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The four fluffs looked over their newest creation, giggling slightly, and nodding their approval. Wesker, for his part, was just waking up from the Kiss of Death delivered to him by Alfred two hours ago.

"Oh God…" Wesker squinted a bit looking over the assembled fluffs. "Am I in hell?"

"No silly." Steve giggled, waving a hand toward him. "You're still in the Gap. Now get up and take a look!"

Wesker stumbled to his feet and turned to face the full length mirror by the dressing room door. Their was an audible clunk as his jaw hit the carpeted floor. Gone was his usual black, and certainly more comfortable, combat uniform. The four Queens had replaced it with skintight black pants, knee high leather boots, a frilly eighteenth century shirt, and a silk blood red vest.

"Weeeeeellllll?" Morpheus singsonged. "What do you think?"

Wesker continued to stare, somehow trying to wrap his mind around what the four blatant homosexuals had done to him…it wasn't working out very well. A small giggle escaped his lips, which was quickly followed by a nervous twitch around his right eye. The giggling increased and a few seconds later poor little Wesker began making little wounded animal sounds.

"Oooooo…I think he likes it!" Billy exclaimed, scary several other store patrons. "He looks so cute too."

Suddenly Wesker took off like a rabbit on crack. He pushed past the four startled fluffs and made a break for the front doors.


Wesker then proceeded to run over five other Gap customers, knock over three racks of designer shirts, and make a rather large hole in the wall upon exiting the store. He must have missed the doors. He was last seen running past the food court, waving his arms wildly, and proclaiming to everyone within a thirty mile radius that he'd never even think about doing anything remotely evil again…

Back in the store Steve had broken down into heart wrenching sobs, while Morpheus comforted him.

"There, there Steve I'm sure you'll find someone even cuter than Albie."

"Sooo, now that Wesker's makeover is complete, though he did run off before we could redecorate his aprtment."Alfred sighed heavily, while checking his makeup in a handy compact. "Who's next on the list?"

"Ummm, let's see here." Billy whipped out a bright pink clipboard with little hearts drawn on it. "Oh! Why it's Chris Redfield!"

A/N: Uh…oh, looks like Chris is in trouble now…