, a man in his thirties rushed past her knocking her to the ground. The man hearing a clattering noise turned around and had fear in his eyes and he was deathly pale. He was clutching something in his hand that Dashawna couldn't see. "Watch where you're going!" Dashawna shouted at him. The man's eyes widened in terror and he ran off trying to hide in the crowd. "Freak," Muttered Dashawna rolling her eyes as she walked off not noticing a person in robes with a cowl over his face stalking the man who was fleeing. Walking down the street Dashawna then heard a scream of absolute terror. Rushing back to the crowd she then gasped in shock.

In the crowd now only a shriveled up corpse like that off of the mummy was the man who was fleeing. He was nothing now but dry skin and bones. Standing over him with his cowl and hood down was Porthios. Many of the shamans watched in fear as he reached down and jerked out the item that he had, it was a golden bracelet that was shaped like an eagle. Porthios's eyes flared as he glared at the man's remains with disgust. The shamans began murmuring to themselves. "Did you see that?" "He killed him and sucked him dry!" Porthios turned around to the shamans and scowled. "This will be the punishment for those who try to escape my island and steal my treasure, apparently you haven't learned your lesson!" Porthios then opened his mouth and suddenly something began to stir. There was a loud buzzing noise as thousands of locusts poured out of his mouth and into the crowd swarming. Dashawna ducked behind a pillar avoiding the locusts that were attacking the shamans. "This is bad…" She said to herself as she managed to sneak into a room and closed the door. "That's one of the plagues of Egypt, how did I get talked into this?" She said to herself, as she needed to find the others.

"Hell with this!" Cursed Botta. He was not in a good mood, Not only was he ambushed but someone had trashed the shaman's room and it was only him and Chocolove. "Calm down will ya pal?" "I'm not your pal." Said Botta coldly as he began heading towards the door. "I'm getting something to drink you want something?" He asked putting on his hat. "Yeah, some Coke," "Alright," "And A chocolate milkshake," "Yeah, Yeah," "And A Banana Split!" "Get off your ass and get it yourself!" Shouted Botta heading out the door. "Don't worry about closing the dang door." Muttered Chocolove sitting in one of the few chairs. He got up and stretched his muscles. He began working out and managed to do an impressive workout. Working on his speed and agility and his striking attacks. "Ha! I'd love to see those clowns get me this time." He said full of confidence. Suddenly a powerful gust of wind came by and Chocolove leapt out of his skin in fear. He looked around and saw the window door beating against the wall. Frowning he went over to it cautiously and peered outside. Seeing nothing he quietly closed it. "Your getting worked up over nothin' Joco." Suddenly before he could react, he got swept up into the air by an unseen force. He flailed his arms in the air struggling to get free. Chocolove then saw something horrible, it was a hideous creature clothed in dark robes and had skeletal like hands and a demon mouth. The wraith shrieked at him and opened its jaws producing tentacles from his mouth. Thinking quickly Chocolove slashed at the creature slicing its arm. The wraith shrieked again and dropped him. Chocolove decided to get the hell out of there.

Running for his life he then suddenly bumped into Botta and sent their drinks splashing over them. "What the heck's your problem!" Shouted Botta grabbing him. Suddenly the wraith came through the wall and howled at them. The two then undisputed decided to run. "Where the hell that thing come from?" "I ain't waitin' to find out!" Exclaimed Chocolove as the two ran off with the Wraith right behind them. "Hey do you know what the difference between a wraith and a warlock is?" Asked Chocolove coming up with a brand new joke. "If you finish that, I'll throw you to him!" Snapped Botta dragging him.

Outside of Porthios castle two figures looked over the scene in front of them. A group of soldiers gloating over their victory and carrying their prizes had entered a secret doorway in the castle. "We have to save them Silvia," Said Nakota looking up at him. "Your right, we cannot abandon Jun and the others to torment and death. We must save them." Said Silvia working on paint for them. The two than began put the black and white paint on them covering their faces and body using the paint as means of camouflage. The two getting their weapons walked over to the secret doorway, Silvia pressed his hand against a rock and pulled it down. A doorway revealed letting off a red light. Sounds of singing could be heard. The two nodded at each other and walked in.

