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Freddy ran towards the McDonalds, whooping and hollering so loudly that Zack was afraid they'd be thrown out before they even went in. The blonde ran head on into the glass door, the entire length of his body hitting the glass with a loud thud; all the workers inside looked up in surprise and alarm, and laughter rang out as they saw the stunned blonde fall over backwards, landing hard on his ass.

"Freddy?" Zack bent over the dazed form of his best friend. Freddy shook his head as though to knock the sensations out.

"Owies," he moaned.

Zack couldn't help but laugh. "You okay?"

"Everything's spinning," Freddy mumbled, both hands going to his head.

"Well, you did just run smack into a glass door, dork."

Freddy looked bewildered. "That's what happened?"
Zack laughed again. "Silly boy." He slid his hands under Freddy's arms. "Come on, up you go." With some difficulty he managed to get Freddy to his feet. "You want food or not?"

As the two entered the McDonalds, there was a fresh round of snickering. All the workers kept casting furtive glances at the two boys. Ignoring them, Zack pulled out his wallet. "What do you want?" he asked, but Freddy was paying no attention. He seemed to have realized that the snickering was directed at him and, in typical Freddy Jones fashion, was not offended by the laughter but flattered. Dazzling grin on his face, he tried to give a huge, sweeping bow, but in his drunken state, even the weight of his own head was too much and he tipped over forwards, losing his balance. Zack grabbed the back of Freddy's collar, stopping Freddy before he hit the floor. "Noooo you don't." He yanked the blond back upright, Freddy staggering a bit before he gained his balance again amidst scattered applause and a couple of cheers. Freddy waved and tipped sideways; Zack tugged him back again. "GOD, I feel like a puppeteer," Zack grumbled. He shoved Freddy to an upright and balanced position. "Now….what…do you want….to eat," he asked, speaking very slowly.

Freddy's eyes tried to focus on the menu above the counter, slid in a different direction, tried again and made it. The man waiting to take their order looked more than a little amused. Freddy scanned across the list of items. "Quarter pounder!" he said, seeming to remember what he had wanted just moments earlier. Zack opened his mouth to order, but Freddy interrupted him. "No no no, wait, wait: chicken nuggets."

Zack turned back to the man. "Okay," but he was cut off again.

"No, no, no, I have it this time."

Zack turned to Freddy and sighed. "Yes, your highness?"

Freddy raised a finger as though to say 'I have the answer,' then pointed it at Zack with one extremely sloppy movement. "...Big and Tasty."

Zack waited, staring at Freddy, who grinned brightly back. "...will that be all?"


"You're done?"


"...you're sure?"

Freddy paused, chewing thoughtfully on his lower lip, eyes squinting up at the ceiling. Suddenly his face brightened. "There's a PENCIL up there!"

"What?" Zack looked up and sure enough, there was a pencil stuck in the ceiling by its point. He sighed. "Freddy?"


"Is there any chance we can order something to eat during this lifetime?"


Zack groaned. "YES. ORDER. FOOD. Restaurant?" The last came with a sweep of the hand that encompassed all their surroundings. Freddy had been regarding his dark haired friend with confusion, but now his eyes lit up.

"OHHHH!" He bounced up and down. "FRENCH FRIES! I want FRENCH FRIES!"

Zack felt like weeping. "You just said you wanted a Big and Tasty!"

Freddy looked surprised. "...did I?"

Sighing, Zack pulled out the majority of the money in his wallet. "Okay...chicken nuggets...a quarter pounder...a Big and Tasty...large fries..."

"And a milkshake!" Freddy interjected, getting excited at the mention of all the food.

"What kind?"


Zack turned back to the man waiting on them. "...and a large chocolate shake," he finished.

The man grinned. "That it? You sure he's done?" He jerked his head in Freddy's direction.

"I don't care if he thinks he's done," Zack said. "He IS done." The man laughed and rang them up, and Zack had to hand over most of his money.

Zack waited for their food to come, tapping his fingers idly on the counter. He realized suddenly that things were quiet...too quiet. He glanced over at Freddy, who was staring back at him with a big grin on his face. "...what."

Freddy dove at him suddenly, planting a big wet kiss on his cheek. "Thank you!"

"It's just food, Freddy."

"I know...I'm hungry."

Moments later, the man shoved a bag bulging with food across the counter towards them. "There you go."

"Thanks." Zack grabbed the bag with one hand and Freddy's collar with the other, dragging the blonde towards the door. "Come on."

"Where're we going?"

"Away, before you cause any more trouble."

"Zaaaaack! I wanna eat here!"

"Uh uh, no way," Zack said, shaking his head, but all of a sudden, Freddy let out a gasp, quickly followed by a cry of delight. Zack wept inwardly, eyes clenched tightly shut, not wanting to know what it was Freddy had thought of now. He didn't have long before he found out.

"Freddy, no-"

But it was too late; the blonde had already broken free of Zack's hold and was sprinting drunkenly across the restaurant, bursting through the door into the playroom and then, taking one flying leap, diving into the ball pit. Zack had a moment of utter horror that Freddy was going to do a swan dive into the pit and break his neck, but only a moment, for Freddy didn't do a dive; no, he opted instead for a fantastic belly flop, sending balls scattering to either side.

