July 20, 1998

The young woman rolled over, cracking a single eye. She glared at the buzzing alarm clock for a full five minutes, before finally silencing it with the snap of her palm. She yawned loudly as she sat up and pushed several strand of sleep tangled hair out of her eyes. After contemplating whether or not she should call in sick, she finally gave in and swung her legs out of bed. She stood up, cracking her neck loudly, before stumbling into the bathroom.

Twenty-one year old Alexandra, or Alex as she preferred, was tall, standing at 5'9". She was also thin, but not in a sickly way. In fact one would best describe her build as athletic. She had a mess of jaw length white blonde hair and dark piercing cobalt blue eyes. Though her eyes were covered by dark sunglasses more often than not. She was also blessed with a pale pallor that no amount of tanning could darken. Ironically, she never burned either. Her features were soft yet prominent. All in all, she looked like the girl next door, of course looks could be deceiving.

Alex emerged from the bathroom thirty minutes later, wrapped in a towel and looking slightly more awake. She jerked open the drawer of her bureau. It took her less than thirty seconds to yank out a pair of stone washed jeans, several undergarments, and a faded R.P.D. tank top with the S.T.A.R.S. logo on the back. She'd stolen it from her brother, several months back, not that he'd ever notice it was missing. She pulled her hair back into a short ponytail as she headed for the front door.

She grabbed her sunglasses off a side table near the door, along with her car keys, and an I.D. badge. As she clipped the badge on one of the belt loops on her jeans, she reached under the table for the final item her job required…a 9mm Beretta. Alex popped the clip, nodded her approval and slide it back home. She looked thoughtful as she slipped a shoulder rig on and shoved the Beretta in the holster. Her job was to keep William Birkin alive and humans weren't the only things she had to protect him from.

No, Alexandra Wesker thought to herself, humans were her last concern…

Alex steered the Buick into traffic anxious to get to work, despite the fact she still had about two hours before she was supposed to be there. But with the news of the cannibal murders, and panic spreading like wildfire around Raccoon, she was sleeping less than usual, maybe four hours at a time. Meaning she was getting to work just that much earlier and being slightly less paranoid about Birkin's welfare that much earlier.

The news was saying it was a cult and the cops weren't saying a whole hell of a lot. Every other day or so Chief Irons would give a press conference, reassuring the public that everything was being done to find the culprits. In fact, Irons had announced just last night that he had assigned S.T.A.R.S. to the case. This seemed to calm the ignorant masses, unfortunately Alex was one of only a handful of people who really knew what was going on. Then again, she wasn't entirely sure what she was being told was the truth. But you didn't ask questions. If you did, you could find yourself becoming a science project with the snap of your employer's fingers.

Alex groaned as the trill of a cell phone cut over the radio. She knew who it was, even before she pulled the car over and yanked the cell out of the glove compartment.


"Alexandra, I need you to pick up several files from Dr. Wesker. Bring them with you."

Alex listened to the dial tone for a moment, before clicking the phone off, and tossing it on the passenger seat. She pulled the Buick back into traffic and headed toward the police station. Birkin, as far as Alex was concerned, really needed to learn a few people skills. She knew that would never happen, Birkin was too wrapped up in his precious G-Virus to worry about good manners. Most of the time he didn't even realize she was in the same room with him until he needed her to do something. Like running errands or being a middle man between him and her brother. It wasn't a coincidence that William Birkin's bodyguard/personal assistant was also the S.T.A.R.S. Captain's sister. Umbrella never dealt in coincidence, even if events sometimes appeared that way.

"Hey there good looking."

Alex turned slightly as she slammed the driver's door closed. Forest Speyer smiled brightly as he crossed his arms on the roof of Alex's Buick. Forest was a good looking man, with long thick brown hair, and a nice muscular build. He was exactly 6', making him only three inches taller than Alex. A physical point he happened to relish. Forest liked his women tall.

Alex smiled back, pocketing her keys. She liked Forest quite a bit actually. In fact she had known him since she'd first moved to Raccoon seven years ago.

"How you doing?"

"Pretty good." Forest's smile broadened. "I see you're ready for work."

Alex's eyes strayed to the Berretta and her ID badge for a moment. As far as Forest, and anyone else knew, she was security for the Umbrella offices downtown. Of course what none of them knew, was that downtown literarily meant under the town. She was indeed head of security, but for the underground labs, not the head offices on Main.

