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A Mother Lives

A Shmi Lives Story

By Rose-Arwen-Padme


Padme awoke with her whole body aching, but her head suffering the most pain When she opened her eyes, she realized she was in a cramped cage of some sort, on the back of an… animal? There were wooden walls around her and above her, and little light came in through the planks The sound of Tusken Raiders walking and talking was below her Padme didn't really care where she was, only that she wasn't at the Lars homestead anymore walking with Beru Where was Anakin? Had he heard her scream his name? How she only wanted to be in his arms at that moment, to look into his eyes and find her paradise Would he find her? Would he risk coming after her like he had his mother? After all, she wasn't his flesh and blood, the only family that he had ever known. She'd give anything to just see him one more time There was so much that needed to be said. Just one more chance! But she was getting to worked up, and her head started to hurt even more, it was throbbing and pounding!… and suddenly she slipped into more… blackness

Anakin spotted the Tusken Raiders ahead of him, and slowed the speeder bike He eventually lulled it to a stop some hundred yards behind the caravan By peering around the single file group, he estimated that there were ten Tusken Raiders, a small sized-hunting party Enough to overcome a stunned woman, but hardly anything compared to a skilled Jedi with the element of surprise And this Jedi was desperately after the lady he loved—a force to be reckoned with

Moving slightly faster than the procession, Anakin gradually made his way to the last bantha and trailed it After a moment, using the Force he jumped onto the bantha and activated his lightsaber, and it blazed with blue energy. The Tusken Raider riding the mammoth-like animal was dead before he had turned around As Anakin jumped onto the next bantha in the line, he struck down the next Raider, but by now his presence was known amongst the others They were yelling and grabbing their weapons, but Anakin had soon already taken out three more on the ground

"Padme!" he started to call out anxiously "Padme, can you hear me? Padme!"

There were two more Tuskens than he had suspected, but that still only left seven to go Suddenly a Tusken Raider swung his pole over Anakin's head and yanked at his neck, attempting to strangle him, but the young Jedi Padawan was quick to slice the pole in two, and the attacker followed the same fate It was while he was striking down the seventh Raider when he heard her screams coming from above a bantha at the head of the line

"Anakin! Anakin, I'm in here!"

Frantic to get to her, Anakin sliced down two more Tuskens at once, then leaped onto the bantha A panicking Tusken with a knife in his shaking hand was already trying to unlock her cage door Anakin knew the creature was planning on taking Padme hostage, or worse, killing the prisoner, the prize, before Anakin could save her Anakin strode up to the alarmed warrior menacingly, his eyes narrowed with hatred at this creature that would try to harm his beloved or at least keep him from her, but he merely threw the Raider off the tall bantha Below, he landed in a way that broke his neck, just as Anakin had planned


Anakin rushed to the cage and, using his lightsaber, easily disposed of the heavy lock He switched of his weapon and flung open the door

Immediately, Padme sprang out and wrapped her arms around him "Anakin!" she cried breathlessly "Anakin!"

Anakin's voice broke as he whispered, "Padme… Padme." The painful sting in his chest that had formed and remained ever since he'd found out she had been taken disappeared at last. He stroked her soft hair soothingly and sighed. "Are you okay?" he asked, embracing her tightly

Padme breathed the scent of him in deeply. "I am now Gods, I knew you would come!"

He smiled as he hugged her back "Of course, Padme," he said softly "Did you actually think I'd leave you with these monsters? I hate to think… what would have happened if I hadn't found you" A shiver went down his back "Are you alright?" he asked, concerned "Did they hurt you?"

Padme shook her head "I'll live, don't worry A few bruises and scratches, but nothing that won't heal Oh, Ani, I was so frightened!"

Anakin hugged her even closer. "Padme, I thought I'd never see you again I couldn't breath. Gods, Padme, I lo—"

"Aaaggghhh!!" A Tusken Raider jumped on the back of the bantha and attacked them, yelling wildly Anakin pushed Padme out of the way of the knife just in time, and pulled back out his lightsaber Just as he was about to turn it on, though, his swift attacker knocked it out of his hands with his blaster gunIt landed on the ground below.

