For a Dark Knight

By: Novalon

The night falls, for the day's last call.

A world of light now not.

And the Sun's will, cannot be still,

As the moon, ever darkness fought,

Comes into view, a light still true,

A reflection of days gone by,

As the knells of bells forever tells

The time, and the darkened sky.

In hallowed halls, as the night does fall,

I weep, for my love away.

In timeless state, until my heart doth sate,

The love which makes night, day.

My love is dark, yet listen and hark,

For dark doth not mean wrong

The guise spells doom, but yet no room

Shall be void of my love's song.

My Dark Knight waits, as Heaven's gates

Doth keep the light so dim,

My love is lost, my mind has tossed,

A song of death at a whim.

Hearken, hail, and hear my tale,

So Kind the Dark Knight be,

As dark is light, as light this night,

My Knight, I weep for thee.