"No rest for the weary. Speaking of which, have you seen my brother?"

"Office, last time I checked."

"Thanks Forest."

Alex quickly slipped inside, leaving Forest to deal with a meter maid that was just pulling up next to Alex's car. She giggled to herself as Forest tried to keep the shapely young cop from ticketing Alex's car for illegal parking. Thankfully, the doors swung closed shutting Forest off in mid-explanation.

Alex shook her head, stepping quickly across the station's lobby. She was amazed at the size of the place, every time she walked in. Before becoming the R.P.D. the building had been City Hall, a museum, and a library, not necessarily in that order.

She walked across the marble floor and through the western door. She passed several officers on her way to the stairwell, most of them nodded toward her, a few said hello. Most of them knew her on sight, and not just because of her brother. Alex used to work at the R.P.D., before taking a job with Umbrella. She'd made friends with every cop from the Arson Detectives to the Meter Maids during her short tenure as field report Secretary. Not that one could really call two years short.

Alex was breathing like she'd just run a marathon by the time she reached the door to the S.T.A.R.S. office on the second floor. For some odd reason air conditioning had never been routed to the west wing's second floor. Secretly Alex thought Chief Irons just did it to aggravate Albert. The two men both worked for Umbrella, but Iron's position was far below Albert's and it ticked Irons off to no end.

Alex stopped in front of the office, wiping a bit of sweat from her forehead. Despite living in the north for so long, Alex's tolerance of heat, gained in her youth, still survived. It wasn't the heat that was getting to her or even the humidity, it was the stifling feeling of being indoors.

Just as Alex reached for the door, it swung open…almost clipping her in the head in the process. The only thing that saved her face from a nasty bruise was her quick reflexes. A second later Brad peeked around the door edge, spotted Alex, and blushed a bright crimson.

"Hey Brad. How are you on this fine day?"


Brad trailed off, his face going even redder.

"Come on Brad, move." Kenneth sounded slightly perturbed as he stepped from behind both Brad and the door. "Good way to break her nose or her glasses. Not that breaking her glasses would be a bad idea, considering she never takes them off. What is this need you and the Captain have about wearing sunglasses inside a building anyway?"

"I picked up the habit from Albert, he wears them because his eyes are light sensitive. I suppose you noticed he wears them at night as well."

"I've noticed." Kenneth eyed her for a moment, then shook his head. "Even without the glasses, you'd know you two were related. It's hard to believe you're five years younger than him."

"Speaking of my brother, is he in there?"

"Wait, that means you're twenty-one right?"

"Yea." Alex tilted her head, giving Brad a sly smile. "You've known me for three years and you thought Albert and I were the same age?"

"Well…yea.' Brad shrugged. "It's not like I ever thought to ask how old you were."

"Now you know. By the way where is my brother?"

"Meeting with Irons. He should be back in a few minutes though." Kenneth grinned and nudged Brad toward the end of the hallway. "As for me and esteemed colleague have things to do."

Reluctantly, Brad allowed himself to be herded down the hallway and out of sight. In the meantime Alex shook her head, a smile plastered to her face. She chuckled softly to herself and slipped into the S.T.A.R.S. office.

Chris eyed the rather large mess covering his desk and wondered if he should sweep it all into a trash can or try going through it. In the end he just decided to dig through three months worth of memos and old reports to find what he was looking for. Chris and paperwork had never gotten along well, going all the way back to Grade School. It didn't like him and he didn't like it. Even Captain Wesker, as meticulous as he was, couldn't get Chris organized.

"My God, I think it's actually gotten worse."

Chris glanced up from the open desk. Alex was standing in the doorway, arms crossed, and shaking her head. Chris smirked, allowing the papers he'd been digging through to fall back into the drawer. Which included two week old newspapers, a B&E report that was two months old, and a rent receipt for an apartment he hadn't lived in, in over two years.

"There's a system at work." He gestured to several stacks of teetering files. "It has an order to it."

"Sure there is." Alex nodded, sarcastically, boosting herself up onto the only clean spot the desk held. "It's called being sloppy."

Chris laughed, shaking his head. Alex held her smirk for several seconds more, before finally breaking out into laughter herself. Still chuckling, Chris leaned forward and gave Alex a sly grin.

