"I don't know what you're so worried about mom; I'm feeling much better now." Jennifer sat moodily in the doctor's office with her mom right beside her.

"Jennifer, I love you, but I know the signs. You've been throwing up and your mood's been swinging like a child at a park." Jennifer rolled her eyes.

"Mom, I'm not pregnant. Just watch, the doctor will come back in and tell you that you're wasting your time, that I just ate some bad food and that I'm on my period." As if on cue, the doctor walked in with a manila folder in his hand. He sat down behind his desk and rested his hand on his knuckles, glancing back and forth between Jennifer and her mother. The silence went like this for what seemed forever.

"Well… Jennifer… ahem... um… let's see… how should I go about this…" Both Jennifer's eyes and her mother's grew wide. Jennifer simply choked on words and her mother rubbed her face with her hands, unsure of what to do.

The waves crashed and rolled upon each other, the maelstrom above tormenting the ocean below. There were no digimon around save one. Deep, deep below the seas that separated the continents of Server and Driver, resting calmly, quietly upon the ocean bed, was him.

The shadow of what looked like a small, two-headed creature shifted from within the glass-like crystal. As the being within the jewel of evil rested, rebuilding his power, above the waves cracked and rolled on. It was of no matter to them that miles away, drawn by an unmistakable, yet unidentifiable call, stood an angel-like figure on the beaches of Driver.

"Who are you?"

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