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Summary: Itachi attacked Team 7 again. When they all wake up in a hospital, they noticed they're not in their original body. Naruto is Kakashi; Kakashi is Naruto, Sasuke and Sakura switch bodies too. Will they find a cure or will they just learn to live their life like this?

Chapter 1- Surprise!

It was the same usual schedule. As Team 7 waited for Kakashi-sensei to arrive, they would have dozed off if the sun rays didn't hit their eyes. After two hours, the face of the silver haired Jounin finally appeared.

"Ohayo minna! (everyone)", Kakashi said cheerfully. "I left my house REALLY early, but you know how girls can't resist my charms...so they chased me and..." Kakashi was cut short when Naruto and Sakura yelled out, "LIAR!"

The cold, dark blue eyes stared at them and said coldly, "I don't want to waste time here listening to you guys argue every morning..."

"I guess Sasuke is right, we should start our training." Kakashi said calmly.

"I decided that you guys need to work on your aims since we have been practicing only chakra control. I want you guys to try focusing at the center of the tree and aim directly at it."

As the three practiced, Kakashi took out his all-time favorite book "Icha Icha Paradise."

Team 7 was unaware of dark blue eyes that stared at them from a tree.

"Sasuke still has that murderous intent to kill me...but he still doesn't have enough hate...he needs to fill his life with hate... maybe just a prank to mess up Orochimaru's plans of taking over my brother's body..." Itachi smiled and licked his lips.

Suddenly, Kakashi felt Itachi's presence nearby and told everyone to gather around him quickly.

They ran towards him, no idea of what was going on. Sasuke stared at Kakashi's face and could tell by his face that someone very strong was nearby...He concentrated hard to notice the presence.

"If I don't know where that person is...I won't ever beat Itachi..." Sasuke thought and closed his eyes.

A person with a black cloak appeared in front of Kakashi...

Even though Sasuke had his eyes closed, he still knew who it was because of the familiar aura.

"What the fuck do you want!?" Sasuke shouted angrily and opened his eyes to reveal his sharingan. "Sharingan huh? So that's how badly you want to kill me..." Itachi smirked at Sasuke and whispered, "Just with your sharingan you're never going to defeat me...you need more hate in your life...more hate than me to defeat me..."

Itachi grinned and snapped his fingers. An army of missing-nins appeared and rushed towards the small group of 4.

"FUCK YOU!" Sasuke yelled and took out shurikens and kunais.

As Team 7 fought courageously against the army of middle-class ninjas, they were oblivious of Itachi, who stood on top of a tree, performing hand seals.

Their vision blurred as they fought, they didn't know why it was happening, but they couldn't give up in front of Itachi. Their will was what helped them keep on going, but their body wouldn't listen to their wills' orders. They collapsed and Itachi stopped his army.

He walked up to Sasuke and whispered, "I hope you enjoy...the ride..." He got up and signaled the men to go back to the headquarters. Itachi turned around once more and smiled evilly, "I hope you enjoy this...cause I will...watching you afar..."

===the hospital===

"I felt chills down my spine...as if a ghost was trying to possess my body...I couldn't move at that time...but my will caused me to...and the last emotion I felt was as if the grim reaper himself came to take my soul away..." Sasuke thought.

He woke up with sweat all over his face and suddenly recognized that he was in a hospital. Although he knew something was different, he didn't really care...the most important thing was...ITACHI...

"Itachi...I'll kill you...for sure..." Sasuke mumbled and was about to get out of bed.

His feet touched the cold floor and he tried to look for slippers. His vision was still blurred and he just sat on the left side of the bed silently. He ran his hand through his hair and noticed that it was longer than usual.

"Have I been sleeping here for months?" Sasuke panicked.

He ran up to the windows for his reflection...

"No...it couldn't have been long..." Sasuke thought.

He looked at the windows and saw his reflection which made his eyes widen at the sight. His hair was pink...with emerald eyes that gazed back him... The next thing he knew was an action he thought he wouldn't do in years...



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