"Alright," Anakin muttered under his breath "Let's do this the hard way" He lunged at the Tusken Raider before he could stab again They struggled for sometime, but Anakin managed to use his Jedi skills and quickly subdue him As he was strangling his opponent, Padme carefully slid off the bantha to where Anakin's lightsaber was located below on the ground As soon as her feet hit the sand she tore off for the weapon a few yards away She knelt down beside it and grabbed it

"Padme!" Anakin yelled, still standing on the bantha "Watch out!"

Padme quickly turned behind her to see a Tusken Raider rapidly coming at her with a pole A sharp, gleaming knife was tied to the end of the dowel, coming straight at her

Without thinking, Padme turned on the lightsaber She had no idea how to properly use it, yet she was able to maneuver it quickly and efficiently enough to slice off the end of the Raider's pole with the knife on it just in time

Anakin gave a brief yelp of admiration and surprise, then jumped off the bantha and joined her on the ground He got his lightsaber from her, and then quickly took care of the Raider Now twelve dead Tusken Raiders surrounded them, and any further threats disappeared

Once again, Padme and Anakin found each other and hugged closely for a moment then ran for his speeder bike They jumped on and Padme wrapped her arms around Anakin's waist. She leaned her head against his back and closed her eyes as she gave him a strong squeeze.

Anakin smiled warmly to himself. In a minute, they were flying across the desert, heading back to the Lars homestead

Cliegg, Owen, and Beru were there when they returned Beru, now with a bandage across her forehead, rushed up to them once the speeder stopped She hugged Padme dearly, and then carefully helped her off the bike A determined Anakin didn't take his eyes off Padme for a single moment until she had been taken below the bluff and disappeared down the stairs

He turned to Owen and Cliegg "I don't think you'll have to worry about anymore Tusken Raider hunting parties for a while," he said in a firm, low voice "I taught them a lesson in hurting and kidnapping our women, one they won't forget"

Cliegg nodded and Owen patted him on the back "Then you did something," he said steadfastly "that we could not And we greatly appreciate it, no matter what you did"

Anakin nodded then followed them down the stairs

He found Padme in his mother's room, holding hands with Shmi tightly Tears were in their eyes

"When I heard," Shmi was saying. "I was so worried, for both you and Anakin. But mostly for you, dear. I know Anakin is a capable young man. He proved that to me. But I know first-hand how viciously those murders treat their victims" She sighed, and her voice was shaky "I feared the same thing that had happened to me would happen to you I prayed Anakin would deliver you back to us safely, and he did"

Padme smiled as a tear rolled down her cheek "Anakin has saved my life once again today He's the best bodyguard… the best friend… I've ever had I don't know what I'd do without himHe's like my own personal saint." She leaned up and hugged Shmi gently but meaningfully

"That's my son. Thank goodness you're back, though, Padme. Now I can rest easier."

The simple beauty of Padme's statement made Anakin smile, and he choose this time to enter the room "How are my two favorite Tusken prisoners?" he said with a smile

Padme frowned at him, but grinned a little too "That's not funny, Ani"

Anakin raised his eyebrows at her and laughed "Didn't your mother ever tell you not to scold your heroes?"

They laughed, but Shmi said with the same weight, "And didn't your mother ever tell you to kiss her hello when you saw her?"

Anakin smiled, and stepped forward He planted a sweet kiss on his mother's cheek, then leaned back and sat in a chair close beside Padme—closer to her than he would have been before her chaotic kidnapping.

Padme smiled and gently took Anakin's hand. "Ani," she whispered. "Before we left Coruscant, I made a pun about my Jedi protector, you, having to prove how good you were if something ever happened while you where guarding me. Well… you've proved yourself way beyond my expectations." She leaned backwards and kissed him on the cheek gently. "Thank you." They looked intensely into each other's eyes, until Anakin couldn't stand it, blushed madly, and looked away.

Padme knew she was on dangerous ground, because of how close they were all of a sudden, but she didn't care. She had meant every word. And the kiss.

Shmi smiled at them, then said, "Anakin, I'm very proud of you yet again. You brought this young lady back safe, and I know she'll never forget it."

Padme smiled. "Of course," she agreed.