Nakota and Silvia walked up the steps cautiously as the singing grew nearer; the two reached the top of the stairs and ducked as a soldier crossed over them. The two looked over and saw that many forges were lit as the soldiers continuing to sing as they worked on feeding the fire and making weapons and armor. "The rumors were true," Said Silvia. He had heard whispers that Porthios was enlisting humans and shamans to join his army. The two silently and quickly dashed from the stairs and into a corner. At this part of the tunnel soldiers were being drilled and trained by instructors. Two soldiers sweating walked over and the two Indians blended in with the stonewall. "Did you see those girls that Theta squad brought in?" "Yeah, I wonder if Ranzou will take a day off today with Maya and let us watch over them." Said the other with a chuckle. "Not likely, Ranzou loves his job and frankly he scares me half to death I don't know how Lord Porthios keeps him in line." "Me, neither, but did you hear?" The soldier looked around for anybody else and turned to his companion. "There's a rumor that Porthios has some one trapped in his treasure room." "Who is it?" "I don't know but I heard that it might be The Iron Maiden." The two continued talking and left unaware of the two that had spied on them. "The Iron Maiden? I thought she was dead." Said Nakota. Silvia a grim look on his face turned and left with Nakota behind him. Suddenly Nakota unaware was then grabbed and taken into the wall. "Nakota!" Shouted Silvia reaching for him. "Leave me! Save the others!" Shouted Nakota as he disappeared. "Damn it…I will find you again." Sweared Silvia with grim determination.

Meanwhile, the battle between Yoh and HoroHoro continued, HoroHoro in his transformed state easily dodged and parried Yoh's attacks. Yoh brought his sword up in an overhead slice ready to cut him in half. Trey just reached out and grabbed the blade stopping it cold. Yoh struggled to wrench it free, as it seemed that HoroHoro wasn't even trying. "Here let me help you…" With that HoroHoro brought his foot up and kicked him aside. Yoh took his time getting up and glared at him snarling. "Done in already?" "No! Far from it!" Trey tossed him back his sword, which Yoh caught. "Yoh it's over you can't beat me, so just surrender." He said calmly to him. "Grand Halo Blade!" Shouted Yoh using his ultimate attack. Trey stood there not even moving as the attack engulfed him. Dust filled the forest as Yoh laughed manically thinking that HoroHoro was dead as he took the full front of the attack. "There's nothing left of him now he'd dead for sure!" He cackled. Suddenly the dust cleared and he choked up at what he saw. HoroHoro stood there impassively as Yoh's attack did not hurt him. "This can't be possible how is it possible! Even Hao if he had taken the full force of the attack would be hurt but you don't even have a scratch!" Said Yoh shocked in disbelief. "It's over my friend there's no point in fighting now," HoroHoro than disappeared and reappeared right behind them the two of them back to back.

"I don't want to hurt you Yoh, I know somewhere deep inside that skull is that lazy laidback slow witted good hearted friend of mine. Do you not remember that party we had when we advanced to the second round, remember when Anna after we trashed the house forced us to clean it up with the entire neighborhood watching us? Remember our trip to Dobi Village? Our fight that we had in the first round? Have you forgotten all that has happened?" Yoh stood there for a moment appearing to be choked up. "I do remember what happened those days, I do remember the party, the fight, the trip to Dobi Village, I remember it all. But now I am forced to work under Porthios cause if I don't he'll kill everyone I care about. And I don't want that to happen." Yoh clutched his Katana as tears started to form in his eyes. "So my friend, I have no choice but to kill you it's the only way to save you and the others. So let's end this fight." Yoh turned around and slashed at him and sliced off the mask he wore. "Very well then," Said Trey as tears formed. "Freezing Slash!" Slicing Yoh to the ground HoroHoro brought his blade up and then stopped. Yoh stood up and managed to stand on his feet.

"And now my friend I make the most difficult move of my entire life," Said HoroHoro. Furyouku started to form around him as he gathered energy. It cascaded around his entire body joining with him as he closed his eyes, a crystal tear slipped down his face as he was going to do the one thing that he would never forgive himself for. "ARRRRGGGHHHHHH!" He then fired a large blast of furyouku right at Yoh who resigned himself to this fate and didn't even move. The blast encompassed the entire area and could be seen for miles. All the combatants on the island looked on in shock even those right in the middle of battle at the large blast. Anna and Balgerda stood there in total disbelief as they neared the blast. "HoroHoro," Said Anna in fear of him and wondering what in the world has happened. "So it has begun," Said Porthios watching from his tower with a small smile as he rubbed his hands together. "Damn it! This is impossible!" Shouted Hao in rage as he saw the blast. A heavy mist then covered the area that they were in.

