Digimon Ages Part I: Digimon Legends


You've all heard the stories, right? That show made for little kids? Well, what if I told you that those stories, those rumors, and those legends were true? You all have to know by now that something is wrong, I mean, he absorbed you all and then I reconfigured you all. But, since nobody seems to know what has happened, and since I'm trapped here forever, I'll tell you all what went down. I've got nothing but time on my hands.

First of all, my name is James Walls. I'm fifteen and the world's first human-digimon hybrid. I wasn't born this way though, at least not the first time around. I had to give up my humanity to save us all. But that's not all; I'm going to have to pay for an eternity now for my sacrifices. You see, since I'm a digimon, I have to stay in the Digital World… forever. I'm locked here for an eternity as its guardian. And since I can't die, I really am stuck in a loop. It's not all bad though; I can pull some pretty amazing tricks. But nothing can make up for being denied human contact for the rest of time.

I'll tell you what happened, but it might not all be exactly right. All I know is what happened to me, what the others told me, and what the Digi-Agents have told me. But, since they know pretty much everything that happens in the Digital World and to the Digidestined, I think I can give a pretty complete rundown. But nothing is ever really complete, and so I don't bore you, I may put in a few of my own artistic touches here and there.

The five of us; the five Digidestined; we were the hopes, dreams, and saviors of all creation. We faced despair, cruelty, death, and power beyond what any language could ever describe. This is the story of a final, desperate plan, the story of the Digi-Gods and Digi-Agents, the story of ghosts, heroes, villains, pain, joy, love, and everything between.

This is our story.

This is my story…