Chp. 22- Epilogue

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Last Time:

Ginny felt herself relax in his arms and she laughed before kissing him on his lips. They stood there, the wind rushing past them, turning their cheeks red as they kissed. Finally they pulled apart and headed back up to the castle again. Once they were settled up in the Head common room, they talked about their plans for the future.

They fell asleep with Ginny lying on top of Draco, her head upon his chest, listening to his heart beat. When Hermione walked in to find them asleep together, a smile graced her lips. They looked so comfortable with each other, and so cute together. Draco's arms were wrapped tightly around Ginny, who was smiling in her sleep. Even Draco had a smile upon his lips, and she saw his grip tighten in his sleep, as if he was making sure his girlfriend was still in his arms.

She shook her head in amusement before closing her bedroom door, leaving the sleeping couple alone.


Ginny took a deep breath as she stared into the mirror. She was gorgeous in the custom made wedding dress Draco had insisted she make. It was strapless and made of white silk. The person who had made it for her had sew jewels into the fabric along the top of the dress along with some lace.

The train was several feet long, and it could be unattached quickly in the back. She heard a knock on the door and pulled her eyes away from her reflection.

"Come in."

Ginny turned around as her father came into the room with a smile on his face.

"Are you ready Ginny dear? It's time."

Ginny nodded and pulled the veil over her face before slipping her arm through her father's. He lead her to the double doors that lead outside Malfoy Manor, and nodded at the two men in tuxs who opened the doors for them.

Ginny took a deep breath and she practically glowed with happiness when she started down the aisle.

Draco was already up in the front by Dumbledore, looking absolutely stunning in his hunter green dress robes. He looked nervous, but when he caught Ginny's eyes with his own, a smile broke onto his face.

Ginny kept eye contact with her fiance, who was soon to be her husband. She thought it was adorable that even though they'd been together for two years, he was still nervous about this moment. Truth be told, she too was nervous.

Her parents had taken it suprisingly well when they had told everyone over supper that they were engaged, six months ago. Now here she was, her father walking her down the aisle, about to become Mrs. Draco Malfoy.

She didn't bother looking at anyone in the seats surrounding her. Her eyes only saw he was the only other person on the planet except herself.

Blaise was Draco's best man, and he smiled over at his best mate as Draco kept his eyes on his soon to be wife. Hermione Granger was Ginny's maid of honor, and Luna, and Fleur were her bridesmaids. Standing up with them were Nott, and Ron.

It had been shocking when Draco had asked Ron to stand up in the wedding, given their past relationship. Ginny knew that Draco was doing it for her, and it meant the world to her that he was trying so hard with her family. It made her love him even more than she already did.

Finally her father stopped when Ginny was right in front of her fiance. He grinned down at her, taking her hands in his. Her dad smiled as he walked over to where Ginny's mum was sitting, crying.

Dumbledore smiled down at his former students, before starting the ceremony.

"We're here today to join together in holy matrimony Draco Malfoy and Ginny Weasley. Who gives away this witch today?"

Arthur Weasley stood up with his wife.

"Her mother and I do."

Ginny and Draco continued to stare at each other through out the entire ceremony. Draco squeezed her hands pleasantly, half way through, letting her know how anxious he was. Ginny squeezed his hands back, and smiled even more when Draco's grin widened at this.

"I now pronounce you wizard and wife. You may kiss your bride Mr. Malfoy."

Draco lifted her veil and grinned down at her before wrapping his arms around her waist and kissing her passionately on the lips. Ginny kissed him back, pouring her love for him into the kiss.

They kissed for over a minute before finally pulling back to applause. Draco slipped his right hand into her left, and they made their way down the aisle together, as Mr. and Mrs. Draco Malfoy.

Ginny smiled around at the guests as Draco and her neared the end of their walk back down the aisle together. Today, was the two year anniversary of the start of their relationship.

Draco, who was a romantic at heart once you got to know him, had suggested getting married on this day. Ginny had agreed, knowing it was going to be even more special to them if they did.

Draco pulled her out of her thoughts as they entered the house. Ginny looked around and saw they were in one of the side rooms. Draco wrapped his arms around her waist again, and pulled her body close.

His face came closer to her's, and he stopped when his lips were just centimeters away from her own.

"I love you Ginny Malfoy," he whispered, breathlessly.

Ginny grinned with happiness before replying, "I love you too Draco."

Draco closed the space between their lips, and kissed Ginny with his all. She placed her hands on his shoulders and kissed her husband.

He nibbled on her bottom lip, and Ginny quickly opened her mouth for him. His tongue danced with her's as they kissed.

This was the start of their marriage, and Ginny was loving every minute of it. She couldn't wait to grow old with Draco by her side, having their children, and making love with him.

They had many years ahead of them, and she was looking forward to every one of them.

Draco didn't break their lips apart till they were out of breath. Ginny slowly opened her eyes and stared at her husband. He smiled at her before kissing her on her lips again, quickly.

"We'd better get out there, before someone starts looking for us. I don't fancy having your brothers ready to kill me so soon into our marriage. I want to live until least."

Ginny's cheeks turned bright pink, and she grinned up at Draco. He had a seductive smirk on his face at the moment, looking absolutely gorgeous, like he always does.