"Lightning Cannon!" "Lightning Bolt!" Two blasts of electricity collided and nullified each other out. The Viking warrior Zelk collapsed to one knee catching his birth. As his opponent laughed at him while floating on a thundercloud. Pretty much things were going Drake's way. Not only was he quick, he had a thunder elemental with him, as the thunder cat would strike at any time. "What's wrong what happened to all your spirit earlier?" Taunted Drake pulling out his Kriss. With a great effort Zelk pulled himself up. "Very well then, time to DIE!" The thunder elemental leapt at him fangs and claws bared. "Gemini Blaster!" Suddenly a large purple blast appeared and engulfed the cat disintegrating it. "What the!" Shouted Drake in disbelief. A figure rushed past Zelk and placed herself in front of him. "D-Dashawna!" Shouted Zelk. Dashawna turned around and gave him a thumbs up. "Looks like you've been slacking off some Zelk." "Ha, Ha, Ms. I got a bye." Said Zelk drawing his hammer. "Excuse me! Am I interrupting something!" Shouted Drake charging with electricity "The tables have turned! Might as well beg for mercy!" Shouted Dashawna drawing her harp. "You'll be the ones wishing for mercy!" Shouted Drake firing bolts of electricity "Thunder Shield!" The bolts bounced off the shield harmlessly. "Take this!" Shouted Dashawna as her strings from her harp wrapped themselves around Drake. "Now Zelk, finish him now!" "You get it! Maximum Furyouku! Wrath of Thor!" The thunder god appeared in full form and charged at the imprisoned Drake. Raising his hammer he then struck him. Drake cried out in anguish and pain as he was being shocked to death. Thor raised his hammer and this time struck him across the chest. The strings snapped by the force of the blow and Drake was sent sailing through the air with a cry of anguish as he disappeared from sight.

"YES!" Shouted Dashawna as she wrapped her arms around Zelk laughing as they celebrated their victory. "Dashawna thank you, I owe you my life. If you hadn't shown up I don't know what would have happened." "Zelk," Said Dashawna as he hugged her against his chest. "C'mon we have to go find the others." He said with reluctance letting her go. The two headed off searching for the others.

"So basically what happens to us now?" "Millie, Shut it." Said Pirika as they were all chained in the dungeon. "This is just perfect, Odds are we either get tortured for the rest of our lives or we become sex slaves for the rest of our lives." Said Jun as she and Pailong were struggling to get free. A rat appeared and sniffed Tamao, which took a great amount of courage for her not to scream. "Shoo! Get away!" She squealed freaking out as the rat curiously sniffed her. "I hope the other's are okay," Said Millie. "Don't worry, before you know it, they'll be charging in here to rescue us." Assured Jun. "I hope your right Jun, cause I don't know about you but I think something terrible is happening." Said Pirika. Suddenly the door to their cell opened and in stepped a man. He was about 22.He had dark blue hair and pale skin, and wearing a blue and purple outfit and a link of protective chain mail around his chest. Two swords were strapped across his back as he walked in the cell. His eyes scanning them he smiled a bit sadistically. "Now this is more like it, I get four pretty things to play with?" Said Ranzou as he went over to a cabinet where he kept his "tools" at and pulled out some knives. The group gulped at the same time, as they knew he wasn't planning on cutting cake with those knives.

"Take that! And that! And one of these!" Said Ryu as he defeated skeleton warrior after skeleton warrior. Yet it seemed no matter how many he destroyed two more appeared to take its place. He couldn't waste time with them, as Manta needed his help. Faust the once former ally now follower of Porthios stood showing no expression what so over. Frowning he decided to take care of Ryu himself. Dodging, their crude weapons Ryu was easily defeating the zombies but was suddenly struck by a scythe. Turning around noticing the skeletons backing off because of Faust approaching. "Hell Dragon Crimson Lizard!" He struck Faust with all his might. Yet Faust took the full force of that attack and didn't seem to be phased by it whatsoever. Faust responded by nearly slicing off Ryu's hair along with his head. Faust then twirled the weapon and threw it at him. Ryu leapt up and dodged it. "HA! Missed me!" Then the weapon came back and struck him in the back. "Damn it!" He cursed as the blade punctured a rib. Faust stood there glaring at him coldly like he was an insect. "Leave now Ryu, this is your last chance." Commanded Faust to him. "And leave Manta to suffer at your hands? Are you ludicrous?" Shouted Ryu clutching his rib cage. Skeletal hands then come from the earth and grasped Ryu. "Coward! Fight me like a man!" He yelled struggling to get free. Faust responded by striking him across the face with a surprising powerful punch. "I warn you Ryu, nothing will stop me from resurrecting my sweet Eliza! Even if I have to sell my soul to do so!" "Yeah, Yeah you're breaking my heart! If you truly loved her you wouldn't be working for someone who will just kill you after you have no more use He's lower than Hao!"

"Silence! How dare you talk about Lord Porthios that way? Comparing him with that maggot Hao whose power can't even hold a candle to him. With his power he can do any miracle and by serving him he will restore Eliza to me. Ryu, I hoped to gain you as an ally but I hope no longer. I'll prove my loyalty to him by taking your head to him!" Shouted Faust raising his Scythe. (It all ends here) He thought to himself. "Blood Harvest!" Dark energy coming from his weapon then engulfed Ryu who screamed in pain and agony Manta watching the battle still too weak to do anything. "R…yu" He groaned and raised his tiny fist. "RYU DON'T DIE!" He shouted. Suddenly he looked in shock as furyouku surrounded him and went around his arm. It was his furyouku that he had when he was temporally a shaman and wielded Mosuke as his spirit. He aimed it and sent it right at Ryu giving him his strength.