"So Alex, when are you and I going on that date?"

Alex arched an eyebrow and leaned forward, her lips only inches from Chris' ear.

"As soon as you clear it through my brother."

"That won't be happening anytime soon."

The deep voice echoed through the small office. Chris looked up and saw the Captain framed in the doorway, he didn't look very happy either. Not that Chris could really blame him, the situation didn't look exactly innocent. Chris flicked his gaze from Wesker to Alex, who was still only inches from his ear. Alex's smile broadened as she leaned forward and gave Chris a peck on the cheek, something that did not appear to amuse Wesker in the slightest.

"Don't be so worried." She whispered as she pulled away. "Albert isn't going to shoot you in the middle of the R.P.D."

Chris rolled his eyes as Alex turned her attention to Wesker, smiling brightly.

"I was waiting for you."

Wesker didn't reply, instead he continued to glare at Chris. Chris shifted uncomfortably, taking great interest in an out of date calendar on his desk. Alex rolled her eyes, pushed herself off the desk, and walked toward her brother. As she approached, Wesker turned his critical gaze from Chris to her. Alex stopped directly in front of him, arms crossed and looking quite defiant. Chris chanced a glance at the two of them, expecting an argument at any second. Instead, Alex broke into a smile. Being only three inches shorter than Wesker, it wasn't difficult for her to perform her next task. She pulled herself up to her full height and gave Wesker a sisterly kiss on the check.

Wesker said nothing, but Chris did notice that his body seemed to lose what tension it had been holding only seconds before. While the two siblings stared at each other, Chris took this opportunity to slip past them and out the door.

Wesker only spared half a glance at the retreating Redfield, before returning his full attention to his baby sister.

"I trust you didn't come here to flirt with Redfield." He grimaced slightly, then tilted his head to look over his sunglasses. "Did you?"

Aaron rolled her eyes, flipping a hand at him to dismiss the topic. Wesker scrutinized the red tinge in cheeks for several seconds, before pushing his sunglasses back into place, and walking to his desk.

Albert Wesker stood an imposing 6'0", with broad shoulders, and a well muscled athletic frame. In High School he'd played football and ran track. So it came as little surprise he was still pretty fit. His hair was a slightly darker blonde than that of his sister's and he wasn't as pale skinned, but they both shared the same piercing cobalt blue eyes.

Wesker sat down, resting his forearms on the desk. Aaron boosted herself onto the desk itself, pushing a framed picture to the side. There was a few seconds of silence, then a soft tapping sound echoed in the office.

"Well Aaron?"

"Birkin said you had a file."

Wesker sighed heavily, reaching into his pocket. He pulled out a small key ring and leaned over the left side of the desk. There was a jingling of keys, a soft click, then a clanking noise as Wesker pulled the bottom drawer open. A second later he sat up holding a thick file folder in his hand.

"Is this another one of those files I can't look at, because I might contaminate it?"

"Aaron, you were deeply involved in the Tyrant Project from inception to finished project." Wesker kicked the drawer closed, then swiveled to look his sister in the eye. "How the hell could you contaminate a file by looking at it?"

Aaron shrugged. "Ask Bates."

"The man is an idiot." Wesker snapped. "Why Kent hired him is anyone's guess."

Aaron shrugged and slide off the desk, the file tucked under her arm. She glanced at her watch, then slide her sunglasses into place. Wesker granted her a ghostly smile and shook his head. The sunglasses were a trick she picked up from him, although he had good reason to wear them. She used them as an intimidation tactic, which he had to admit worked out quite well for her.

"Back to work."

Aaron spun around and headed for the door. Wesker gave a brief nod, pulling a few papers toward him…memos that really held little to no interest for him, but still needed his attention.

"Hey Albert…"

Wesker glanced up, noting Aaron had stopped at the door with one hand resting lightly on the handle.

"Be careful huh?" She shrugged. "Just got a feeling."

Wesker arched an eyebrow, then slowly nodded. Aaron nodded back, before slipping out the door. Wesker leaned back in his chair, folding his hands on his lap. Briefly he wondered is she knew about his plans, then dismissed that train of thought. Aaron had no idea what he had planned, which was all the better for her. After all, Umbrella did not take kindly to betrayal…