Light and Laughter

Your sparkling eyes and flowing hair call to me

The music of your laughter lovelier than bells

You stay just out of my reach

Cease playing with my heart, fair love

May nothing smother the joy of your spirit

A spirit that brings joy to all those dear

O dear one, why must I pursue you amid the trees?

Come back into the light where your fairness is seen

If that is your wish, dear lady, I will grant it

It appears that to win your heart, I must catch your body

Ah, you are quick, my dear

But not so quick as I

Now I have you, caught in my arms

Will you now submit to a kiss from your lord?

Our hair mingles in the half-light

Your golden strands with mine raven black

How I wish we could remain here forever

Certain only of our love

I grieve at our parting, fairest of maidens

Yet take heart that someday

Two hearts, two minds, two spirits

Will be joined forever in bliss