Ryu felt the connection and felt his strength returning and going even higher than before with a burst of energy he shook off the attack and stood before the shocked Faust. "What the! Your alive!" Ryu glared at him and discarded his disco outfit and was in his fighting outfit and went to a fighting stance. "Think I'd die so easily? Faust you traitor! I got a big wad of payback just for you! Time for round two let's do it traitor!"

"WHERE IS HE!" Shouted the giant Guile searching for Lyserg. After that cheap shot he went off in a rampage searching for the green haired shaman. He was destroying everything in his path trees, boulders, anything and everything that got in his way. "When I find that kid he'll wish he hadn't been born." Guile promised to himself. He was near a cave and beyond it was a ledge, which led to a long way down the hard way. Growling he continued his search for him and searched the cave for him.

Suddenly Lyserg appearing above him fired his pendulum into the roof. He then leapt and swung right at him. Guile turned around and got a pair of boots to his face stumbling him backwards. Throwing a fist at him the mighty behemoth missed and hit the wall crumbling it. Lyserg fired his pendulum striking him in the helmet staggering him. Guile responded by swatting him with a backhand that sent him a dozen feet into the air. Landing dazed Lyserg dodged the attack and started running towards the exit. "Get back here you little maggot!" Shouted Guile chasing after him. Losing track of him he growled and stalked out of the cave with the ledge before him. Growling he looked down but couldn't find him. "Right behind you ugly!" Turning around he saw Lyserg on top of a cliff above. "Chloe into the pendulum! Big Ben Ware Frame!" Lyserg struck him and sent him toppling a few feet back. Guile roared and charged him. The two went into a struggle Lyserg dodging his attacks and striking whenever he could. Guile suddenly grabbed him and lifted him up in the air and head butted him. He then rammed him against the wall and threw him near the end of the ledge.

Lyserg in pain and a bloody nose looked up and saw Guile before him. "Time to die." He said slowly. Lifting one giant foot he got ready to bring it down and crush Lyserg's skull. Reacting quickly Lyserg fired it at the leg. Wrapping it around the massive leg he then pulled sending the giant over to him. Ducking he saw Guile's giant frame go over the ledge and off the mountain.

Picking himself up Lyserg heard a groaning noise and looking down saw Guile hanging on to a rock. Over a hundred foot drop into the sea awaited him. Guile looked at him pitifully and groaned. Lyserg looked at him with amusement and smiled at him before uttering. "This is where you fall down." He said waving his hand as if to say bye-bye. (I just had to do that it's a classic scene) Guile lost his grip and with a cry of anguish plummeted down to his doom. Wiping the blood off his nose Lyserg chuckled as he left. "Look's like we're going to the second round Chloe." He said to his fairy spirit who giggled as she Eskimo kissed him.

In a room filled with priceless treasures was the unconscious Nakota who slowly started to collect his wits about him. All he remembered was falling a great distance. He gasped as he saw the treasure before him. Gold chalices with diamonds at their center, Ancient weapons some over thousands of years old, Treasures from Egypt, Golden coins from the ancient Roman Empire, with just one handful of this he could buy himself his own private country. He looked at it amazed, He saw a gigantic emerald, which reflected his view, taking up a sword he swung it and was amazed by its enchantment. On it was ancient runes. "To he who wields this blade let it be known, that he shall be a god among mortals for this is the legendary sword of King Arthur Excalibur…" He breathed as he put it back and bowed before it. Something that immediately attracted his eye was a staff; it was made of the finest wood and glowed with a green color. Touching it he released it immediately as it burned him. "Clearly I am not its wielder." He said to himself. He then saw a black crystal inside a case. Seeing that it was rigged to have the entire ceiling cave in, Nakota didn't breath until he managed to get it out. He felt a calling to it and suddenly a reflection of a girl appeared. "Release me," A voice said. Nakota looked around in alarm and realized the crystal was talking. It was pleading with him to destroy it so it might be freed. Nakota searched the crystal and find a hard spot in its smoothness that was it's weak spot. Drawing his tomahawk he began chipping away at it. At first nothing happened but he continued his relentless assault. Soon it began to crack and with one final blow it shattered.

