Nerdanel's  Lament

What have you become, my husband?

Once you were so kind, so fair,

Was it only youthful innocence then?

Are you now showing what you really are?

We were so happy, so content,

Our seven sons, the light of our lives.

You delighted in your craft, I in our love.

For a short while, you heeded my counsel

Forsaking the will of all others

Then you made those jewels, so radiant

But at what cost, my lord?

I had thought you selfless and wise.

Why then did you deny the Valar?

Has grief for your father driven you mad?

No, you had begun to change even before

The first blood was spilled in Aman.

You shut yourself away from me,

Ever laboring to create new works

Have you forgotten the works of our love,

Seven beautiful sons?

Ever were you and they the first in my heart

And now they leave with you

To leave everything they hold dear.

Do you know that you condemn them to death?

Would you have them die in a cold, friendless place?

Perhaps we shall be together again someday

When all the world is broken and remade

What then, dear husband?

Will you have seen the pain you caused those you love?

No, you will not. 

All my hope and love for you has faded.