Laughter exploded from the workers and even Zack had to smile, shaking his head as he followed Freddy into the playroom. Dropping the bag to the floor, he crouched down next to the ball pit. "You alright?"

Freddy lay facedown in the balls. "Owies," came a muffled voice. His weight was starting to become an issue as the balls slid out from under him to either side and he slowly sank deeper into the pit. With a tremendous amount of effort, he heaved himself to one side, flopping over onto his back and shooting another dazzling smile up at Zack.

Shaking his head again, Zack sighed and reached down a hand. "Come on," he said. "I'll help you out."

Freddy reached up and clasped Zack's hand firmly. He was still smiling, and Zack realized that this should have been an enormous tip-off. Too late. Freddy gave one sharp tug and Zack lost his balance, flying face first into the pit. He didn't even have time to speak before he landed with some force, right on top of Freddy. Balls flew out of the pit, Zack let out a groan of pain, and Freddy began giggling madly.

Finally Zack felt it safe to speak without the risk of him throttling Freddy. "Freddy...what...the fuck."

Freddy wrapped his arms tightly about Zack, still giggling. "Come on, Zack, you didn't honestly think I was going to leave the ball pit that easily!"

Zack had to smile at that. "No, I can't think why I thought that." He pulled back as much as Freddy would let him, enough to smile down at the blonde.

Freddy grinned back and gently knocked Zack on the head with a bright orange ball. "Dork."

Zack laughed. "Here, let go of me and I'll get the food." He attempted to roll off of Freddy, to no avail. "Freddy...Freddy...Freddy, will you let go?"

The blonde shook his head. "Nuh uh. No way. No can do."

"Grrr, Freddy..." Zack did his best, managing to get to his feet. Freddy latched his arms about Zack's waist, and the brunette made his way very slowly over to the side of the ball pit, dragging a giggling Freddy behind him. Finally grabbing the bag, he tossed it over his shoulder at Freddy. "There you go. Fetch."

"FOOOOOD!" Freddy immediately relinquished his hold on Zack and dove after the bag. Within seconds he was chowing down, stuffing his face at top speed. Grinning, Zack flopped on his side to watch. It never ceased to amaze him how fast the blonde could eat. Then his stomach growled loudly, and he realized just how hungry he was himself. Digging into the bag, Zack pulled out the fries and began to eat them.

"Hey," Freddy whined. "I want some! Me!"

Zack grinned, pulling a French fry out of the cardboard tub and taking careful aim. "Open your mouth."
Freddy gave that Cheshire cat sized grin and did as he was told. Zack tossed a fry and missed; it bounced off Freddy's face and into his lap. The blonde picked it up and ate it, then opened his mouth for more. This continued for several minutes, until all the fries were gone.

Freddy slurped the milkshake noisily, having by now polished off all the food. "Here," Zack said, reaching for it, "give me some."

Freddy held the shake out, but not nearly enough for Zack to reach it. Every time it seemed like Zack would be able to reach the shake, Freddy would pull it a bit further away, until Zack was nearly in Freddy's lap, something he didn't notice due to his growing irritation in being teased.

"Freddy," he began warningly. The blonde laughed.

"Come on," Freddy wheedled, "just a little bit further."

Growling, Zack scooted over and tried to grab the shake, but Freddy grabbed Zack's hand and pulled it out of the way, instead waving the shake about. "Nuh uh," he ordered. "Just drink."

Zack arched a skeptical eyebrow. "You're going to feed me?"

Freddy nodded. "Yep."

Sighing, Zack decided that the only way to get any milkshake was to let Freddy have his way. He leaned forwards to drink, and Freddy pulled the milkshake out of the way. Freddy ducked his head down, placing himself right where the milkshake should have been. Zack didn't realize this until it was too late and his lips connected not with the straw but with Freddy's mouth. Not one to complain when greeted with such a welcome switch, he pressed into the kiss. Freddy tasted good...he had already realized earlier that night that Freddy tasted good, but it was better now, the taste of chocolate still gracing Freddy's lips, his mouth cold from the icy drink. It made a nice contrast to the heat of Zack's own mouth, and the kissing went on for several moments.

When he pulled away at last, Zack was in a daze. His eyes remained half-lidded for several moments as he struggled to steady his breathing. He had honestly never expected anything like this to happen on this night...never. Not that he was complaining.


His eyes fluttered open in surprise, and focused with some difficulty on Freddy.

"...you finished?"

Zack's brow furrowed in confusion. "...finished?"

"Yeah...finished...eating...?" Freddy held up the empty McDonald's bag as way of example.

OH. Eating. Different story.

"OH, right, eating. Yes. Yes, I'm finished." Zack knew he was flushing. He had thought Freddy meant something much different, and his heart was racing. The blush must be obvious, for Freddy was smiling, and Zack blushed that much worse, and looked away. "You want to go?"