A silver mist enveloped him and he looked confused, soon the mist started taking shape into the liking of a girl. The mist then became real and in his arms in a flimsy silk dress with her silver hair was The Iron Maiden released from her prison. Nakota gasped at her, she was beautiful beyond comparison of all the treasure in the room. At that moment Nakota cared nothing except loving this beautiful creature and having her love in return. Jeanne weakly opened her eyes and saw him. "Who…are you?" "I-I am N-Nakota of T-The S-Sioux Tribe." He stuttered at her. "Please you must…get me out of here…Before Porthios returns." She said weakly before collapsing into a deep sleep. First taking care to cover her with a blanket so she wouldn't be seen, Nakota threw her over his shoulder and looked for an exit.

"Doesn't that thing ever quit!" "Shut up and keep running you moron!" Still running for their lives were Chocolove and Botta as the wraith was still after them. Feeling his legs getting weak Botta stopped and draws his Sais. "What are you doing if we stop we're toast." Said Chocolove in fear as Botta stood his ground. "I'm tired of running, it's time to fight! You can be a coward if you want but I'm going to fight!" Chocolove gulped and then went into oversoul. "Alright Mic! Let's do this thing Baby!" He said as he rejoined Botta. The wraith seeing them sent out its tentacles in its mouth. Botta stabbed the tentacles and got them tangled up. "Now! Hit it!" "Jaguar Slash!" Chocolove sliced it at the base of its shoulder nearly slicing off its arm. The creature shrieked with rage and sent a numbing blast of psionic at the joker. Chocolove stumbled around all confused saying gibberish that made no sense. "Great, so much help from joker," Said Botta dryly as he charged the wraith. He leapt and much to his surprise leapt right through it like it was nothing. Landing on the ground he snarled and drew his Sais. The wraith sent another blast of psionic but this had no effect as Botta had dealt with such attacks before and knew how to counter them. Twirling his Sais he then threw them but they just went through the less then substantial wraith. "Alright, then if only magical attacks will hurt you then, than hit me with everything you got!" Shouted Botta. The wraith screamed and fired a large red ball of furyouku right at him. Botta smiling pulled out his medallion and focused. The attack was strong and nearly shattered his shield but Botta held on long enough to absorb and sent it right back at the one who threw it. The wraith shrieked in alarm and was engulfed by it's own attack. The blast went into the wall sending a pile of rubble collapsing. Botta then noticed Chocolove dancing and singing.

"I am a little teapot short and stout, here is my handle and here is my sprout-Ow! Huh? You defeated it?" Asked Chocolove as Botta hit him to knock him back into his senses. "Yeah, I defeated it I used it's own attack against it." The two started walking when they heard a familiar shrieking noise. The wraith emerged from the rubble not in a good mood. "Well, if we beat you once we'll beat you again right Botta? Huh Botta?" Chocolove felt around him and found that Botta was gone. "Hey! Don't leave me here!" Shouted Chocolove as he chased after Botta with the wraith behind them.

The Sword of Thunder and The Demon blade clashed again and again as Ren and Muta continued their battle. Although Ren had been able to keep this as a draw he needed to get out of there and find the others. "Don't be concerned about your friends, you should be concerned about me," Said Muta as the two stared at each other. Rats, I gotta end this thing quick, if I waste any more time with this wretched swordsman Jun and the others. No! I can't think like that I got to end this and save them! Thought Ren to himself. "Fool! You concern yourself about your friends! And here I thought you was the perfect warrior!" Ren's eyes widened a bit at that remark. "A warrior has no concerns for others, it is cold and uncaring, each person that I have slain was too caring for their own good and to think the rumors about the Tao family were false! I am the perfect warrior! I care nothing except the battle, nothing about my allies who could be slaughtered for all I know, the only thing that matters to a warrior is the battle wither he lives or he dies!" Muta slashed at him as Ren dodged. "Your wrong! It is my friends that keep me going! They're the ones who give me strength! You just care only about killing that's the type of warrior you are!" Ren yelled at him as the two continued battling. Muta unexpectedly punched him right in the noise with his gauntlet and kicked him so hard in the ribs Ren did a complete 360.

"It is you who is wrong pitiful Tao! To think your family was once the most feared in all of China? And now they're reduced to a pitiful heir to their legacy? I'm the true warrior!" Shouted Muta as he struck Ren against the face. Ren then countered with a blow to the head and attempted to slice off Muta's head. Muta dodged and seeing his helmet being a nuisance removed it and Ren got a good look at his face. It was covered with black and red face paint and he had red eyes and short black hair to his neck. Muta and Ren went into a test of strength and it was clearly Muta who was the stronger. He won the test of strength and sent Ren backwards stumbling leaving him open to a slice that would cut him in half. Ren waited for the outcome but nothing happened. He then heard the sound of a sword being sheathed.

"Pathetic, it's amazing that Porthios would even waste my time on you." He saw Muta walking away. "I'll show mercy on you this time but don't count on it again for me showing mercy to a pitiful weakling." Ren glared at his back but he had too much pride to stab someone in the back. "You better hope we don't meet again Tao, or else I will render your head from your body." Warned Muta coldly as he disappeared. Ren punched the ground in frustration and quickly left to find the others.