Anakin just looked back at the girl beside him, hypnotized. His voice was low, soft, and full of a fiery sincerity as he replied, "I just know I'd go crazy if anything ever happened to you."

After a while of talking, Shmi questioned, "Ani, how did you find time to come here? I mean, your Jedi master didn't mind?"

Anakin's face grew red "Uh… no, he didn't mind" He eyed Padme, and saw she was frowning at him

"Don't lie, Ani She deserves to know the truth"

Shmi raised her eyebrows, but didn't say anything

"Well," Anakin started "I'm not really supposed to be here In fact, no one, including my Master Obi Wan, knows I'm here I was given orders to stay on Naboo and protect Padme, but I felt your pain and had to help you One thing led to another and… now here we are" He said quickly, "But I don't regret it! You could have died if I hadn't come in time And Padme offered to come with me when I said I would go alone…"

Shmi's face was hard "Ani… what punishment would be sentenced to you if the other Jedi found out you had disobeyed your orders?"

Anakin sighed "I would be severely punished Possibly thrown out of the Jedi Order"

Shmi kept her voice quiet but decisive as she spoke "Alright then, Anakin You will return to Naboo this afternoon with Padme, and act as if you never came here Neither one of you will mention that you came, and you won't get in trouble"

Anakin sat on the edge of his chair "But Mom! I want to stay until you're better!"

Shmi shook her head "No, Anakin I already am better since you brought me back, and I will continue to improve" She took her son's hand "Ani, I want you to stay longer just as much as you do, but you have a duty to honor now If you were expelled from the Jedi, what would you do? Come here and live with me as a moisture farmer the rest of your life? You'd never be satisfied with that, and we both know it." She turned to the girl beside him Her voice was as sweet as honey "Padme, dear, would you excuse us for a moment?"

Anakin shook his head "No, Mom, there's no secrets between me and Padme"

Padme stood anyways "It's okay, Anakin I'll be just outside"

It was somewhat hard for Anakin to watch Padme leave. His protectiveness and apprehension for her had not disappeared just because he had rescued her. He never wanted to let her out of his sight again.

After Padme left, Shmi stroked his chin "Don't lie You want Padme out of this place as soon as possible, and you have to stay with her wherever she goes It's your job You know how dangerous Tatooine is, and it's no place for a Galactic Senator from a powerful, prosperous planet like Naboo You know what types of mongrels are all over this planet! Thieves, mean gamblers, robbers, and other criminals make up a large population of Tatooine Even here on the homestead, far away from the nearest town, it's no place for her" She patted his hand "Padme came too close to losing her life when she was taken by the Tuskens How would you explain to Obi Wan how Padme was killed by Tusken Raiders on a planet she wasn't suppose to be on?"

Anakin winced "Don't talk about Padme dying, Mom I would go nuts if she just got a paper cut"

Shmi smiled "And that's all the more reason, or rather proof, that you want her to be safe Padme did come close to being seriously injured this afternoon Do you realize how lucky you are you found her in one piece? Those Tusken Raiders took her out of revenge for me being found and taken They took Padme as a way of saying 'you don't do that to us', and they would have hurt her a lot worse than me if she had made it back to their camp"

Again, Anakin winced "Mom, please! Don't talk like that"

Shmi nodded "I'm sorry, but I needed to make a point"

Anakin ran a nervous hand through his hair "You did make a point, don't worry But… a part of me knew it was time to go the second I had rescued Padme Tatooine has so many dangers, and I'd never be able to forgive myself if something happened to her, especially since I'm her protector"

Shmi closed her eyes "Thank you, Ani"

A few hours later, Anakin and Padme were sitting in the same room, saying their goodbyes to Shmi They had already thanked and said goodbye to the others

"I'm so happy we were able to met again," Padme was saying sensitively "And that we really got to spend more time getting to know each other this time I can't wait until we met again, and I hope it's not to far away in the future" She paused for a moment, and then continued, "But… you know what's the biggest, best compliment I can give you? You remind me of my own mother, Jobal Naberrie" She hugged Shmi and whispered, "I love you"