Draco and Ginny headed to the ballroom, where the reception was being held. Everyone clapped as they entered together, hand in hand. The entire ballroom was full, since the Malfoy heir getting married was big news. Ginny had no doubt their marriage would be on the front page of the Daily Prophet, and under constant scrutiny but she wasn't worried.

They loved each other, and nothing or no one was going to stand in their way. Draco pulled her over to her to the table where they were going to be eating with the rest of the wedding party. Ginny smiled as Draco pulled out her seat for her. She sat down and waited for Draco to take his seat next to her. Hermione was sitting on her right, along with her two bridesmaids. Blaise, Ron, and Teddy were sitting on Draco's left.

Supper commenced and Ginny ate as she alternated between making small talk with Hermione and staring lovingly over at Draco. She grinned as people started tapping on their champagne glasses. Draco leaned over and kissed her on the lips. Ginny felt herself swoon and she smiled against his lips. Draco grinned as he pulled back to stare at her.

After supper was over, Blaise stood up with a grin on his face. He held his glass in hand as he got ready to toast the bride and groom. Everyone quieted down, and stared at the best man.

"I've known Draco my entire life, and I've known Ginny for two years now. If anyone was looking for the perfect couple, they would have to be it. I swear these two were made for each other, and I can only hope to find someone who's as wonderful as Ginny for myself. Draco my friend, you are the luckiest bastard in the world."

Laughter was heard through out the room, and Ginny smiled over at her husband. He kissed her quickly before grinning at his best friend.

"Here's to the happy couple. May you always be full of love, and happiness."

Everyone raised their glasses in cheers, and Ginny entwined her arm with Draco's before taking a sip of her champagne.

"Oh and Ginny...If you want any embarrassing stories about Draco, I have millions of them."

Draco paled slightly at this, and Ginny laughed as Blaise took his seat. Blaise clapped his best friend on the back. Hermione stood up and stared down at Ginny.

"Ginny and I have been friends since she was twelve and I was thirteen. Through the years, we've been through so much adventures and heartaches. I'm thrilled for you Ginny. You finally found your other half, and now you're complete. I knew Draco before Ginny had gotten a hold of him, and since they've been together, he's changed immensely."

Hermione smiled over at Draco before continuing her speech.

"You two are perfect for each other. Now here's to a marriage filled with love, commitment, and determination. Never allow anything to break you apart, because if you two can't succeed, then no one can."

Hermione raised her glass and drank in a toast to them. Everyone else followed their example. Narcissa Malfoy came over to them, and smiled.

"It's time for you two to dance."

Draco pulled Ginny up with him and they made their way to the middle of the dance floor. Music started up as they slow danced together. Draco stared down into her eyes and Ginny stared up into his. Her arms were wrapped around his neck, as his arms were wrapped around her waist. There was no space betwen their bodies as they danced.

Draco rested his head on top of her's and Ginny laid her head against his chest to listen to his heart. She felt his lips kiss the top of her head and smiled to herself.

"You want to know something," Draco whispered softly.

Ginny nodded as he pulled back to dip her. She grinned as he pulled her back up into his body.

"You look beautiful darling."

"Oh really?"

"Yes...I can't wait to get you alone tonight," Draco said in a husky tone.

Ginny felt his voice send shivers down her spine. Even though they have slept together more times than she could count, he still made her feel the same way every time as if each time was the first time. Pretty soon other couples were joining them on the dance floor.

After a couple more songs, Draco and Ginny went back to their table. They went around to greet guests, and be offered congragulations. It was already getting late by the time they made it back to the dance floor. Soon they could leave, and apparate to their hotel in Paris.

Their bags were already packed and sent over there. They had the honeymoon suite, and they were spending two weeks in Paris as newlyweds before coming back to stay at Malfoy Manor till they bought their own house. Draco had promised it to not be overly extravagant or huge.

Draco pulled her off the dance floor, and they headed towards the stage to make an announcement. Everyone stopped what they were doing to watch the newlyweds.

"Thank you all for coming. It's been an absolutely wonderful day, and Ginny and I were glad you could make it. We're going to be heading off to Paris now for our honeymoon, and we'll see you all when we get back."

Ginny smiled around at the crowd and followed Draco out of the room as everyone waved goodbye to them. Draco grabbed his wand out of his robes, wrapping his arms around his wife's petite waist. He apparated them into a secluded corner of the hotel and smiled at her as he lead them up to the counter.

"Mr. Malfoy. Checking in?"

"Yes. The honeymoon suite."

"Aah yes...So this must be your wife?"

"Yes," Draco said and grinned over at Ginny. She smiled back at him.

The man at the counter handed Draco a key and smiled at them both.

"Have a wonderful stay."

Draco pulled Ginny with him, towards the elevators. Their room was on the top floor. The elevator ride was torture, knowing they were so close to their room, yet so far away. Draco picked Ginny up as they neared their room, continuing the walk down the hall. Ginny laughed at this and smiled up at her husband. He sent a sexy smirk her way as he slid the key into the door slot.

Draco pushed the door open and grabbed the do not disturb sign from the back of the door and putting it on the front before closing the door. Ginny grinned and felt anticipation fill her entire body. Draco continued to carry her until they entered the bedroom. He set her down on her feet and brought her to his body.

"I love you Mrs. Malfoy," Draco said before smashing his lips down onto her's. Ginny sighed before kissing her husband back. He slowly lowered her onto the bed after he had unzipped her dress.

This was a perfect start to their marriage, Ginny couldn't help but think.

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