"What's wrong samurai can't keep up?" Taunted Keiya to Masoj. The two rivals were leaping to the top of a waterfall with Keiya ahead. The two stopped at top and then charged at each other. Again and again they striked at each other with nearly getting a hit. "This ends now Keiya!" "Indeed it does Masoj!" The two shouted at each other. Their ancestor's blade gleaming in the sunlight glowed colors as the two prepared for the final blow. The two then unleashed their ancestor's must powerful and devastating techniques which they had trained years to master. "HADOU…JENGERNAI!" Shouted Masoj. "KUROKAN…MOSTIPAI! Shouted Keiya.

The swords sent beams of energy at each other and they collided with each other in a tug of war. The two beams dispersed and the two rivals, Masoj covered in a golden light and Keiya covered in an onyx light leapt into the air. The sound of their blades clashing, which could be heard on all parts of the island as the two went right through each other.

The two landed on the opposite sides. Time passed as the two stood there motionless for a while Keiya's mask came apart and his face was exposed showing him clearly of Japanese descent and with cruel black orbs and brown hair. Masoj his armor almost completely shattered stood there completely breathless. Suddenly one of them fell down his eyes widened in shock as he fell face first into the dirt. The other turning around walked towards the other and snarled at the fallen one.

"You see now, I am the best! Me! I am the greatest swordsman in the world, you have learned you place which is beneath me!" Said the ninja as he glared at his hated adversary. Deciding to end this once and for all he pulled Masoj up by his hair and placed his sword against his throat. Suddenly a beam of light clouded Keiya's vision. "That was not part of our deal," Said the light whose voice was Porthios. Keiya snarled. "You remember well, I gave you this fight and I could easily kill right now. You are not to kill him." Keiya scowled remembering that Porthios had given him this rematch and he was not to kill Masoj, but he didn't care he only wished to kill him right this instant. "You will come with me right this instant or else I will have my men bring you too me." Threatened Porthios. A squadron of soldiers appeared with their bow & arrows aimed directly at him. Keiya with a growl threw Masoj down to the ground and sheathed his swords. A portal appeared and with a final glance at the fallen samurai he leapt into the portal. "Take the samurai to the infirmary, and go deliver this gift I promised Lyserg." A golden bracelet shaped like an eagle appeared in the arms of one of the soldiers who bowed and left.

A girl, who was running searching for her friends with determination as nothing, was going to stop her. With her wind spirit with her she rushed to the scene as she could tell she was getting close. She then came to an utter stopped and gasped at the sight before her.

Walking towards the unconscious boy in his transformed state HoroHoro then kneeled and picked him up. "Yoh? Yoh!" He shouted while shaking him gently. Yoh's eyes opened weakly and saw him. "Horo…" He said weakly reaching up to touch his face. (A/N: Better get a tissue ready you're gonna love this scene!) Taking his hand in his Trey smiled. Noticing the tiara still on he frowned and took it off and crushed it. Yoh gasped and lurched up breathing heavily. "Hey buddy, how ya doin'?" Said HoroHoro talking to him as if they had just got done playing games. "Trey!" Shouted Yoh wrapping him in a hug as tears poured out of his eyes as he was finally free from Porthios control. "It's alright dude, everything's gonna be okay. You're free now and your no longer away from us." Said Trey as a tear fell out of his eye. "HoroHoro, I'm sorry for what I tried to do, I couldn't control myself, I never wanted to kill you or the others I was so scared that I would never be free." Said Yoh as the two stood up. "Hey don't worry about it, you don't need to be under someone's control to try to kill me." HoroHoro realized that Yoh wasn't listening as he saw someone in the distance. "Anna…" Yoh breathed.

Anna had just watched the entire event and couldn't believe what she saw it was Yoh the boy she loved and he was okay and HoroHoro was there too as they were both okay. She broke into a run and didn't stop there. She in a completely unpredictable move leapt into the surprised shamans arms and hugged them both much to the surprise of them both. "Uh…Anna?" Said Yoh completely confused at this move. She realizing what happened got off them both and regained her self. "Your alive, Yoh." She said as she wrapped her arms around him. Trey no longer in his transformed state feeling that he wasn't wanted at this point started to walk off feeling a bit dejected. I guess she still loves him after all. He thought to himself. Anna realizing this saw him walk off and felt bad inside, she still wasn't sure if she loved him or Yoh. "Hey man, were you going?" Said Yoh breaking the hug and walking after Trey. "No where I just thought you two didn't want me to ruin your big reunion." He said coldly. Yoh then realized something that his best friend was in love with his fiancé. Yoh struggled to think of something to say when suddenly…