Shmi smiled back "And I love you as well, young Padme Take care of Anakin for me, but take care of yourself more Ah… you have grown into a beautiful young woman, Senator I will miss you very much" They held each other for a long time, until Padme slowly broke apart and waved goodbye to her as she turned slowly, and walked out of the room

Anakin leaned in and kissed his mother on both of her cheeks He smiled as he said, "That is a very big compliment she gave you I met Jobal Naberrie, and she is definitely everything you would expect in Padme's mother But… I'm going to miss you mom I—"

Shmi put a hand on her son's lips "Ani," she said quietly "I had to say goodbye to you before ten years ago, not knowing when I would ever see you again I don't think I could do it for a second time So for both our sakes, just hug your mother goodbye"

Anakin dropped his eyes "Mom…"

Shmi interrupted, "I said this to you before, and I'm saying it again with equal weight Don't look back, Ani Don't look back"

Anakin closed his eyes and hugged his mom, never wanting to let go "I love you," he muttered lovingly Then he pulled back and kissed his mother's forehead

Anakin picked himself up, and then turned away slowly Moving quietly, and without looking back, he left the room

Shmi stared after him like she had ten years ago, and just as she had then, she began to cry quietly to herself once she was alone

Padme greeted Anakin as he stepped onto the Naboo starship When she saw his expression, she said, "Don't worry, she'll be fine Owen and Cliegg won't let anything happen to her, and now she'll have another woman around the house once Beru marries Owen" she came up to him and laid a hand on his shoulder "She told me about it"

Anakin forced a smile, and then went to the controls "Alright," he said, composed and ready to move on "Next stop, Naboo"

Padme still wasn't sure. Anakin was a little shaky. "Anakin…"

He turned to look at her, and she saw through his mask. And he knew she saw through it. "Padme?"

She placed a hand to his cheek. "She'll be fine," she said gently.

Anakin found strength and hope in Padme's words and voice. He smiled genuinely at her, and then set the coarse for Naboo.

Suddenly, a rough hologram of Obi Wan was projected right in front of them Startled for only a moment, Anakin, Padme, and Threepio watched the flickering image intently

"He must have sent it earlier," Padme guessed, "while we were saying good-bye to your mother. It starts automatically once you switch on the power, like we just did." Anakin nodded in agreement.
Obi Wan's message played, "Anakin, transmit this message to Coruscant"

Anakin glanced at Padme, who was sitting closest to the transmitters She pushed a button, and connected with the Jedi Temple. Upon learning that Master Yoda and Master Windu were in Chancellor Palpatine's office, and that all messages from Obi Wan were to be forwarded there immediately, Padme contacted Palpatine's office.

Soon the hologram was playing in both the Naboo Starship and the Chancellor's office All continued to watch the message play out

"I have tracked the bounty hunter Jango Fett to the Trade Federation on Geonosis It appears they are building some sort of droid army here and have formed an alliance, and are forming an Wait! Wait! aaaggghhh!" As Obi-Wan moved out of the hologram, his lightsaber drawn and moving with blinding speed, an attacking droideka entered it
The hologram suddenly cut off Padme jumped up, agitated, while Anakin stared at in shock, his jaw dropped They now watched a hologram of Mace Windu

"We will deal with Count Dooku The most important thing for you, Anakin, is to stay where you are Protect the Senator at all costs That is your first priority"
"Understood, Master," Anakin replied slowly
The hologram switched off Padme looked at the readout on the ship's control panel
"They'll never get there in time to save him," she said. "They have to come half way across the galaxy Look, Geonosis is less than a parsec away."
Padme started to hit buttons and flick switches Anakin got up and sighed Padme stared after him

"If he's still alive"
Padme couldn't believe her ears. "Ani, are you just going to sit here and let him die?? He's your friend your mentor"
"He's like my father! But you heard Master Windu, he gave me strict orders to stay here" He laid a firm hand on hers.
"He gave you strict orders to protect me"

Padme pulled her hand free and flicked more switches The engines fired up noisily
"And I'm going to save Obi-Wan," Padme continued "If you plan to protect me, you will have just to come along"
Anakin grinned wildly and took the controls. Outside, Owen Lars watched as the Naboo Star fighter's engines were turned on and it flew away over the bluff.


And the rest is history….

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