"GOTCHA!" A giant fiery hand reached out of nowhere and ensnared Anna. "What the!" Shouted Yoh. "It c-can't be!" Said HoroHoro remembering that fiery hand. "Oh it is indeed it is!" As the full form of The Spirit of Fire emerged sitting on top of it was none other than Hao Asakura. "Long time no see brother, and Ainu." Hao said mockingly. "Hao! Your suppose to be dead!" "Did you really think that I would be gone out of your lives forever? I have returned and now I come for revenge!" The Spirit of Fire brought Anna up to him. "Hao if you hurt her-" "What? You'll throw snowballs at me until I give in? I said Anna would become mine and now I shall make that come true." HoroHoro growled in fury and brought up his board. "Don't even think of attacking me, 1) if you tried you wouldn't hurt me and 2) I'll turn sweet Anna into ashes!" Threatened Hao. "Brother! Leave Anna out of this your place is with me!" Pleaded Yoh with his twin. "I think not Brother," Sneered Hao. "I'm not interested in you, I'm more interested in your friend." HoroHoro stood there confused. "How did you do that? That transformation?" Ordered Hao as started to burn Anna who screamed in pain. "I-I don't know it just happened!" "Wrong answer!" Shouted Hao increasing his power on Anna. "I'll ask you again and you better answer me right! How did you achieve the transformation of Arakona!" HoroHoro stood there in a tight fix he didn't remember how he did all he felt was a great burst of emotion and he then transformed. "Hao I'll make you a deal! If you let Anna go, I let you absorb me!" Hao smiled, as that was exactly what he wanted to hear. He then dropped Anna to the ground. Trey rushed to her and saw small burns across her body. "Now then Trey it's time to fulfill your part of the deal!"

He went to grab him but suddenly. "Crimson Blade!" A figure dropped from the sky and sliced off the Spirit of Fire's right arm. "Who did that!" Hao then stopped shouting as the man raised up. Wielding his katana and with his dark paladin spirit Porthios rose up and faced them. "Porthios!" Shouted Yoh drawing his katana in anger. A small smile formed on his face as he looked over them. "Well, done HoroHoro you've exceeded my expectations! To think you of all people would unlock the legendary spirit form of Arakona! For that I salute you." "Cut the talk Porthios what are you doing here?" Snarled HoroHoro standing alongside Yoh. "I'm here to congratulate you, and all your friends. You've all passed the first round with flying colors." "Enough of this, I'll take care of you now!" Shouted Hao annoyed at his interruption and lunged at him.

Porthios calmly held up his hand and a demon spirit appeared. "Abyss!" He fired a ball of dark energy at Hao. The blast hit him squarely in the chest and shattered his spirit form. Hao collapsed in a heap unconscious. HoroHoro, Yoh, and Anna stood there in disbelief. "Insolent scum, do you think you can take what I desire?" Said Porthios glaring at the body in hatred. "What did you do to him?" Yelled Yoh. "Why should you care about him? He would stop at nothing to kill you as well." "He's my brother and even though I hate him, I know there's some good in him." Porthios laughed at him. "Don't waste time with him Yoh, it's me he wants." Said Trey. "That's correct it's you who will determine the outcome of this world HoroHoro, although you have improved greatly you need to get stronger, I know that there is more power still within you." "Shut up! I hate you so much for all the things you've done and tried to do!" Porthios smiled. "Yes turn that anger into rage, give in to the hate!" Dropping his sword he held his arms out inviting an attack. "Now's your choice Trey Racer, kill me now, stab me with your ice sword fulfill your destiny!"

Letting out a battle cry HoroHoro charged at him and sliced at him with his Kori Blade. Porthios just vanished and reappeared. "You are so amusing. I'll give you a reward, since you defeated Yoh and destroyed his control device; he is now in the tournament fighting with you." "What do you mean?" Asked Yoh. "It's simple you now are participating in the tournament putting your soul on the line along with your friends." "You can't do that, force him into the tournament." Argued Anna. "This is my tournament and my island so I can make rules if I want to. I also have my eye on you Anna Kyoyama. It should now be interesting to see how well you can do in the second round of Shaman Kombat. Now then, you should all be ready for soon the world will be mine!" With that he vanished taking Hao with him as he sent a telepathic message for all his members to meet him who immediately dropped what they were doing and headed for their master's call.

"Damn him!" Shouted Anna punching the ground in anger. "Well, I wanted to enter this tournament anyway so I guess I'm in it." Said Yoh rubbing the back of his head. HoroHoro stared at them both holding his Kori Blade. It did not disappear with the rest of his transformation so it was his weapon. "Guys, let's go find the others we need to tell them this and besides we got a surprise for them." He said. The two nodded and the three ran off searching for their friends and wondering what is gonna happen now.

"Quick move! Move!" Shouted Silvia as he guided Jun, Pirika, Millie, Tamao, and Pailong through the dungeon as fast as he could. "Silvia!" "Nakota!" The Sioux ran up to them with something over his shoulder. "Who are you?" Asked Tamao terrified. "Name's Nakota, I'm a friend of HoroHoro." "Keep moving guys we're almost out of here." Said Jun. Pailong seeing Millie starting to lag behind picked her up and carried her. "The prisoners! They've escaped!" Shouted a guard who saw them. With that a squadron appeared chasing after them. "Don't let them escape or Porthios will have our heads!" The group came to a dead end and turned to face them. Silvia however noticed a slide panel. "You will surrender now, if you chose not to we will be forced to take you forcefully." Silvia's hand pushed the panel revealing an exit. "Run!" He shouted pushing Nakota and the others through. "Silvia! Quick!" Shouted Nakota reaching out for him. The soldiers charged them but Silvia held them back with his animal spirits. "What are you waiting for go now!" With that he closed the exit sealing him within. "No! Silvia!" Shouted Nakota as he rammed the wall trying to break it down. A gentle hand touched him and he saw Jun. "There's nothing we can do, we must do what we were told." She explained to him.

Breathing heavily Nakota grabbed his stuff. "Find your friends, and warn them that Porthios will stop at nothing to destroy them." The group nodded and left. Sighing Nakota heard the distant sounds of Silvia still fighting and with a heavy heart left his friend.

"What the! You guys again!" Shouted Lyserg as he encountered some of Porthios's troops. One of them held out his hand and pulled out the golden eagle bracelet. "This is for you, as Porthios reward for defeating Guile." Said the man bowing as he handed it to Lyserg. Taking the gift suspiciously he looked over it. Porthios did promise an item of great power if he won and he did defeat Guile. He was about to put it on when he heard some yelling and went to check it out.

Heading over there he meet Zelk and Dashawna along the way. "Hey Lyserg! Nice bracelet you got!" Said Dashawna. "Thanks," "YAAAARGGHHHHHH!" The three heard the screams and saw Chocolove running past them. "Run you sons of bitches! Run!" Shouted Botta thinking them idiots for standing there. The three sweat dropped then saw what was chasing them. "Go," Said Zelk and with that they started running. Lyserg tripped and fell and the wraith was about to get him when he put the bracelet on. It sparkled with a light and a beam struck the wraith. The wraith shrieked in agony and it disappeared into the bracelet. "Huh?" A loud clanking noise was heard at the bracelet then stuck on his arm. "What the! Stupid bracelet come off!" Shouted Lyserg trying to pull it off. "Finally that stupid creature is dead!" Said Botta as he and the others reappeared. "Yeah, and I think I lost about ten pounds from all that running." Breathed Chocolove heavily.

Suddenly Ryu, Manta, and Ren appeared. "Nice to see you guys are fine and dandy." Said Ren dryly. "Nice to see you too shark boy." Said Botta. "Guys we got something to tell you it's about…" Said Ryu. "REN!" Jun, Millie, and the others appeared catching up with them. "You don't know how glad I am to see all of you." Said Pirika. "Me too, we don't know what happened to Silvia he saved us, but he got caught." Said Tamao. "Well I'm glad we're all together, the only one missing is Faust and he's a turncoat." "WHAT!" Said Ren. "It's true, Faust has betrayed us and he now serves Porthios." Said Ryu. "But why would he do it. Wait I know! Because he wanted to-" "NO JOKES!" Shouted everyone at Chocolove.

"Heeeyyyyy!" Turning around then saw HoroHoro and Anna running towards them. "Trey!" Shouted Pirika hugging her big brother. "Anna, how did you get those burns?" Asked Tamao noticing Anna's burns. "It's a long story but first there's someone we'd like you to meet." She turned her head and mentioned for someone to come out.

He came out slowly and when his figure appeared: Tamao gasped, Ren clutched his heart in disbelief feeling like it was about to burst, Chocolove's and Lyserg's jaws hit the ground, Ryu fainted, and tears stormed out of Manta's eyes. Standing before them was none other than…


Yoh's voice: What up everybody this is my first time so then, next time on Shaman Kombat! We pretty much have a big party at our reunion, and I get introduce to our new friends, Ryu and Manta tells us what happened between them and Faust. Lyserg experiments with his bracelet. Ren and Pirika And HoroHoro and Anna spend some time together I knew I should've bought the camera! Unfortunately it ain't all fun and games. As Porthios calls his members forth and we learn of the second round, Also Nakota and Jeanne appear and it looks like we get a new friend sweet! Next time on Shaman Kombat! First round over Second round begins! Tamao why are you staring at me like that?